Multiply Your Gains From Regular Stocks

"Each week, I tell my readers to make just 1 investment buy. And since November of 2006,  not one pick has lost value! It's no wonder our readers could have turned $5,000 into $1 million in just over 5 years! Now, we're quickly closing in on $2 million ― currently at $1,892,043.04!

Since Steve Sarnoff, options guru, relaunched his elite e-mail Alert Service, Options Hotline, on Oct. 24, 1999, with an initial recommendation to buy Barrick calls...the profit opportunities for his readers have just doubled and tripled and quadrupled...again and again and again.

If you had invested $5,000 in that first recommendation and in every recommendation that followed, you could have grown that small sum into to a quarter of a million by Dec. 3, 2000.

Then half a million dollars by Sept. 30, 2002.

And then to...$1 MILLION by Dec. 2, 2004!

His track record: 100% winners in all of 2008, 2007 and 2005!...92% winners in 2004! 90% in 2003! Steve's record just keeps getting better and better!

WOW! $1 MILLION in a little over five years with a startup investment of just $5,000 in each pick! I'm so sorry you missed the ride. But get ready. Because you're invited to:

Join Steve as he shows you the way to the next $1's simple and straightforward and we'll show you how with Steve's one weekly option buy recommendation.

The stock market of the past few years has produced very few millionaires. You just can't make a million dollars with a $5,000 initial investment on a nine-year average annual return of 1.63%. To do so would take you more than 400 years. . You'll never live to see it, and neither will your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, even your great-great-grandchildren.

Hello, I'm Steve Sarnoff, recognized options expert and the editor of Options Hotline. I'm here to tell you that even if you've never traded options before, you can do it. In fact, it's quite possible you could grow over $1 million richer...just by buying one option a as little as five years. My proven system is all you need.

In the time it takes you to read this letter, I'm going to show you step by step how you can trade options with a minimum of risk and a maximum chance of profits.

Just ask one of my subscribers, Mr. Eckert: "My very first trade using your service was the GE August $30 call. I couldn't be happier with the 116% profit in just three weeks!"

Or Donna, who says, "I am very pleased with your recommendations, especially with the Bank of America. It's unbelievable for it to be up more than 200% in just a few days."

Mr. Abbott, another one of my happy subscribers, confirms, "Joining Options Hotline was the best decision I've ever made...since I joined -- three months ago -- I have doubled my money."

Why are we getting such rave reviews? Simple. I have the track record to prove it: My wins have overpowered my losses, and my small group of readers has had the chance to reap $1 million in profits in just over five years.

And I'm not talking about a million-dollar portfolio that looks good on paper...I'm talking about the type of wealth you have only imagined. Seriously...$1 million on just one investment a week!

Enjoy Doubling Your Money! We have a track record with more than a 100% average gain on every pick since November 2006. Compare that to the pitiful average yields of the S&P and Nasdaq! Here are a few highlights from my decisively winning trading record:

Of the 8 options I recommended in the final 10 weeks of 1999, 7 were winners, ranging from a 17% gain on DJX puts to a 628% gain on Intel calls. You could have made $87,000 on those 8 picks...and lost only $5,000 on one trade.

In 2000, I recommended 32 options that triggered (meaning the option reached the price I recommended for buying). That year, readers had the chance to pocket $173,214.55 in total profits with only $5,000 into each play - MORE THAN DOUBLE what we saw in 1999

In 2001, the year of the terror attacks, I made 45 recommendations that triggered. We had some big winners. GM puts gained 1,202%, or $60,000! Pfizer puts, 431%! Biopure puts, 341%! Total profits that year could have been as high as $216,164

In 2002, we crossed the HALF-MILLION-DOLLAR MARK when the 3M puts recommended on Aug. 16 of that year gained 103%! Total that year - $205,101!

How can I claim such amazing track record gains year after year? Simple. I look at the highest price the option gets to after I recommend it and that's the gain I record in my portfolio. So, you can be sure that the gains I talk about here are the biggest and best possible. And the potential profits are the best you'll see.

Are you noticing a winning pattern here?

In 2003, only 4 of the 39 triggered picks I recommended lost. Readers could have racked up $189,463.32 by investing $5,000 in every pick.

In 2004, I cut my losers in half! Only 2 out of 36 lost! And we HIT THE $1 MILLION MARK on the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund calls first recommended on July 16, 2004. You could have added $221,300.36 in total profits to your income that year and lost only $363.50! That certainly shows how your wins can overpower your losses.

In 2005, we simply stopped picking losers at all! Every pick was a winner! A 100% win rate. You could have added $217,523.58 by selling your options at the high mark.

In 2006, we picked 36 options that triggered. All but three were winners. The most profitable pick at its peak was a whopping 300%! You could have added $150,375.28 by selling at the right time.

In 2007, our winning streak continued! Every pick a winner. Nearly 40% of the picks were triple-digit winners too. You could have added another $202,635.16 to your bank account ― without losing a single penny!

That's right! Since hitting the first million-dollar mark on July 16, 2004, we've given readers the chance to make another $892,043.04 in profits since. We're closing in on our next million dollars, and I'd like to invite you to join us in this upcoming profit bonanza.

An unbelievable record: I haven't picked ONE loser since November 2006! Steady consistent winning on only one pick a week ismy No.1 million-dollar strategy.It works. If you follow my recommendations, it can be your killer strategy, too!

In fact, my win rate for 2004 was 92%. That's right, 92% of the weekly picks I recommended could have made money. In 2003, it was 90%.

And in 2005, 2007, and 2008...I didn't have one losing pick. I was 100%!! You simply won't find a better record anywhere else.

In 2008, for example, I had 36 picks that triggered. Only five did not. My average gain was an astounding 127% ― with total gains possible of over $229,000!

You can even check it out for yourself. I've attached my personal Pick-by-Pick Proof Sheet that lists every recommendation I have made since 2006. Like I said before, the gains are calculated at the highest point of each of my actionable option recommendations (meaning the ones that triggered) after I have alerted my readers. You'll see what happened!

While I do not issue specific sell recommendations, with my proven selling strategies, you'll learn how to minimize your risk and lose as little money as possible.

In fact, when we reviewed the over 110 examples of winning options recommended in the past three years and how well they could have done, we found that …

The average gain was over 100% on each recommendation. That's doubling your money on every play! The highest gain was a monstrous 611% on the Newmont Mining December $45 calls in August of 2007. That's enough to turn your one $5,000 investment into $30,550!

The top 39 winners of the past 3 years were all triple-digit baggers! Winners like

472% on Bed, Bath & Beyond February $40 put, recommended on December 18, 2005

420% on Newmont Mining June $40 puts, recommended on April 10, 2005

399% on Qualcomm August $35 calls, recommended on July 10, 2005

366% on SPY November $152 puts, recommended on October 29, 2007

300% on Bristol-Myers March $25 calls, recommended on November 19, 2006

283% on TLT September $89 puts, recommended on March 5, 2007

266% on Newmont Mining March $55 puts, recommended on January 25, 2006

210% on FedEx July $110 puts, recommended on May 1, 2006

205% on Coca-Cola September $55 calls, recommended on August 2, 2007

366% on SPY November $152 puts, recommended on October 29, 2007

569% on Citigroup July $20 puts, recommended on May 25, 2008

439% on QQQQ December $43 puts, recommended on Sept. 21, 2008

These triple-digit winners have been great. Big winners like this are a real high, and when I make any recommendation, that's certainly my goal. Over one-third of all my recommendations from 2005 through 2008 were triple-digit home runs.

But the real secret to making a million dollars with just one pick a not just hitting the triple-digit home runs now and again, it's the solid base hits and the steady stream of winning picks...9%, 21%, 40%, 62%, 80% gains on almost every one.

It's why acting on only one play a week can work. You're not wasting time and risking large amounts of money taking a scattershot approach of buying dozens of options hoping one will sell big for you. Instead, you could be focusing on the one winning trade that matters...week after week after week.

IN FACT, if you were to average out the gains on my picks for the past 9 years since 1999, you'd get about a 115% average gain on each and every play. That's more than double your money average on every pick!

That's enough to turn a $5,000 investment into $10,750 on every play!

Compare that to the pitiful returns of the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq for the same time period:

S&P 500: 1.63 % average annual return from 1999-2007! Actually, from January 1999 through December 2007, the S&P's TOTAL cumulative return has only been 14.7%! 14.7% in 9 years. It's pathetic!

The Nasdaq has done worse....0.64% average annual return and 5.8% cumulative return in that time. That's worse than a savings account …

And forget about 2008! The markets fell up to 40%, sometimes whipsawing around with volatile swings of 3-5% a day!

Just how fast do you think you could build real wealth with those sorts of returns? Perhaps your entire life. It would take more than your and my lifetime of investing combined to even hope to get anywhere near a million dollars on 1.63% and 0.64% returns.

I think you'll agree that my way of trading options is certainly the fastest and easiest way (and it's less risky too - more on that in a moment) to make your FIRST MILLION DOLLARS.

So now you may be asking...

What are options... and why doesn't everyone invest in them?

For far too long, options trading has been shrouded in mystery for the average investor. But no longer. I've been studying options my entire life (my dad, Paul Sarnoff, was a brilliant master options expert), and I have to tell you it's the one investment that truly offers limited risk for unlimited gain.

Many people don't invest in options, because they've listened to all the misconceptions or myths of options trading. Perhaps the No. 1 myth of options trading is that options are too risky, but that simply isn't true. In fact, you can make money trading options in up, down or even sideways markets.

Trading in the actual underlying top stocks is more risky, as more of your money is on the line when you purchase a stock. You can buy an options contract for as little as $100 and see it double in price in a short period of time. You certainly don't see stock prices doubling very often or witness the spectacular gains in stock prices that you do in options.

Another big myth is that most options expire worthless...but as you'll soon see from my profit-building strategies, you should sell the option long before the expiration date to maximize your profit or minimize the loss.

So don't stay on the sidelines and miss out on the huge profit potential of options any longer...not when you allow me to be your expert guide and I have an astonishing "double your money" potential in average gains on every pick since 1999! Just take a look at my year-by-year gain-and-loss chart. The proof of success is in the numbers!

I won't give you a detailed explanation of options, because frankly, at this point, you don't need one. Right now, you just need to know how they work and how to profit from them. (I am offering TWO FREE BONUS REPORTS that will serve as your crash course in options. You'll get both of these gifts just for trying out Options Hotline.)

Simply stated for our option gives you the right to buy or sell 100 shares of a specific stock at a certain price within a set period of time.

If you expect a stock to rise in the future, you buy a call, the right to buy the best stock at a certain price. If you expect a stock to fall in the future, you buy a put, which is the right to sell the stock at a certain price. You're not actually buying or selling the stocks, just the "option" to do it.

And that's what makes option trading a real profit shield against disasters and world events...hurricanes, oil shortages, high gas prices, terror bombings, sluggish consumer sales...whatever! If the stock market goes bearish, then I start looking for puts to recommend to take advantage of the down market.

And we've seen some pretty hefty wins on puts recently. Take a look:

366% on SPY November $152 puts

52% on FedEx October $100 puts

68% on MetLife September $60 puts

130% on Allstate April $60 puts

569% on Citigroup July $20 puts.

And you don't actually have to exercise an option to make money. In fact, all of these staggering gains could have been made on buying and selling the option!

The secret of "SUPER-LEVERAGE"...and how it can make you far richer in a short period of time!

"Super-Leverage" is, quite simply, the potential to make large profits from changing prices while strategically limiting your risk. The instruments of Super-Leverage are nothing fancy...just exchange-traded puts and calls. It's the simplest strategy, but most often, it's the most effective.

The BIG advantage to you is that you don't need to be a financial wizard or have large sums of money to participate. Remember, you can purchase an option for as little as $100!

The disadvantage is that options are wasting assets. And if the underlying security doesn't move enough to give you real value before a specified date, your options will expire worthless. It is a risk...but you're only out the price of the option.

Here's a play from 2007 I recommended that shows you the power of Super-Leverage at work:

On September 17, 2007, I recommended to my readers that they..."Buy the Johnson & Johnson January $65 call, for $200 or less, good this week".

What this means is that I'm recommending readers buy one options contract at $200 (or less) for 100 shares of Johnson and Johnson stock at $65 a share sometime before the third Friday in January. Options always expire on the third Friday of the month.

Now, if the Johnson & Johnson stock climbs higher than $65, your option starts to increase in value. Why? Because you have the option to buy them at $65 a share when others are willing to buy them at a much higher price.

Say Johnson & Johnson rises to $70...that means you can "exercise" your option and buy 100 shares at $6,500 and sell them for $7,000, for $500 in profit minus the $200 (or less) you paid for the option - or $300 net profit. Not bad - a 4% potential return on your investment!

But if you sell the $65 call option (instead of exercising it), in fact you could have sold your option outright for a maximum of $425 and pocketed a return of 112%! Since I suggest a $5,000 investment, at a 112% return, you could have sold it for $5,600 in net profits.

Now that's Super-Leverage, and why options are so profitable...and why you need to risk only $5,000 on my one weekly recommendation.

Here are a few more plays I recommended that produced the HUGE Super-Leverage gains in just a few days, like Mr. Carson's:

Coca-Cola Sept $55 calls, 206% in 8 days

FedEx October $100 puts, 52% in 1 day

Exxon Mobil May $80 calls, 107% in 4 days

UPS July $70 put, 48% in 1 day.

You see why there's no need to buy a lot of options and risk a large amount of your money and hope for one big win to make up for all the losses. I closely look for the one option to buy each week that can make you huge profits in a short time. It's my full-time job...not yours.

My dad Paul Sarnoff was one of the legends in options trading for more than 40 years. Wall Street turned to my dad for the best in options trading advice. He is to options what Warren Buffett is to top stocks - a genius! In fact, it was my dad who started Options Hotline, his private options advisory service available only to a select few, back in 1989.

About 30 years ago, my dad brought me into the "family business" - sort of a Sarnoff & Son. For years, I literally soaked up every word he ever spoke about trading options for big profits. I watched him trade. I listened carefully to his reasons. I analyzed his every pick. I did what he did. It was awesome to watch a master trader at work.

As his apprentice, I saw firsthand how my dad raked in profits. And I'll always remember what my dad said to me nearly every day: "Son, options are the best...perhaps the only way to get rich very quickly."

While I was learning trading secrets from my dad, I also earned my college degree, worked on the floor of the Commodity Exchange and founded my own research company, developing my own charting and analytical techniques to build on what my father had taught me.

In 1995, Dad asked me to join him as co-editor of Options Hotline. I was proud that this options genius felt I was ready to join him as his equal. Sadly, my dad passed away in 1999, but his legacy lives on through me and the ongoing success of Options Hotline.

My first solo recommendation was Barrick Gold calls on Oct. 24, 1999. Not my best pick, with a 100% loss, but I made up for it with my next four picks ...

Home Depot calls, 289%

AMEX calls, 150%

Disney calls, 315%

Cisco calls, 386%.

In fact, my next thirteen recommendations were all double- and triple-digit winners!

As a subscriber to Options Hotline, you'll get more than 50 years of my dad's options experience...combined with my over 30 years of technical analysis...for 80 years of options experience you can depend on to give you the winning picks.

I just don't know where you would find a more authoritative source for profiting from options. But don't take my word for it.

Triple-digit gains without buying, selling or owning a single share of stock! That's Super-Leverage in action!

To illustrate that point, one of my subscribers, Earnest L., told me, "My very first trade using your service was a 50% gain. My second trade is hard to believe, a 750% gain in one working day."

Even though I have had a 100% win rate since November of 2006, I want to make sure that you know losses occasionally do happen. I had three in 2006. But also remember...your risk with options is LIMITED to the cost of the option...not the underlying stock.

But again, you have my promise that I'll show you wins will overpower our losses and you will steadily and surely get the chance to make money - week after week, month after month, year after year...more on this promise later...

To pick the steadily consistent winners, it takes me a week of painstaking research. I thoroughly study the market technicals, the economy and the impact of events upon the market's direction. I diligently research the companies whose underlying stock is the foundation of our options picks.

It's why I only make one solid recommendation at the end of the week. It's the one pearl among swine. And it's why my track record is so good. Quality, not quantity.

Plus, I don't stay in just one area of the market. You can see by my Pick-by-Pick Proof Sheet that I'm researching whatever sector of the market has the potential for big profits...commodities, hi-tech, retail, financial, consumer products and services, health care and others.

This all-around diversity immediately minimizes your investment risk, so you're never heavily weighted in one area of the market. In other words, your investment eggs are all over the place...dodging risks and discovering profits.

And I also employ a unique charting system with a proprietary computer screening program that I personally developed that allows me to be just a little bit "prophetic" in picking the options that can return single, double and triple the gains...90-100% of the time! I am unable to reveal the details of these systems, but again, you can see that they work on my undistorted Pick-by-Pick Proof Sheet.

Don't waste a minute wondering what option to buy...I'll pick 'em. You decide if you want to play 'em. And together, I'll help you make a million dollars!

Obviously, the hardest part about trading options is picking the right options...BUT you don't have to worry about that at all. With my personal Options Hotline Alert Service, you'll get one extremely well-researched recommendation per a week on Sunday night, in plenty of time to call your broker by the opening bell Monday morning if you feel confident in my play.

I suggest you follow each and every one of my recommendations. That's the one proven way I know of that you can be sure that your wins overpower your losses. If you were to cherry-pick week to week, I would be unable to maintain my promise to you of steady incremental gains week after week after week. But the choice is ultimately yours.

The main reason people fail at trading options is that they play too many of the wrong options, hoping for one winner. But one trade per week is all you need. You can clearly see by my attached 2006-2008 Pick-by-Pick Gain Sheet that this strategy DOMINATES! 100% in 2008, 2007, and 2005! 92% wins in 2004...94% in 2003.

Action Item No. 1 toward your MILLION-DOLLAR GOAL: Think it over and call your broker first thing Monday morning and make the play I told you about Sunday night. You won't be sorry.

Now here's how you can make the Million-Dollar Plays to help you achieve Super-Leverage profit potential on every play.

Up until now, I've told you about the importance of buying the one option every week that I recommend. That's the "pick 'em" side.  

Now, let's talk about the "play 'em" side. Here are a few of my proven million-dollar plays to make sure you MINIMIZE your risk and MAXIMIZE your profit potential. If you decide to trade, follow these simple rules.

The trick to making money with options is simply to play...and to keep playing. I would suggest that you don't pick and choose what recommendations I offer. Be consistent and play each recommendation every week. Staying in the game will help you have your wins overpower your losses.

Take the emotion out of your selling. You'll lose for sure if you get too attached to any trade. So decide on a profit target based on the price of the underlying stock, not the option. To help you, each option recommendation I offer includes a target price for the best stock.

You'll discover all of my trading strategies in my TWO FREE BONUS REPORTS I'm offering to my new subscribers: Secrets of a Master Trader: Tips and Strategies for Making a Fortune in Options...AND The Options Buyer's Handbook. 

 Find a time in the day to review your options and stick to it. It may take you only 15 minutes or up to an hour each day...but do it! As my track record proves, I don't know too many jobs where you can work 15 minutes a day with the potential to make over $200,000 a year!

In options trading, greed is always whispering in your ear, saying, "Hang on, don't sell. It's going to go up/down even more." Don't listen! Be disciplined. Be smart. Grab your profit targets when you reach them and sell.

There's always another winning option coming to you next week. Remember the old adage and believe in it with your heart and soul - maybe even embroider it on a pillow...

No one ever lost money taking a profit!

You can see by my record that I find every winner I can. And you can too!

If you faithfully call your broker every Monday morning and buy one contract, 10 contracts, 100 contracts - whatever you're willing to invest (I suggest $5,000 a trade, but talk to your broker about what's right for you) - on the one recommendation I have made that week...

...and then monitor your open options position at least 15 minutes a day, following your predefined, well-established playing strategies I've outlined above...

...then you can calmly, consistently, increasingly...add profits to your bank account...all the way to a million dollars and more!

My readers have already had the opportunity to do just that in just over five years...with just one option a week. It's not too late for you to start.

Some days, you could add tens of thousands of dollars. Other days, a few hundred dollars. Now and again, you may take a hit...but judging by my undeniable record of picking winners, it won't be that often.

Are You Ready to Become a Millionaire?If so, then send for my next recommendation immediately.

Are you ready to start making consistent gains on my winning recommendations? Isn't it time you joined the savvy readers who read Options Hotline and start building a million-dollar bank account...and retire rich beyond your wildest dreams?  

Mr. Kinsey knows. He e-mailed me this happy report: "Profits, Profits, Profits!!! In Friday at $1.55 and out Monday at $2.20. That is a quick 41% profit in less than two trading days. It just doesn't get any better than this!"

And Mr. Greene made even more: "I am more than happy and very much satisfied with a net 185% profit in only 13 days!"

The question is...are you ready for mind-boggling profits? Or are you content to invest in the paltry annual returns of the stock market and live in fear of outliving your savings? It's your decision, but...

I think you're ready for my next winning recommendation. Here's how you get it:

Make More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible...

You've been selected to receive this offer because I believe you have what it takes to make a fortune in options. Remember, the hardest part is knowing the right option to buy. The rest is just strategy.  

And with your subscription to Options Hotline, I tell you the EXACT OPTION to buy and teach you the profit-playing strategy and discipline you need to squeeze every drop of profit out of a play without risking a lot of money. This service is not for everyone. You need to have confidence that you can exit the play at a good time for you.

All you have to do is call your broker with my once-a-week recommendation, determine your selling strategies and spend at least 15 minutes a day monitoring your open positions.

In just weeks, days or could be making more money than you ever dreamed possible.

With annual potential returns averaging over $180,000 a year, you'd think I'd ask you for at least 10%, or even 5%, of the take. Well, the subscription price is nowhere near that. In fact, it's only $750...less than 1/2 of 1% on the historical average annual gains! Not much of an expense when you think of the wealth possibilities awaiting you.

Absolutely Zero Risk To Try Us Out!

Plus, you have an absolutely No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for some reason you're not happy with Options Hotline, you can always change your mind and cancel within 30 days. You can start slowly. Consider buying just one contract of whatever I recommend next Sunday night. 

Then buy next week's recommendation and the one the week after that. Or just play on paper.

See where you are in 30 days. That should give you plenty of time to see if my service is working for you.

And if you're not happy with the results in those 30 days, then call us and cancel. No questions asked. You'll get a full refund on your subscription.

If you want to have a little more time to decide if Options Hotline is right for you, sign up for my automatic and convenient quarterly billing - only $260 a quarter. That way you can cancel at any time. It's a great way to take my service for a proper test-drive. We'll bill your credit card every quarter until you tell us not to. No hassle. You just stay with us for as long as you're happy.

And if my amazing winning track record is any kind of predictor...then I predict you'll be with us for a very long time.

If you're wondering if it's worth it, then just read what my subscriber J. Atwood says: "Thanks to you, I made 190% on the eBay call in 32 days and 198% on the Qualcomm call in 16 days. Keep up the good work."

For such an affordable service, here's what you get:

 Options Hotline Delivered Sunday Night via E-Mail

This is the very core of my service...and your chance for big profits! Your one- or two-page Options Hotline Alert is delivered Sunday evening in plenty of time for you to read it, digest the information and phone your broker first thing Monday morning.

You'll find my recommendation of the week, written out exactly in the words you can say to your broker, to ensure accuracy. You'll also get my "behind-the-scenes" thinking about why I believe this recommendation is a potential double- or triple-digit winner, and a brief overview on what's going on in the stock market. I'll also review the status of our open positions, to help you plan your selling strategy. 

Midweek Updates on Open Positions

Since options can move fast, I've also included midweek update Alerts so you can review again where you are on all of our open positions. We'll talk about the direction of the option price, the underlying stock price, resistance and support levels (concepts thoroughly explained in your TWO FREE BONUS REPORTS) and where I see it all trending.

This expert information will guide you to making your smart selling decisions. Look for these midweek Alerts every Wednesday afternoon in your e-mail inbox. 

Frequent Recommendation Update Alerts on Fast-Moving Options

Sometimes, underlying stock prices and options are moving so fast I can't wait for the midweek to get a notice out to you. So I'll send out a very brief "heads-up" on a stock so you won't miss the move. This Alert is sent "as needed," so I can't tell you how frequent they may be. But these Alerts are another layer of information to help you make your most profitable selling decisions. 

Important Bonus! Exclusive Free 24/7 Access to My Subscriber-Only Web Site

With the Internet, you're never out of touch. You get unlimited access to the Options Hotline Web site 24hours a day, every day. This password-protected members-only access is FREE with your subscription. Here you can download the latest recommendations, midweek updates and frequent Alerts from any computer - very convenient for when you're traveling.

You can also review my past recommendations as well. Plus, you'll have online access to a wealth of information about options and options trading from a comprehensive glossary of terms to special bonus reports and FAQs. Answers to your options questions are just a click away, so check in at any time.

It's a valuable offer that can put you on the road to a million dollars in profit.

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Start your options education today with these easy-to-read guidebooks, both written in everyday English, so you're up to speed on options in no time:

1. The Options Buyer's Handbook
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The secret to winning at options is to keep playing. Options are not like the lottery or the luck of the draw. It all boils down to your selling strategies (especially since I'm telling you what to buy each week). To really succeed, you need a plan of action. And Secrets of a Master Trader is your playbook. It contains the secrets of two of the best options analysts the business has ever dad, option genius Paul Sarnoff, and me.

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IMF Products Record Gold Prices

We warned you about it for months.

Back when other "experts" claimed gold prices wouldn't break above $750 again. In fact, they even talked about prices falling to pre-2005 levels.

Not anymore.

Today, even the big shots are starting to come around...

Bloomberg recently reported, "Gold prices are expected to surpass last year's record."

The Wall Street Journal quoted the CPM Group's managing director, Jeffery M. Christian, stating, "'I'm very bullish on gold from a long-term perspective,' Christian said. The metal is in a 'secular upward shift' and Christian sees 'a long-term rehabilitation of gold as an asset class."' It then went on to state, "CPM Group expects gold prices to surpass last year's record intraday high of $1,033.90, seen on March 17, 2008."

And even the International Monetary Fund now states that gold prices are only starting to increase.

In other words, this rally is just getting started.

And if you're thinking of taking advantage of it before it surges any higher, get this...

Our international gold guru, Greg McCoach, recently uncovered a powerful investment loophole... one that allows everyday investors to collect double the gains made by physical gold prices.

Read that again. Double the gains!

In other words, every single percent it rises, these investors following this loophole collect two percent... 10% gain pays 20%... the coming 50% gain pays 100%... etc,.

Best part is, you don't need a loaded bank account, knowledge of the gold market, or even hours a day, researching companies to get started. Twenty five bucks and five minutes is all it takes!

And in your report below, he outlines every profitable detail. He even shows you exactly how you could start taking advantage of this surge today - while it's still early!

What I'm about to share with you is no coincidence.

It's not a temporary trend, either.

Instead, it's a money-making phenomenon so powerful that our team of researchers spent eight months investigating its validity.

Take a look and you'll see why:

20081217428 chart


First, let me say that these charts are NOT duplicates.

The one on the left represents the closing price of physical gold over the past six months. The one on the right is the investment we're following extremely close. Now, at first, they appear virtually identical. And they should... one is directly based on the other.

But that's where the similarities end. How so? Just check out the two charts again... only this time, with gains attached:

20081217 428 chart

From September 10 of 2008 until September 22nd, physical gold prices soared 19.65%... but the diamond in the rough we uncovered soared an astonishing 45.46% - more than doubling the gains gold attained!

I know. It looks crazy. And I don't blame you.

In fact, when we first heard about this opportunity, we couldn't believe it either.

Scratch that - we thought our source had been drinking a little too much Makers Mark.

After all, how could an investment exist, directly related to gold prices, that pays you DOUBLE the gains gold makes?

... a 25% gain pays you 50%... a 50% gain doubles your money... and so on!

It seems completely illogical.

And that's why we kept this discovery under wraps since March.

You see, before we could show you an opportunity this powerful, we needed to know exactly what we had. We also needed to know how and when would be the best time for hungry investors like you to start taking advantage of it.

I'll give you the full details of how it works below. First, let me show you...

How Capitol Hill could make you filthy rich

Imagine for a moment, that you knew about certain factors - already in place - that would cause the price of gold by... say... as soon as next month to start skyrocketing.

Even better, you knew you were facing a "bottom" in gold prices... and that this imminent surge could last a couple of years.

Taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind investment at the right time, you'd be able to ride the coming wave and easily collect a fortune - safely pulling in twice the gains gold makes.

Best part is, unlike other investors who are buying expensive futures contracts or even physical gold, you don't need a lot of money to get started. In fact, you can begin collecting "The Doubling Effects" with just $25.

All you need to know is when...

Well, thanks to the boys on "the Hill," we don't have to look for any crazy trends around the corner, pore through complicated computer models, or rely on so-called overpaid experts to tell you when gold prices are going to surge.

Truth is, all you have to do is thank the combined +$700 billion bailout from Uncle Sam.

In fact, it's because of the banking industry's last ditch efforts to stay afloat that we're now staring straight at the largest inflationary period in years.

And it'll blow wide open...

You see, broke USA doesn't really have the cash on hand for this unprecedented funding... and if you think for a second that every single employed American is going to be taxed an additional $5,000 this year to pay for it - in an already stretched thin economy... think again.

In reality, the only option that the Fed has is to print more (and I hate to call it this) Monopoly Money.

That much cash is already set to send an inflationary shockwave across the entire nation.

As I'm sure you know, when there's inflation - even the rumor of inflation, the gold price does something beautiful... it skyrockets.

And the proof that gold's already revving its engine is all around us...

The private sector's recently gobbled up in excess of $30 billion worth of T-Bills - enough to guarantee a negative return - over fears of the coming economic crash.

On top of T-Bills, investors seeking safer investments are buying so much physical gold that bullion dealers as well as producers can't keep up.

In just the past month, gold prices have steadily soared almost 14% - with another 50% surge expected in the near term.

And that's just for the short term. I haven't even mentioned the juiciest part.

History To Repeat: Why Gold Prices Could Super Spike To $5,000...Making you a massive fortune along the way!

Right now, gold sells for around $1,000 an ounce.

But what if you knew about the factors at play, happening this very moment, that could soon make the $1,000 mark look like pocket change?

Heck, with the investment tool we uncovered, with gold at $1,000, you'd be turning every $5,000 into $7,500.

Now, just to get an idea of what to expect in the future, after 2009's inflation already has you sitting on a mountain of cash, let's take a quick look at our last massive gold super spike...

During the great gold bull market of the 1970s, the average monthly gold price increased from under $35 to over $675 an ounce... representing a 1,833% gain.

If today's gold bull market makes similar moves forward, gold prices could skyrocket well past $5,000 an ounce. Just take a look:

20081216 428 chart2

Now gold prices at $5,000 may seem like a stretch, especially considering the metal hasn't had much strength over $1,000. Nevertheless, $5,000 gold is absolutely possible. Here's why:

How a Gold Bull Market Works

Every major gold bull market in modern history has consisted of three main stages:

1. Currency Devaluation Stage

2. Investment Demand Stage

3. Mania Stage

During these three stages, gold prices typically rise in a parabolic upswing, which ultimately results in a sharp, skyrocketing price spike. (Take a look at the 1970s gold bull market chart above, as an example of this phenomenon.)

So far in today's gold bull market, we've seen evidence of the first two stages:

During the first stage of a gold bull market, prices increase because of currency devaluation.

So far in this bull market, a dramatic drop in the value of the US dollar against other world currencies has lifted gold prices over the past 7 years - breaking the $1,000 per ounce mark. In fact, this devaluation is evident in the 42% drop of the U.S. Dollar Index between the summer of 2001 and spring 2008.

And now, thanks to the massive banking bailout that we can't REALLY pay for, we're about to add some TNT to an already highly-explosive situation.

In the second stage, gold prices continue to grow due to increased investment demand. Attracted by the modest gains of the first stage of the gold bull market, investors begin to buy gold as an investment, which further snowballs the price of gold higher.

And with today's screaming demand for physical gold, the introduction of gold ETFs - and similar products - investment demand has had incredible strength since the beginning of this gold bull market, growing in terms of both tonnage and dollar demand.

20081216 428 chart3

Again, the first and second stages of a gold bull market generally return considerable gains. In fact, gold prices in this bull market have increased as much as 306%.

Of course, with the investment tool that I'm about to show you, that modest 306% return could have stuffed your pockets with more than 600% gains!

Don't worry if you missed it. Truth be told, it's the third and final stage of a gold bull market that can turn everyday investors into instant millionaires.

How the mania stage of a gold bull market could hand you several thousand percent gains in very... very short order

Everyone knows there's no rush like a gold rush. And a speculative mania can kindle an inferno of popular greed that rivals that of the Conquistador's legendary lust for gold.

During the third stage of a bull market, mania buying finally turns gold's parabolic upswing into a blistering price spike.

Make no mistake, mania stage already started. And this time, it's happening across the entire globe...

Earlier this year, the U.S. mint suspended sales for its American Eagle 1 ounce gold coin.

The South African Rand Refinery, makers of the infamous Krugerrands, admitted that they were temporarily bone-dry.

Australia's Perth Mint announced they were no longer selling gold to citizens.

Germany's Bundesbank refuses to sell their gold to the public, claiming it as a strategic asset required for the confidence and stability of the euro.

The World Gold Council recently reported an all-time quarterly record ($32 billion) for gold as investors seek refuge from global financial meltdown. That's an astounding 45% increase from the previous record - ever.

And this rapidly spreading shortage is only the beginning of what is bound to launch gold prices to levels of mass hysteria... making those on top of the wave filthy, filthy rich.

Now let me tell you how you can...

Double your gold profits with this unique investment tool

Earlier this year, one of the world's leading international investment managers launched a new, one-of-a-kind investment vehicle designed to double the monthly return of gold prices.

Mind you, this investment has been all but ignored by media since its launch. Gold, after all, has never been understood or appreciated by the mainstream, despite its historic economic significance.

Still, for every 1% increase in the price of gold, this new gold investment vehicle delivers a positive 2% return!

There's no investment club to join. You won't have to open a special account to get in on the action. It trades on the NYSE. Plus, it's completely liquid... and easy to add to any stock account you own right now.

To top it off, as you already know, now is the time you want to be in gold!

Yes, gold prices have pulled back since mid-July, as the U.S. dollar found strength as a result of foreign buying.

And it's likely that the U.S. dollar will continue to remain strong in the short-term, subsequently holding back the price of gold.

But it simply won't last long.

Sooner or later the U.S. dollar will collapse. It's imminent.

In fact, we're already uncovering tons of evidence to prove that it's already started.

And it's launching the mania buying stage to previously unthinkable levels...

... Making this new gold investment vehicle a true "no-brainer."

Now, very briefly, before I get into the details of how you could start collecting DOUBLE gold's profits, let me introduce myself...

Secrets of a Mining Speculator

Hi. I'm Greg McCoach.

For the past eight years, while other investors played stale blue chips (some of which straight up collapsed), I've been showing home-run investments to people just like you, year after year.

You see, in January of 2000, I set out to create the most profitable mining investment advisory service the world's ever seen - the Mining Speculator.

We didn't want to waste time with stocks that dawdle on their way up the ladder. We're investing for one reason - to become filthy rich.

Since we started, we've found some of the most undervalued stocks on the planet. We've grabbed our piece just before the biggest gains occur. And this goldmine of a gold investment is no different.

We scour the earth for these opportunities as protection against the financial uncertainties that have engulfed the U.S. and world markets. As the saying goes:

"Periods of great crisis also offer great opportunity."

Right now - without question - the best opportunities for investors to protect themselves against the coming financial reckoning are with precious metals and in particular, with this gold investment that promises double the returns.

In addition to our picks in the metals sector, we dish out the most accurate and truthful - sometimes painful - economic commentary that we can find to help investors just like you sift through the massive amount of disinformation put out by the mainstream media.

And just so you can form a better picture for what I'm talking about, below I've added a few excerpts from past investment alerts that have helped us uncover some of the most explosive plays in the market - well before anyone else catches wind...

December, 2005, the dollar vs the strength of gold:

"First we have gold over $500 an ounce and oil is back over the $60 a barrel level. Both appear like they will continue to go higher... These things are significant because in the happy picture of America's finances and the world economy, they shouldn't be [that high]. If everything were so rosy then these things certainly would not be happening."

January, 2006, a housing and foreclosures warning... long before the bubble burst:

"We will see more personal bankruptcies than we have seen in recent years as an alarming number of consumers that opted for interest only and adjustable rate mortgages are faced with an ugly reality, and no chapter 7 bankruptcy protection."

February, 2006, as the Dow first broke 11,000:

"We are [soon entering] a period where investments in precious metals will severly out-perform those in the general market. More importantly, investments that typically have been good performers in the past few decades, (i.e. money in the bank, T-Bills, bonds, and blue chip stocks), now have great risk associated with them. Most investors of course don't see it this way, but I believe they will soon learn for themselves the hard way."

November, 2006, when other "experts" were calling gold's ceiling at $720:

"I expect that in the year 2007, we will start to see a major run for the exits away from the dollar. How bad this gets is anybody's guess, but the bottom line is that this will be incredibly bullish for gold and should take the yellow metal to new all-time highs. Most likely over $1,000 an ounce."

I could go on all day. But the point is, as you can see, some of what we had to say was shocking and, frankly, hard to swallow at the time. However, as you can see, all of these events have happened or are happening now. And many investors like you are now sitting on massive fortunes.

Bottom line, some people just don't have the stomach for the index-busting gains from the opportunities we set ourselves up for so early. If you think this isn't for you, don't worry. It's not for everyone.

But if you think you can handle it, and want to not only protect your wealth from this economic insanity but also profit like you never imagined, I want to give you a fresh copy of my latest report.

It's called, "How to Double Your Gold Profits: The World's Only Investment Vehicle Yielding Double the Monthly Return of Gold Prices." And I want you to have it for FREE.

How to get started doubling your gold profits

All you have to do is take a risk-free $25 trial of my Mining Speculator advisory.

Mining Speculator isn't your normal investment advisory. It is, however, the definitive resource for investors seeking profits-and protection - in a gold and precious metals bull market with no end in sight.

It's where investors burned by the financial crisis are now turning... as a safe-haven alternative to the agenda-guided mainstream financial media. Truth is, in our Mining Speculator portfolio, we disqualify 99.9% of the gold, mining and precious metals plays out there.

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But I can't promise the deep discounted price I'm offering will remain that low for long. My publisher's already talking of hiking the price several hundred dollars more per year.

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However, locking in a one-year membership guarantees that you receive the Mining Speculator at that low rate even after other people could be paying more.

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How many other services have you seen that offer you a refund this good?

Plus, if you decide to cancel, you can keep my newest research report, "How to Double Your Gold Profits: The World's Only Investment Vehicle Yielding Double the Monthly Return of Gold Prices." It's yours FREE.

But like I said, gold's already started surging. And it's not turning back any time soon.

Be a Part of Stocks Market History

Earlier this month, President Obama decided to place science at the top of his administration's agenda - and in doing so, opened up the biggest market story of our lifetimes.

Breakthrough Technology Alert's Patrick Cox predicted this important event months ago, and those who recognized this wealth-creating opportunity are up as much as 208%.

Your opportunity to be a part of this is still available - as is the chance at millions of dollars for you and your loved ones.

But we can only offer this shot at life-changing profits to the first 558 people who respond...and as of today, we've already filled 378 of those spots.

We urge you to act now. Keep reading to learn how one of the last remaining 185 spots can be yours.

The major announcement from the White House on the morning of Monday, March 9, 2009 just tipped the scales in your favor.

By that I mean ― what you're about to read will become the most important investing story of our lifetimes.

And I called it ― months ago. I've done the research. I've interviewed all the key players...and I'm ready to tell you everything.

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But only if you're one of the first 558 185 folks to respond to this urgent memo.

I'll explain that urgent limit in one moment. For now, back to the story:

It starts with one man...

He isn't a politician.

And he's not a Washington insider.

He's a scientist.

The man I'll introduce to you is one of several top scientists who have President Obama's ear on what could be the most critical market story of the next decade.

The ideas he controls are powerful enough to start a stream of wealth that could last your family three generations, or more.

What I'm about to share with you is the most important story you'll learn about all year.

I'm talking about the chance at millions of dollars for you and your loved ones.

In just a moment, I'm going to tell you all about this brilliant scientist.

I'll tell you about the company he controls.

I'll show you why his company (and companies he used to work for) could be so important to your financial future.

And I'll outline step-by-step why Barack Obama should listen to him so carefully.

Because the man you're about to meet is on the cutting-edge of a field with the potential to grow America out of our current economic mess.

Better yet, you could make huge profits from him regardless of your political beliefs.

What I'm about to share is "beyond" politics. In fact, two influential Senators (one from each party), have pledged to support President Obama's world-changing science declaration that took place just this Monday, March 9, 2009. More on this in just a minute...

But first, know this: The scientist I'll introduce could change the way every single person on the planet lives.

For the better.

Get in early enough, and you'll have a chance to rack up a pile of wealth that could even last your family three generations or more.

Because the world stands to change a great deal during President Obama's first 100 days in office. In fact, things are changing before our eyes. Today. As I write.

Let me explain...

This Trillion-Dollar Market Is Turning Into a Free-For-All During Obama's First 100 Days ― Play it Right, And You Could Get Rich

One scientist I'll tell you about leads an industry that could grow tremendously in Obama's first term. It could even take off like a rocket during his first 100 days.

So I'm not kidding when I say this could be the biggest market story of our lives.

I can predict that with confidence because this scientist has a stellar 20-year track record of success.

In fact, some people consider him the "father" of this industry.

And Barack Obama knows just how important his field is to the future of the country. 


Let me paint you a picture. When I'm done, I'll tell you exactly how it could come to pass. In fact, some of what I'll show you has already taken place.

That's why, very soon, I'll ask you to act on this information right away.

Now here's your immense profit opportunity in a nutshell...

We Could Hit "Critical Mass" in a Very Short Time ― as Your Opportunity For Three Generations of Everlasting Wealth Stares You in the Face

Health, medical, and scientific regulations stand to change dramatically under the new Obama administration ― which began with his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2009.

Huge changes are anticipated at the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation, as well as the National Institutes of Health.

The doors have swung wide open... and the story will wait for no one. Check out these recent quotes...

This means some ideas will be fast-tracked.

Even better, on the fastest-track of all could be the work of the scientist I'll introduce to you. His work could make a small group of people like you very rich.

Here's what's about to happen...

During his Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008 Internet address, President-Elect Barack Obama said

To hear those words, you might think Obama meant the last eight years have seen science pushed to the side.

Well, depending on how you look at it, you'd be right.


Both the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation have seen their budgets flat line in recent years.

Because not only has Obama surrounded himself with some of the most brilliant scientific minds in America ― he's gone on record by saying science will be a priority for his administration. He said it again on the morning of Monday, March 9.

With massive, wide-reaching changes expected at the FDA, as well as the potential restoration of appropriate budgets for the NIH and National Science Foundation...the biggest market story of the next decade is upon us.

Throw in an Executive Order on Monday, March 9... renewed funding...government clout ― I'm talking about the chance at what could be an epic profit wave.

I'll explain it all in just a moment.

But for now, know this: You could be on the verge of becoming very, very rich.

And not just bank account rich.

But three generations rich.

Here's the scoop...

One Man With the Potential to Give You Three Generations of Wealth

It started with a letter.

The scientist I want to introduce to you co-wrote a letter to Barack Obama in late November.

The letter urged Obama, in pointed, specific terms, to embrace research and federal funding for industries that need it ― and to make a certain technology a priority.

The letter also urged Obama to take a stand ― to make science a part of his political philosophy. 

The response from the scientific community has been overwhelming....

And what hangs in the balance?

The future. Our nation's future. YOUR future.

Specifically, the fact that America is getting older. Baby boomers are starting to retire in massive numbers.

And sadly, many medical problems that have been a part of life for generations still plague society.

But that's about to change...

...because we're actually standing at the most lucrative and revolutionary moment in human history. Right now. Right here. Today. 

Because I'm about to reveal the industry that stands to benefit the most from President Obama's stated focus on science.

What you're about to read is "understood" by ― at best ― a few dozen people in the entire world.

Get in front of this story with the right companies for your portfolio, and you could become three generations rich. But only if you're one of the first 558 185 to respond to this historic invitation...

The rest of the world could begin to focus on this story in the coming days and weeks....

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Here are the details on the huge market story I'm so excited to write to you about...

"Get" These Simple Yet Revolutionary Ideas, And You Could Become Three Generations Rich

The single best way to sum up what I'm about to explain in detail is to simply say this:

The human body ALREADY holds the cure to every ailment ever known to mankind.

The thing is, the body is blocked from using these cures. The trick is to take out the "blocker" so the body can use its true power to crush any and all diseases.

Each human body is a universe of complexity. Somewhere inside all of us, deep in our network of tissues, nerves, neurons, and atoms rests the cure to all that could ever go wrong.

All we have to figure out is how to unlock these cures our bodies already hold. 

This same scientist hopes to give you a shot at three generations of huge wealth.

See, there are companies already on the major stock exchanges right here in the U.S. that are so close, it's staggering.

They're so close to curing so many different diseases.

In just a moment, I'll prove it to you.

You can see why this type of breakthrough could be the biggest story in the history of humankind.

I'm talking about an advance bigger than the spread of railroads in the 1860s. More lucrative than Henry Ford's mass-produced Model T car. And more revolutionary than the rise of computers.

All of those things helped people live, but the new advances I'm describing right now could actually GIVE PEOPLE LIFE.

That's why it promises to be the biggest breakthrough of all.

In fact, the blueprints are ready. Cures are in testing as I write to you today. The implications are unspeakably good for humankind...and unspeakably profitable.

And I've spent the last year interviewing everyone involved in these seismic shifts in knowledge.

The doctors, the researchers, the growth-minded CEOs, the venture capital investors ― everyone.

Even the man who could help Obama usher in a new frontier of scientific funding, research and cures. What I've learned is this...

Imagine, In The Very Near  Future...

Imagine a sick person.

This person can have one of a hundred illnesses or diseases.

Now imagine the diagnosed person getting a few shots. Or taking a few pills.

The disease goes away.

The patient is free and clear.

Then, doctors give the patient a few more shots, and whatever organ or system in the body that was harmed by the disease repairs itself.

Just like new.

Better yet, after the disease disappears, the shots given to the patient could turn damaged organs or systems into those of a stout 20-year old person.

For example, let's take a retired gentleman who has a heart attack.

This man receives a series of shots that rebuild his heart ― make it young again ― giving him the heart and vascular tree of a healthy, vibrant 20-year old.

I know that sounds strange ― but, then again, so did the railroad.

And so did the idea of mass-producing an affordable car ― until the Model T rolled out of the factory.

And you know that no one thought almost every American home would have a small, personal computer in the 1980's...but it happened.

And people just like you became incredibly rich along the way.

What I'm describing could reverse cancer ― wherever it may occur.

Then repair the afflicted organ or organs.

Imagine giving sight to the blind.

Memory and vitality back to those with Alzheimer's. Cures for Parkinson's...Type II Diabetes...the list is endless...

Just imagine the potential.

Now imagine everything I've just covered becoming a fast-tracked national research priority.

It's about to happen. In fact it's beginning, even in Obama's first 100 days in office. I must hear from you today if you want to take part in the staggering gains just around the corner... because the offer I'm about to make you is only open to the first 558 185 folks who respond.

But there's more...

The Potential To Make You Richer Than You Ever Imagined

Pills and shots. That's it. Simple. Safe. Painless. Quick. Revolutionary. Profitable.

And a way to cure, rebuild, and repair the human body.

The idea is no more revolutionary than if you had told a friend in 1862 that the railroad would someday criss-cross the country.

Or if someone in-the-know had pulled you aside in 1986 and told you Microsoft had the power to build its founder a $101 billion legacy of wealth by 1999.

That's how big these shots and pills could be. They could potentially cure nearly everything ― and give you three generations of wealth...overnight.

Keep in mind, I'm not talking about "treatments". I'm talking about CURES.

I'm talking about giving 70-year olds the organs of people half their age ― making 70 the new 40. And curing small children of horrible afflictions so they can get a fair shake at a full life.

Increasing healthy, vigorous, productive lifespan of the heart, maybe even by decades. In the blink of an eye.

Just imagine it. Imagine the implications. Imagine it all...

Everything I just described could be just around the corner. In fact, some of it is already here. In just a second, I'll give you all the details...

And one man stands behind many of these advances.

Starting with Day One of Obama's term, what I'm describing to you here could not only have science on its side ― but government clout too.

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Placing a man on the moon required unheard of technology. And Kennedy wanted to do it before the 1960s were over.

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