Turn $1 into $50 While You Sleep

Doing nothing while collecting royalties has to be one of the best ― and easiest ― ways to get rich. For instance, David Sengstack does nothing and collects royalty paychecks of $2 million per year... just because his dad was smart enough to buy the commercial rights to a song you've sung a hundred times, "Happy Birthday to You."

Michael Jackson does nothing and collects royalties every time a Beatles song plays on the radio (he bought the rights years ago). But Paul McCartney ― now a billionaire ― does nothing and collects even more on the 3,000 song rights from other artists that he owns.

Paul Newman made plenty acting. But licensing his name piles up even more donations for his favorite charities ― over $200 million so far ― from royalties on the Newman's Own food line.

Even boxer George Foreman does better doing nothing than he did fighting in the ring, thanks to the $137 million royalty checks he gets for lending his name to a grill.

No wonder the world's richest investor calls collecting royalties the best business in the world. It's literally one of the easiest ways to do nothing and "make money while you sleep."

What might shock you is that there actually IS a way for anybody to tap into a pool of growing royalties... wealth that piles up by itself... that, ultimately, could be worth more than the entire Beatles catalog, all the commercial rights to "Happy Birthday," and the total value of the top 25 most expensive works of art in the world... combined.

And you can set it up in less than five minutes.

I call it the "Chaffee Royalty" program, after a former schoolteacher and wealthy American millionaire, Jerome B. Chaffee. Just like people who make a living collecting royalty checks, you don't need to do anything once you've tapped into the program.

You just sit back and watch the money pile up.

8 Americans Who Just Cashed in on "Chaffee Royalties"

Even though I'm almost positive you've never heard of "Chaffee Royalties," some of America's wealthiest families have ― though by another name. In fact, it's a secret that's made more than a few Americans exceedingly rich.

Robert Friedland made millions of dollars when his "Chaffee Royalty" holdings jumped in value from $4 to $167 in just two years

George Hearst borrowed the $3,000 he used to buy his way into "Chaffee Royalties" in Nevada. Within months, his stake had grown to $91,000 ― money he used to buy even more royalty rights, which ultimately launched his empire

Jim Fair, a former Illinois farmer, got so rich with his "Chaffee Royalties" he was able to hand his daughter a $1 million check as a wedding present

William O'Brien earned enough from his "Chaffee Royalties" to make him one of the 100 richest Americans of all time

Former California carpenter John Mackay scraped together $500 to buy his first share in a "Chaffee Royalty" program. He made enough to build a mansion surrounded by 70 acres of land and formal gardens for his son

E.J. "Lucky" Baldwin parked his last $800 in "Chaffee Royalties" while living in Virginia City, Nev. By the time he was through, he'd piled up royalty wealth worth over $5 million

James Flood, who came to the U.S. with next to nothing, got so rich on "Chaffee Royalties" he was able to build a beautiful sandstone home on top of San Francisco's famous Nob Hill. It's still there today

Then there's Stanley Dempsey. A lawyer who quit law and put his money into "Chaffee Royalty" contracts now makes his living collecting on 23 different streams of royalty income. Forbes even featured Dempsey and called his fortune "virtual gold," since he barely has to do or run anything to keep the money rolling in.

But there's no reason you can't collect anytime you like.

In fact, now that these "Chaffee Royalty" programs trade directly on the stock exchange, you can get in anytime you like. And with the right timing, you can get in at a very good price. And then start seeing gains from "Chaffee Royalties" immediately.

This is the situation we're in right now.

Which is why I'm writing you today.

See, in 2002, one of the most impressive "Chaffee Royalty" opportunities of all time closed its doors to new funds, just after delivering a 50-to-1 payoff for its earliest "members."

Today, that opportunity is back.

And for reasons I'll share, the timing now is better than ever.

What's more, today, there's more than one way to lock into "Chaffee Royalties." And one of those options, according to research that took me nine months to pull together, could pay out even better than what was once the most profitable "Chaffee Royalty" opportunity of all time.

We'll get to those details.

But first, let's start at the beginning...

The "Chaffee Royalty Program" That Changed America

Jerome B. Chaffee didn't make enough as a schoolteacher. So he took a job as a sales clerk in a dry goods store. Then he took that money and started a dry goods store of his own.

When that wasn't enough, he packed his bags and went to Colorado in 1860.

See, Colorado then ― as right now ― was mineral rich. And even though Chaffee knew next to nothing about mining, he saw the possibilities. And started snapping up the "royalty rights" on as many gold and silver claims as he could afford.

Every time one started to pay off, he bought more. Until he had a business making between $300,000�500,000 per year ― or as much as $17.3 million today.

Suddenly the ex-schoolteacher was very rich. And powerful.

Chaffee took up politics, pushing for laws that would lock in the same kinds of opportunities for everybody. He even went to Washington and became a senator ― and a friend of the president, Ulysses S. Grant.

Chaffee's own daughter even married the president's son, Ulysses S. Grant Jr.!

In 1872, Grant expanded on protecting the resource rights that Chaffee championed by signing the General Mining Act, a law that still safeguards mineral rights today... has already created countless American millionaires... and helped blow open the gateway to the American West.

"Chaffee Royalties" let you tap into rich mineral rights more easily than so many others did years ago. You don't need a lot to get started. In fact, you do practically nothing. Even as the rich resource wealth piles up.

I've done all the legwork already. It's written up in my newest research report, Big Mining Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep.

You cannot buy this report anywhere. However, at the end of this letter, I can show you how to download your own copy very easily. Inside, you'll find details on why now is easily the best time in history to make money tapping into "Chaffee Royalties."

I then go ahead and name for you my top five favorite ways to get started, including the No. 1 "Chaffee Royalty" opportunity available today.

And getting in right now won't cost you more than about $6 per share.

Almost Nothing to Get Started. . .
Provided You Act on This Quickly

The better known these "Chaffee Royalty" opportunities become, the faster the entry price goes up. That's just the way they work. Simply because new capital lets them add even more rich royalty streams, increasing the value of the program for shareholders.

For instance, in my report, I tell you about one royalty-collecting group that let in new "members" for just $3 per share as recently as June 2005. But as royalty assets grew, so did the cost of entry ― up to $19 per share today.

That's a 530% return if you got in early. I see it going still higher, but the longer you wait, the more of these gains you'll miss out on in the future.

Then there's another one of these unique "Chaffee Royalty" opportunities I name in the report that first hit the open market at just $1.10. As of this writing, it's already asking new "members" for $32 per share. That's a solid 2,809% return so far ― turning every $5,000 into well over $140,000.

While I see still more ahead, this, too, is far from the best gain I expect you to have the opportunity to make. In fact, one of the most famous "Chaffee Royalty" plays of all time ― which I'll tell you about in detail in just a second ― soared from just a few dollars per share to more than $180 per share before it was through.

Anyone with the luck to get in early had the chance to make as much as $50 for every $1 invested ― or $250,000 for every $5,000. And then, in 2002, this particular "Chaffee Royalty" miracle closed its doors to new investors.

As you'll see, it's back again. And already piling up new royalty stream income for the new wave of shareholders. You can easily move on this right now. But before you do, let me show you a way I believe you can do even better than by revisiting any of these already time-tested "Chaffee Royalty" moves.

Again, it's all in my new report, Big Mining Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep.

So why haven't you heard of "Chaffee Royalties" before?

Because most mainstream headlines don't look deep enough into the deals to discover them. At least, not until the early opportunities are long gone.

As an ex-commercial banker who used to handle $400 million contracts for breakfast, looking deep behind the scenes... for Special Situations like this... is my specialty.

That's what first got me looking into "Chaffee Royalties" as a unique new way for investors to get very rich. It's also what has me convinced, along with some very smart and very rich investors, that this may be one of the best undiscovered ways to "make money while you sleep" available today.

But there's something else...

Because today, with the massive global credit crisis... soaring energy costs... and the systematic destruction of your dollar-denominated savings... this is also the best market ever to start looking at these "Chaffee Royalty" programs as a way to build wealth.

Why? I lay it all out for you in my new report, Big Mining Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep, which can act as a valuable "primer" on exactly how to tap into this new wave of royalty-backed riches.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll find...

Big Mining Gains Without the Usual Big Risks

All the value in "Chaffee Royalties" is backed by real resource wealth.

Oil. Gas. Gold and silver. Copper. Nickel. Diamonds.

But the beauty of these royalty streams isn't just the hard asset value that's behind them.

Instead, it's the fact that... as you watch the wealth pile up... you do it with none of the major risks that most mineral and hard asset investors face.

How so?

That's the unique opportunity with "Chaffee Royalties."

They're designed to deliver all the upside of the world's rich mineral wealth. But without passing on any of the major exploration, management or environmental costs of mining or drilling to the end shareholders.

Imagine, for instance, if you could own a "piece" of Apple's iPod sales... without paying a nickel toward the operating costs, research or advertising.

Imagine if you could collect Google's ad sales... or Exxon Mobil's oil revenue... without forking over for employee salaries, building and maintaining headquarters, or any of those other costs that typically nickel-and-dime shareholders out of gains.

"Chaffee Royalties" let you do that, backed by pure gains on some of the most valuable mineral and other raw resource deposits in the world.

No Better Time Than NOW to Take Advantage of "Chaffee Royalties"

Right now, resource companies are lining up to swap some of their gross profits for these royalty programs. Why would they do that?

It's simple.

See, right now, the global credit crunch is just one of the forces destroying the U.S. dollar. And that, plus unstoppable Asian demand, has sent the value of gold... silver... copper... nickel... zinc... lead... and just about every other mineral asset you can name... soaring.

That's great for anyone who produces or sells those resources.

Trouble is, as energy prices go up, so do the operating and production costs for the miners. So if they want to expand to capitalize on the resource boom, they need money.

Usually, that money comes from the banks. But the banks don 't want to make any new loans today. And the resource companies themselves ― like Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining ― just don't have the cash flow to take up the slack.

So they turn to the royalty companies instead, trading big loans for future profits on the huge piles of resources they're drawing out of the ground.

As long as the minerals keep coming up... and the market keeps begging for more... these royalty companies and their program "members" get rich, without ever owning an inch of dirt or worrying about running the actual mining business.

It's that simple. And right now may be the best time in history to be a part of the "Chaffee Royalty" trend. Even the Financial Post recently reported:

"Today, the last thing many investors want is operating control. Mining companies are fighting staggering capital cost increases due to soaring demand for labor and equipment, as well as fuel and power. The beauty of the royalty model is that it gives investors all the exposure on the revenue side and none on the cost side."

The Financial Post went on to say, "[Chaffee Royalties] are the low-risk way to play the mining game" and the "ideal way to get lower-risk exposure" to gold, energy and other resource wealth.

No work. No major worries. No management.

Just royalty riches.

Here's a great example...

Up to 50 Times Your Money. . .Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

The Goldstrike mine ― in northeastern Nevada ― is one of the best producing and most profitable gold mines in the world.

Millions of dollars are spent pulling out and processing as much as 35,000 tons of rock per day. Year after year. More than 1,600 employees work the site.

That's nearly the same size as the whole population of nearby Carlin, Nev.

Anyone who owned a piece of Goldstrike made a fortune.

Pierre Lassonde was one of them. But Pierre never actually owned the mine. He never actually hired a mining team, either. Or spent every day on the mining site.

Instead, he had a better plan.

See, at the time, Pierre was one of the top gold analysts in Canada, with more than 25 years of mining experience. And, though he knew early about the potential at the Goldstrike site, what he also knew was that he could get rich without having to do the work.

Because he'd worked out a way to let someone else do it for him while he collected the "Chaffee Royalties" we've just talked about. And he did. To the tune of many millions of dollars.

Not just for himself.

But for the shareholders who helped "back" Pierre on the deal...

The Laziest, Low-Risk Road to Mining Riches

You might still remember Pierre's company. It was called Franco-Nevada, and at the start, it was pretty tiny. Some mining companies have as many as 30,000 or more employees worldwide.

Pierre's company started with just two ― himself and a partner.

And his plan was not to own an actual piece of the rich Goldstrike property ― but to dedicate Franco-Nevada's assets to buying only the "Chaffee Royalty" rights to Goldstrike instead.

And when Goldstrike hit big on gold, the royalty money started pouring into Franco-Nevada. And all Pierre and his team had to do was rake it in.

In those early days, you could have picked up Franco-Nevada shares for just a few dollars... and then watched them soar to well over $180.

By the time Franco-Nevada got snapped up in 2002, it had ballooned from a tiny $2.3 million firm... to a company worth the $2.9 billion shelled out by Newmont Mining... which saw the writing on the wall and bought up Franco-Nevada's whole portfolio of royalty deals in one grab.

With the buyout, your chance to get in on the original Franco-Nevada pool of "Chaffee Royalties" ended. Pierre Lassonde took over as Newmont's new president. Until recently, he even chaired the World Gold Council.

But Pierre never forgot what a low-maintenance income bonanza he had with Franco-Nevada. And just recently, at the tail end of 2007, he tried to quietly bring Franco-Nevada back onto the public market. News still traveled fast, and Franco's IPO hauled in a record $1.2 billion.

Here's the beauty of this new arrangement.

Franco-Nevada held onto a pile of royalty contracts, even while under Newmont's shadow. And now, with its IPO money, it's perfectly positioned to snap up even more.

This is just one reason why "Chaffee Royalties" could very well be the safest way, right now, for you to play this ongoing global scramble for commodities. And by the way, the new Franco-Nevada could also be one of the better ways for you to play this opportunity, too.

However, I'm convinced I've found one that's even better.

Right now, it's still very small. Just as Franco-Nevada was at the beginning. And you can still get in at that early, easy entry stage.

Because it's so small, I can't possibly name it here. That wouldn't be fair to the small group of individuals who pay to follow my research on these specialized, lesser-known opportunities.

There is, however, a way I can share this with you.

Which I'd like to tell you about right now...

The Next Franco-Nevada

In my new report, Big Mining Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep, I give you everything I've found ― after nine months of deep research ― on the best of the "Chaffee Royalty" opportunities open to you right now.

But the one I recommend first to my readers and friends is one I can't resist telling you a little more about right now.

If you've ever flown across the Atlantic, there's a good chance you've seen it.

Or at least, you've see the "crown jewel" assets that make this still undiscovered "Chaffee Royalty" opportunity so rich. It's called Voisey's Bay. And it's one of the most valuable piles of ice and rock ever discovered.

From a plane window, it looks like a map made of elephant skin. Nothing but frozen rivers and gnarled earth, stretched out as far as you can see.

But underneath, you'll find as much as $50 billion worth of mineral wealth. Discovered in 1993, it's already making fortunes. Not on gold or silver, but on some of the world's richest deposits of copper, cobalt and ― mostly ― nickel.

And it's the nickel that should to continue to make many more people very rich. Including anybody who holds a "Chaffee Royalty" deal on those same vast nickel deposits.

Let me just show you why...

You need nickel to make steel. And China churned through 7.5 million tons of stainless steel last year. It'll produce 9 million tons before the end of this year

Over 65% of world nickel demand goes into the making of high-grade stainless steel

Even in a slowdown, China needs to build railroads to transport energy and cities to house their exploding population. For both, China desperately needs stainless steel

China alone uses up six times more nickel now than it did in 2000

In the last five years, Chinese nickel demand surged from 50,000 tons of nickel per year... to over 200,000 tons. No other country consumes as much.

Global nickel demand could surge another 10% before 2009

As with all metals, nickel prices fluctuate. But top metals analyst still see nickel prices spiking as high as $20 before the end of 2008.

You can see how this shapes up.

And buried deep in Voisey's Bay, you'll find one of the world's largest and highest-grade nickel deposits ― and easily the richest Canadian mineral discovery of the last 40 years.

There's easily enough nickel here to make this one deposit a cash cow mine for the next 20�25 years. If you want to own just the direct mining shares, you can look to a Brazilian company ― Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD) ― which owns and works the property.

But before you do, let me show you an even easier way...

Getting Paid for Just Breathing

Because CVRD does all its own exploration at Voisey's Bay, it pays for it. And so do its shareholders. They pay for the digging. They pay to process the tons of rock. They pay to get all the copper, cobalt and nickel ready for sale on the open market.

Sure, they make money. But they spend money, too. A TON of it.

So far, more than $1 billion just on developing CVRD's properties in this one area. That's nothing to sneeze at, even if the price of nickel is soaring. But I can show you how to tap the "Chaffee Royalties" tied to those same minerals so you can take profits without the costs of running a mine...

Without the major cost concerns.

Without even worrying whether or not the price of nickel will go up.

You see, right now, there's another company in Voisey's Bay doing what Franco-Nevada did so early in its own legendary march toward blockbuster 50-fold gains.

This company, like Franco, traded some early investment capital for the unique "Chaffee Royalties" rights connected with Voisey's Bay nickel. And now it's offering a piece of those royalties to you, as a potential shareholder.

This is a very rare opportunity.

It's not so difficult today to find other companies offering "Chaffee Royalties." But it's not as easy to find one in as early a stage as this one. With a share prices that's still this low... and nearly 100 royalty contracts either already producing or about to produce potential gains for new shareholders.

Remember, one of the "Chaffee Royalty" companies I told you about jumped from $3 per share to $19 very quickly... another soared from $1.10 to $32... and Franco-Nevada itself went from under $4 to more than $180 per share before it closed its doors to new "members."

This next future blockbuster royalty opportunity is already on the move.

On this Voisey's Bay deal alone, it should collect royalties between $16�20 million. And yes, that's if nickel prices today don't budge another inch.

What happens if nickel surges again to the record levels it hit last May?

If that happens, count on another $24 million in royalties going straight to this little company's bottom line. That might not sound like much for a big, well-known company. But for a company like this ― still undiscovered and valued at only just over $400 million on the stock market ― this is enormous. And just based on that, I already calculate that this could be an easy way to triple every dollar invested over the next two years.

But it doesn't stop there.

Because, you see, this little "Chaffee Royalty" outfit ― like the early Franco-Nevada ― has a lot more going for it that just the sweetheart royalty deal on Voisey's Bay nickel.

As I said, it carries nearly 100 royalty deals ― any one of which could start producing as well or better ― and all of which give you even more opportunities to pile up royalty wealth on five different continents... and in 10 different countries... in 18 different commodities.

Gold Gains With Much Less Risk, Too

On top of the Voisey's Bay "lock" this company has on Canadian nickel... it's also taking in piles of royalty cash for itself and its shareholders on some of Canada's richest gold deposits.

Not to mention even more gold royalties on one of the most productive gold mines in Chile... another huge "Chaffee Royalty" stream on more than 1 million estimated ounces of Nevada gold... and even more gold royalties on a large mine in Australia.

I haven't even mentioned the royalty streams on platinum properties... uranium properties... and even more copper and cobalt properties... just to name a few. Some pay huge royalties now, and some promise huge potential royalties as they steadily come online.

This company provides more than just access to some of the best gold, silver and diamonds... uranium, coal and oil... natural gas... nickel, copper, cobalt and zinc... in the world. It also gives you the diversity and balance that you just can't get from most straight mining shares.

Without sacrificing the rare opportunity for triple and quadruple gains.

And just as good as the royalties this company already takes in is the promise of future royalties on deals it's already made. Take this company's royalty rights on a hugely profitable gold mine in Chile.

Mining giant Barrick does all the work to get the metal out of the ground. And that mine alone should churn out as much as 775,000 ounces of gold per year... at a cost as low as $130 per ounce. In fact, this Chilean mine should be Barrick's third largest operation by 2010.

Owning Barrick directly isn't a bad move. It's one of the best mining stocks in the industry. But it's not cheap. And Barrick, as I said, faces some rising costs and shrinking cash flow.

This little company, however, owns the "Chaffee Royalties" on the same gold mine. It paid only $11.4 million, very early on. And I expect it to make that back many times over during the life of the mine.

Barrick and its shareholders love the deal, because it means they get money to expand exploration and production. This royalty company and its "program members" love it because it's yet another stream of resource royalty income.

As long as Barrick keeps bringing gold out of the ground, this little company rakes it in. And so do you, if you hold this company's still affordable shares.

Plus, while this company already makes very good money on its five best royalty deals... let's not forget what you get out of its huge portfolio of nearly 100 other royalty deals.

Right now, another 11 of these new royalty arrangements are scheduled to come online over the next several months. That's more royalty income without the major mining costs. And more value in this little royalty company's shares.

I told you before that the Voisey's Bay income alone was enough reason for this little royalty company to give you an easy triple on every dollar invested. But with these extra royalty agreements, including the 11 new ones that should come online over the next few months... this isn't just an easy triple... it could, conservatively, be a "ten-bagger" stock.

But even then, I STILL think saying you could make 10 times your money on this is also conservative...

How This Beats the Best Royalty Play of All Time

Wouldn't it be nice to know that without lifting a finger, you're accumulating the kind of money that could free you from work... fund your retirement... and pay for your future?

That easily could have been the case if you'd have known to move early on Franco-Nevada.

But let me just walk you through how that unfolded. Because, you see, Franco-Nevada going from zero to $40 million per year in royalty income took about 12 years. And that was ultimately enough to take its shares from $4 to over $180 per share.

Not bad, right?

Another of the "Chaffee Royalty" opportunities you'll read about in my new report, Big Mining Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep, took 15 years to get to its first annual $30 million in royalty income. That was enough to get it from $1.10 per share to over $32. For a gain so far of 2,809%.

While I believe that last company could go still higher, I urge you to pay attention now to this little company I've been telling you about ― which I like to call the "next Franco-Nevada" for a very good reason.

You see, this little company recently managed to jump from about $400,000 in annual royalty income... to over $13.7 million... in less than two years! That's many times faster than even some of the best "Chaffee Royalty" companies I've ever seen.

What's the key difference?

The track record of this small company for picking the best royalty deals is impeccable. What's more, it just recently picked up another 16 new royalty deals... including royalty draws on four new gold mines... four new diamond properties... two new uranium deals... and three more new nickel royalties... plus royalties on rich new deposits of zinc, lead, silver, cobalt and molybdenum.

With nearly 100 royalty streams, your chances of the "next big hit" or major discovery could be huge. And remember, you need only one to pay off ― the way Goldstrike did for Franco-Nevada ― to see even MORE upward pressure on the value of this royalty company's shares.

If just one of these nearly 100 royalty deals pays off big... I'm confident that this isn't just a triple or a ten-bagger opportunity, but quite possibly the next 50-to-1 payday for anyone who acts on this quickly.

Maybe even better.

It's like owning an option on what could become the best resource play of the century. If it doesn't pan out, you still do extremely well. And if it does, you get rich.

Just in case you think I'm overstating the evidence, the fact is that at least two of these new royalty deals already look like they could add 25% in new royalty income to this company's bottom line over the coming year.

With that amount going up over the years ahead.

Right now, this company lists on the stock market for only $408 million. Given that it has only $22 million in debt... plus over 100 royalty contracts... and an easy $40 million already looking likely, thanks to its nickel and gold royalty deals alone... you're talking an incredible deal. Other royalty companies have already sold for double that multiple.

But as I said, few of these other mineral rights royalty companies have as good a spread of different royalty streams as this one. And with every dollar that comes in, it continues to add more great royalty streams to its portfolio.

Based on that, plus everything else I've already told you, I fully believe this is the best "Chaffee Royalty" opportunity listed on the market today. Maybe even better than getting into Franco-Nevada at the start of its amazing 50-to-1 profit run.

A takeover... more soaring energy prices... soaring interest in the shares... they could all take the share price higher, very soon... closing out the best of this opportunity very quickly.

So I urge you to get my report, by accepting the special invitation at the end of this letter, as soon as you can. As I said, Big Mining Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep isn't free. And I won't take your money for it, either.

It's simply not for sale, anywhere or to anyone.

But there is one way to get a copy into your hands instantly. All you have to do is accept a special invitation. One that could potentially make you a fortune over the year ahead. And show you how to access a pool of investment wealth you never knew existed.

I Should Introduce Myself

My name is Chris Mayer.

Maybe you've heard of me. I'm known for the appearances I make on financial news shows like Fox Television's Bulls & Bears... Forbes on Fox... and the CNBC financial reports.

Or maybe you know me for my new book, Invest Like a Dealmaker. Or from interviews I've given to national radio talk shows or in the newspapers.

You might even know my background, which wasn't originally in financial market analysis at all. I was a commercial banker, for one of the largest and most respected banks in the U.S., overseeing a $250 million investment account and loans for $400 million companies.

It was a role I loved. I'm proud to say I was a vice president there before I turned 30. And not once during my tenure did we lose a single dime on our major corporate loans. That's a rare claim in lending.

I mention it because that background ― poring over the balance sheets of major and minor companies alike, looking for anomalies, mistakes and even hidden value ― was about the best stock picking training you can imagine.

It's why I eventually stepped away from the bank.

Because I loved the markets. And I loved picking winning stocks even more. I do that now, for over 29,220 readers, in a highly sought-after monthly stock market research letter.

But for years, I kept coming across a kind of investing opportunity that I just couldn't share in my widely read monthly letter. Stocks and other plays that were just too small... too "different"... and just that much harder to find or track for your average, mainstream reader.

The "Special Situations" Kept Secret From You All These Years

The undiscovered opportunities I kept coming across are what Wall Street calls "special situation" stocks ― fast moving, hidden opportunities that are extremely popular with insiders but just too small or too little known for the average investing mainstream.

Takeovers and buybacks... secret mergers... heavy insider buying opportunities... and "Chaffee Royalty" moves like the one I'm showing you today.

Every single one of them revealed money most investors just kept leaving on the table...

Huge opportunities.

I couldn't stand knowing how many of these kept going unnoticed.

So I did something about it. I worked with my publisher to create a brand-new kind of research service, called Mayer's Special Situations.

This is not a simple newsletter for mom and pop market watchers.

It's a much more revealing and advanced research advisory service, tailored for elite readers. How are we doing so far? The service is barely 23 months old.

And we've already clocked gains like 44% on Fundtech... 100% on Lindsay Manufacturing... 122% gains on Gorman-Rupp... 132% on T3 Energy Services... not to mention gains on shares I can't name because they're still open. But we're already up 26% on one... 36% on another... 48%... 50%... 78%... and then 84%... 93%... 129%... 137%... 153%... the list goes on.

Just on an average of all the winners and losers in my current portfolio, we're already racking up an average 33% so far. And on a cumulative basis, a stunning 758% altogether.

These are opportunities you just can't read about anywhere else. And much earlier in the moneymaking stage than you'll discover anywhere else...

You'll get the moves that go beyond regular stock investing, like the special "royalty program" plays I revealed to you today

You'll get the stock opportunities pros would rather trade, above the humdrum, and hinging on the "behind the scenes" deals and insider moves we all know really move markets

You'll get the picks that can move your money quickly, and in a very short time, but with my own "banker's twist" ― where I'll do the qualified number crunching most brokers don't even know how to do ― to ensure that I never ask you to take an unjustified risk

You'll get advance warning on above-and-beyond moves, with far greater potential than you average, everyday stock opportunity.

Of course, the easiest way to reveal what Mayer's Special Situations can do for you is to let you try it for yourself. Which is exactly what I hope you'll do.

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Matt M. was one of my earliest Mayer's Special Situations readers. Take a look at what he told me recently...

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Here's one from subscriber Eric L...

"Hey Chris, your Libbey recommendation alone just paid for my Acapulco vacation ― thanks! Your reports are very professional without being stuffy... You're one of my main go-to guys... keep up the great work, and thanks again!

And this is what Special Situations reader Michael K. wrote in to report...

"I'm enjoying this new service, and I love the way you think about investments. My highest compliment is that I look forward to your updates and recommendations. I appreciate your thorough and thoughtful analysis and independent thinking and research. And the bottom line is you are making me money..."

You can guess I love getting letters like these. And I have piles of them. The gains, the rare and undiscovered alternatives to typical stock investing opportunities, the handpicked moves and careful research... I'm happy to finally have the chance to share this with people who can appreciate how rich these "special situations" opportunities can be.

I'm not looking to brag.

I just want to make it clear that you'll find something here that you're not going to find elsewhere. One popular financial writer even wrote, on his financial blog Market Metaphysics...

"Chris Mayer is the best financial journalist you've never heard of... Mayer's elegant prose will make you wonder why you don't find this caliber of writing in the mainstream financial press. Mayer's essays are sharp intellectual discoveries... all this and solid investment ideas, too."

Again, I'm proud of the kudos. But I'm even more proud of the results. And I'm going to urge you, in just a second, to give me a chance to do the same for you... starting immediately with the new research report I've told you about, Big Mining Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep...

The Single Best Way for You to Get Rich on Royalties Right Now

Right now, there are several companies listed on the stock market that use the "Chaffee Royalty" model to enhance shareholder wealth.

That's why I've spent the better part of the last year doing careful research to find only the best ones for you to consider adding to your portfolio.

And I've written each of them up in detail in the new report we've talked about, Big Mining Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep. Inside, you'll find my full and targeted analysis on...

One of the easiest and purest plays on the coming surge in silver prices. With this company's already solid "Chaffee Royalty" streams of income, you could tap into six of the world's top silver deposits, including a stream of expense-free royalty income on the largest silver deposit ever discovered. If you like silver as an investment play, this could be the single best way to play it

With one move, this next "Chaffee Royalty" play could give you a claim on royalty deals for nearly 50 mining properties in mineral-rich Nevada... plus a piece in wholly owned and productive mines with several million ounces of proven gold already in the ground

Like the other pure "Chaffee Royalty" companies, this next player owns no mines. Or mining equipment. In fact it has only 15 employees. But that hasn't stopped it from tapping into royalties from several of the world's best gold mines... on the future sale of over 50 million ounces of gold and more than 1 billion (with a "B") ounces of silver

The new Franco-Nevada is a lot like the old Franco-Nevada ― jammed with choice royalty deals. After raising over $1.2 billion with a record-breaking IPO at the end of 2007, the new Franco bought back 190 royalties on metals and mineral companies... plus another 100 royalties on oil and gas producers. Is it still a good buy? I reveal the answer inside my report

My favorite "Chaffee Royalty" company by far, I save for last. With nearly 100 mineral royalty rights and a brilliant track record of picking deals with as many as 25�30 years of production, this is easily the best way for you to combine big money-multiplying gains with higher safety than you could possibly get just owning mining shares outright.

I urge you to take a look.

And keep in mind, on each of these deals, the royalties are coming in on minerals already discovered, but there's also potential for more discoveries down the line. By already owning a piece of the royalty rights, you'd also be locking in on those future income streams too.

When the mines' owners invest more money to expand the mines, you'd also automatically own a piece of that expansion. Without investing another dime.

What if there's another breakthrough mineral discovery on one of the mineral properties? The royalty rights shareholders own a piece of that too. Along with the bump it could give to the royalty company's shares.

It's like owning an option on the resource boom, with which you get all the future upside gains at a much cheaper entry price. And without any of the major downside headaches.

As long as those mines are producing, the royalties roll in year after year. And with the companies I've found and featured in the report, you've got access to "long haul" deals that have as many as 25�30 years of production left in the related mines.

So those royalties have plenty of time to pile up pretty high. In other words, you could start benefiting from the royalties immediately. And then keep on collecting for many, many years to come. All while even more royalty rights get added to your share of the overall portfolio.

Why would you want to pass that up?

You'd have a tough time finding a better deal ― with full and growing access to the "mineral rush" upside, almost as far as the eye can see, but with very little to none of the conventional mining or exploration company risks ― and that's just the beginning of what I'm ready to share...

Five More "Special Situations" Moneymakers You Don't Want to Miss

Right now, my Mayer's Special Situations readers and I are looking at five more rare "special situations" I don't want you to miss...

Unless you know mining, you've never heard of molybdenum. But it's known as the "energy metal." And it's key to all things energy. This little company produces it better than anybody, with a share price that's an easy double within the year. Even if "moly" prices don't budge

The world's energy fields are getting old. And this one stock gives you a better way to play this than anybody. Right now, it's still deeply undervalued. But that won't last for long. In our first 11 days with this company, we were up over 6% ― so it's already on the move

T. Boone Pickens, the 79-year-old billionaire, must love this next stock as much as we do ― he just bought $76 million worth. And I see it soaring much higher, on the back of a surprise supply-demand super-crunch in this one ignored raw resource

This tiny little $2 copper stock is super cheap with huge potential. It's another easy double within the year. Plus, it pays a 5% dividend ― how can you beat that?

Drug companies come and go, but with the boomers marching into the golden years... it's a sure bet someone somewhere is writing a medical prescription. The more they write, the better for this last company. It's a spinoff story with solid 300% gain potential ahead.

You'll find out the names of these rare "special situation" moves in your free report Five Stunning "Special Situation" Plays You Can't Afford to Miss. You can download that the minute you accept my invitation to become a subscriber to Mayer's Special Situations.

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How to Gain Full Access to My Elite "Special Situations" List

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If you don't see at least money-tripling opportunities in the reports and regular alerts and updates I'll send ― on any one of the royalty companies we talked about ― then I want you to cancel and I'll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

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That gives you plenty of time ― with no pressure from me ― to make up your own mind.

2009 Mobile World Congress numbers are here

The Mobile World Congress is over and GSMA announced this year's numbers. Without further ado, here they come:

  • More than 47,000 visitors from 189 countries attended the 2009 GSMA Mobile World Congress.
  • 50% of all the attendees hold C-level positions, including more than 2,800 CEOs.
  • 1,300 companies exhibited at the event, occupying more than 57,000 square metres of exhibition and hospitality space ― a footprint 11% larger than that of the previous year. (recession anyone?)
  • Nearly 2,400 international print, web and broadcast media attended the event.

The official press release ends with the announcement for the Mobile World Congress' sister event, the Mobile Asia Congress, which will take place in Hong Kong in Autumn of this year…

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • Mobile World Congress in numbers
  • Nelly Furtado to perform in Mumbai on New Year's eve at Nokia's party
  • Robert Redford coming to Mobile World Congress

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AnyDATA unveils its Windows Mobile offering for CDMA carriers

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 03:32 PM PST

AnyData ASP-505AAnyDATA used the Mobile World Congress to unveil its Windows Mobile smartphones, designed for CDMA carriers. Three devices were announced and we'll briefly talk about each one of them. Let's start:

  • First comes the ASP-505A, which will be marketed by Russia's leading CDMA operator - Skylink. The device runs on 450Mhz CDMA EVDO Rev A technology, and among other things sports a touchscreen, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and camera. In addition to CDMA version, AnyDATA is also working on an HSDPA-based device that will operate on Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • AnyData ASP-210CThen there's the ASP-210C, a QWERTY keyboard-equipped smartphone, that is made to work on CDMA 1x 800 Mhz networks. Specs wise, there's Bluetooth, FM radio and media player, while Windows Mobile 6.1 is running the show.
  • Finally, AnyDATA introduced the ASP-535D that operates at 800 and 1900 Mhz frequencies on CDMA 1x EV-DO Rev. A networks. It features a sleek, stylish design, sporting such things as GPS receiver, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity support, QWERTY keyboard, and the UI based on the newly announced Windows Mobile 6.5.

Before we go, it's important to add that in addition to smartphones, AnyDATA also provides modems, GPS tracking devices, and turnkey tracking services to mobile operators…

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • Softbank announces Toshiba X02HT and X01H Windows Mobile 6.0 Smartphones
  • OxyCube 1.3 is out!
  • HP unveils iPAQ Data Messenger and iPAQ Voice Messenger

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ABI Research: Cellular modem shipments exceeded 35 million in 2008

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 03:20 PM PST

ABI ResearchABI Research's findings suggest that the cellular modems for laptops and netbooks reached more than 35 million shipments last year. Of that total, the majority were the external USB modems mobile operators have been pushing for some time. In addition, the growth has been also bolstered as mobile operators bundled USB modems with netbooks in subsidized price plans.

There were also about 3.5 million embedded modems, built into the computers. Philip Solis, ABI's principal analyst, says that after years of slow growth, the embedded cellular modem market is starting to show signs of life. "ABI Research expects that, building on a good showing of 3.5 million units in 2008, shipments of embedded modems will more than double in 2009," he added.

Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) and Ericsson have been targeting the embedded modem market directly, positioning their products very competitively against each other. Operators around the world, especially in Western Europe, are subsidizing USB modems and offering premium data plans that include free netbook or laptop offering equipped with embedded modems.

However, the global recession is set to have an impact on the market. In that sense, ABI Research has lowered its overall forecasts for the cellular modem market for 2009. This doesn't mean shipment rates won't keep growing, quite the contrary ― it's the slower pace we'll see this year.

More information about ABI's report titled "Cellular PC Card Market Data" is available from their website.

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • ABI Research: Cellular modem industry will exceed 200 million units by 2013
  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9 now available with built-in AT&T 3G!
  • ABI Research on LTE: From zero to 32 million subscribers in three years

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FISHLABS joins the N-Gage

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 03:14 PM PST


Nokia (NYSE: NOK)'s mobile gaming initiative just got stronger for an additional partner. It's FISHLABS, which wowed to bring its games to all the N-Gage users around the world.

As part of the deal, we should expect to see FISHLABS releasing many its popular titles for the platform. Among the games that are announced for this year are Powerboat Challenge, Rally Master Pro and Snowboard Hero; followed by Galaxy on Fire and Blades & Magic in early 2010. All titles will be improved in terms of graphics and sound quality and will be enhanced with additional features.

Nokia is obviously proud to have FISHLABS on board. The company's director of Third Party Games Publishing, Gregg Sauter, said: "FISHLABS' portfolio of multiple award-winning games is especially popular with core gamers and, thanks to the superior performance of the N-Gage platform; Nokia will be able to win over many fans of FISHLABS as well as new gamers for N-Gage."

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • N-Gage Game Shop
  • Glu Mobile and Nokia announce collaboration to bring Glu games to N-Gage platform
  • Zombies on my mobile? Capcom coming to N-Gage

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China-based KongZhong gets money from Nokia Growth Partners

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 03:11 PM PST

Nokia Growth Partners

China-based KongZhong Corporation announced that it has reached a non-binding agreement with Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Growth Partners to receive an investment of about $6.8 million in 5-year convertible senior notes. In addition, Nokia's venture arm would also receive warrants to purchase an additional 2 million American Depositary Shares (ADS) at $5.0 per ADS, exercisable within five years.

From the press release:

The convertible senior notes would initially pay an annual interest of 8% subject to reduction to 6% based on the financial performance of the Company. The conversion price would equal the average closing price per share of the Company's ordinary shares for a period of 75 trading days prior to the date of this announcement. The notes would mature in five years and could be prepaid at the Company's option after three years. The transaction is subject to completion of definitive documentation.

Commenting on the announcement, Nokia Growth Partners' Paul Asel: "KongZhong is a premier mobile entertainment company. Our investment reflects the belief in the leading role KongZhong can take as China embarks on 3G mobile services."

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • Virgin Mobile USA completes acquisition of Helio
  • Nokia Growth Partners invests in Chinese mobile advertising network - Madhouse
  • Nokia wants to get out of the Stockholm Stock Exchange

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Better Energy Systems unveils solar-powered handsfree car kit at MWC

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 03:07 PM PST

Solio Communicator

Better Energy Systems is the company we've already covered in the past and during the recently ended Mobile World Congress, they've unveiled their latest baby. It's called Solio Communicator and it's a handsfree car kit, designed to be mounted on the visor.

As expected, the device connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and is ideal for those living in sunny areas like Spain. Of course, the Solio Communicator comes with its own Li-Ion battery, allowing it work even by night, when there's no Sun around. The battery is automatically charged using the power of the Sun, but you can also add juice to it through USB.

As for other information about the Solio Communicator, you may also want to know that it weighs only 150 grams and that there's a hi-fi directional microphone under the hood, which should provide maximum clarity while making or receiving a call.

Finally, let's talk about the availability. Better Energy Systems said their new handsfree kit will hit the market in mid-2009 and will cost 80 EUR (79.99 to be more precise).

[Via: Renewbl]

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  • Solio Hybrid 1000 - portable, solar charging for your phone
  • Vero ENB-100 - The World's First Solar Powered Bluetooth Portable Car Kit
  • Better Energy Systems to unveil its Solio Mono multi-device charger at Mobile World Congress

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Forum Nokia announces winners of Calling All Innovators competition

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 02:57 PM PST

Nokia - Calling All InnovatorsForum Nokia (NYSE: NOK) announced the final winners in its global "Calling All Innovators" contest for mobile applications and solutions to help improve the quality of life on the planet. Nearly 1,000 developers from 57 countries who submitted mobile applications were narrowed to 11 finalists in January:

ECO-Challenge - apps and solutions designed to help minimize mobility's global environmental impact and enable users to make sustainable lifestyle choices:

  • Grand Prize: GreenDrive (Israel)
  • 1st Place: TigerMap (China)
  • 2nd Place: Ticketek Mobile Ticketing (Argentina)
  • Runner-up: Green Phone (India)

Emerging Markets - New mobile solutions to improve the daily lives of millions in developing nations, focused on areas such as education, health data access, infotainment and agriculture.

  • Grand Prize: Nano Ganesh (India)
  • 1st Place: mPedigree (Ghana)
  • 2nd Place: DigitallCS (Digital Internal Control System) (Mexico)

Technology Showcase - Applications using Flash Lite, Java, Python, open source or other technologies supported by Series 40 or S60 devices that create a compelling end-user experience for individuals or communities:

  • Grand Prize: X Dancery (China)
  • 1st Place: kReader Mobile (U.S.)
  • 2nd Place: Neuscreen (Thailand)
  • Runner-up: PhotoMap (Germany)

In the next round of Calling All Innovators, Forum Nokia is challenging developers to create applications that will enhance the use of mobile devices in real-world scenarios, in the following categories:

  • Internet Innovation (conducted in tandem with Nokia's Widget Design Competition)
  • Flash
  • Emerging Markets

Application submissions will remain open through 30 June, at the official website, from where you can also get all the details…

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • Nokia S60 3rd Edition Challenge winners announced
  • Forum Nokia S60 3rd Edition Challange
  • Forum Nokia S60 3rd Edition Challange

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PointRoll iPhone-izes its rich media advertising offering

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 02:45 PM PST

Pointroll logo

Rich media advertising provider, PointRoll, announced expanded distribution partners to run its rich media ads on the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPhone. Among the web publishers involved are such website as ESPN, AOL's Platform-A, Millennial Media, and USA TODAY ― which in total should deliver over half a billion impressions each month on the iPhone.

According to PointRoll's press release, their technology permits advertisers to reach users with interactive content such as video, data collection, send to a friend, tap to call and more. This is all done without requiring the iPhone user to download any applications, yet many of the features from the desktop/computer environment still apply…

More information about PointRoll's offering can be found on their website.

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • AdMob announces new iPhone 3G advertising solutions along with $1 million iPhone developers fund
  • VideoEgg joins the iPhone advertising wave
  • Cellfire launches Cellfire 3.0 mobile coupons service

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ZTE extends its partnership with T-Mobile for handsets and data cards

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 02:39 PM PST

ZTE logo

/China-based ZTE announced that it has established a cooperation with T-Mobile (NYSE: DT) for handsets and data card devices for mobile applications. The two companies declared a new strategic partnership spanning all the European markets of T-Mobile.

The signing of the so called General Framework Agreement (GFA) emphasizes the intention to strengthen the cooperation between T-Mobile and the Chinese telecoms equipment provider, representing a contract framework that spans the whole handling of a project and the possible adjustments of ZTE's mobile products for the Deutsche Telekom (NYSE: DT)-owned operator.

The latest move by ZTE goes in line with the company's long lasting relationship with Deutsche Telekom, which [relationship] has been stepped up considerably in the last few months. That was the reason why ZTE has opened a new office in Bonn…

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • T-Mobile Germany announces MDA Ameo 16 GB
  • HTC Touch coming soon to T-Mobile UK as Touch Plus
  • T-Mobile coming to BlackBerry 8820 on March 5th?

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ReCellular reports 2008 numbers: 35% growth year over year

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 02:34 PM PST

wireless recyclingWe love ReCellular and their ongoing efforts to increase the availability and consumer awareness of mobile phone recycling. That being said, we're glad to see their last year numbers: in total the company has collected and processed 5.5 million phones for reuse and recycling in 2008, a 35% increase year-over-year.

And here are some other interesting highlights from ReCellular's 2008 report:

  • Mentioned 5.5 million phones collected weigh as much as three Boeing 747-400s
  • The company's donate-a-phone programs raised $4 million for charitable causes and grassroots organizations, from local Boy Scout troops to the national "Cell Phones for Soldiers" program
  • ReCellular's 102 point data-removal process deleted an average of 5 MB of information per handset, totaling in about 10 terabytes of personal contacts, e-mail, photos and financial information from donated phones
  • 1.2 million pounds of materials, including handsets, batteries, phone chargers and accessories, and paper and plastic shipping materials have been recycled
  • 21,000 pounds of copper, 954 pounds of silver, and 96 pounds of gold from recycled circuit boards and electronics accessories have been reclaimed

It's good to see ReCellular's numbers growing as more people learn about mobile phone recycling… More information about ReCullular's 2008 Report is available from this page.

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • Verizon Wireless releases HopeLine program numbers: 5 million phones, 180 million minutes
  • ReCellular raises $15 million in a Series A funding
  • Nokia: Only 3% of people recycle their mobile phones

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Gameloft brings 20 games to Android Market

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 02:27 PM PST

Gameloft - AndroidAs expected, with the launch of the paid apps support, big developers have started bringing their applications and games to the Android Market. One of the first companies to embrace Google (NSDQ: GOOG)'s platform is Gameloft, which obviously has been working round the clock to port its portfolio to Android. As a result, they've released a total of 20 games to the Android Market. Among the titles there are such popular titles as Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009, Oregon Trail and CSI:Miami.

It's a big thing for the Android ecosystem to have such big game developer as Gameloft on board, and now when the gates are wide open, I've no doubts other developers will follow with similar moves.

Commenting on the announcement, the company's senior VP, Gonzague de Vallois, said: "We believe in the potential of Android Market, both in terms of content and accessibility. We will continue to support this platform any way we can."

Related News from IntoMobile:

  • Gameloft showed first native iPhone game at GDC 2008?
  • Google's Android Market officially announced
  • EA Mobile releases Tetris for Android; Bejeweled and Monopoly coming within days/weeks

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Vodafone Prepping Hundreds of Job Cuts in the UK

Posted: 22 Feb 2009 12:12 PM PST

vodafone-logoVodafone is reportedly getting ready to announce several hundred job cuts within its UK division. The cut announcements could come as early as this Tuesday. The news comes via anonymous sources at Bloomberg. Their sources did not want to be identified. When questioned on the matter, Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) spokesman Simon Gordon declined to comment (of course).

From a similar report at Cellular News:

The UK division has under performed the rest of its European operations, having turned in a margin on earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of 23.2 percent in the six months ended Sept. 30. In Germany, Vodafone's biggest market, the margin was 44 percent and in Italy 44.9 percent.

Vodafone Chief Executive Officer, Vittorio Colao warned earlier this month that there could be some job cuts as part of a company wide plan to reduce costs by an annualized 1 billion pounds by 2011. The company had approximately 72,000 staff worldwide at the end of June 2008, the most recent figure available from their Investor service.

Unfortunately this is just another sign of the times. The job cuts seem to keep coming, and coming… and coming. When will it stop?

[Via: Cellular-News]

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  • AT&T Cutting 12,000 Jobs To Cope With Economic Downturn
  • Sony Ericsson posts massive profit decline, cutting 2,000 jobs
  • Motorola CEO Zander steps down to make way for COO Brown's reign