Inflation Tsunami and Stocks Market

Global central banks are waging an all-out inflationary war on the ongoing credit contraction. The establishment is attempting to thwart the post-bubble deflationary forces via record-low interest rates, deficit spending and quantitative easing (buying assets from newly created money). Over the past 18 months, the post-bubble contraction had the upper hand as it decimated asset prices all over the world. However, it seems as though the consequences of monetary inflation and central bank sponsored debasement are finally starting to dominate.

A few days ago, in a bold move, the Federal Reserve announced that it would buy US$1 trillion worth of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage-backed agency debt. Apparently, the idea behind this measure is to subdue long-term interest rates in the United States, thereby assisting homeowners. However, any serious investor should realize that this line of thinking is totally flawed. Allow me to explain:

By announcing to the entire world that the Federal Reserve is ready and willing to buy U.S. Treasuries and other agency debt, the Federal Reserve is hoping to support the U.S. bond market and suppress long- term interest-rates. Unfortunately, in order to buy these assets, the Federal Reserve will end up creating even more dollars and the result will be the exact opposite of what the officials set out to do! As the Federal Reserve steps up its buying of U.S. government debt, it would have to create money out of thin air. When this occurs, inflationary expectations will rise and nervous bond investors will automatically demand higher interest-rates in order to protect themselves from inflation. So, as an inflation-premium sets in the market, bond investors will reset interest-rates at a much higher level. It is worth noting that the U.S. establishment engaged in the same misguided policy roughly 60 years ago and the result was much higher interest- rates...and that saga morphed into the inflationary holocaust of the late 1970s.

This time around, the Federal Reserve is making the same mistake and (once again) the end result will be an inflationary tsunami! In fact, I would argue that by buying U.S. Treasuries after a 28-year bull-market in U.S. government bonds, the Federal Reserve is following in the foot steps of the Bank of England which infamously sold all of Britain's gold at the lows of a 21-year bear-market. Never underestimate the genius of central banking!

Make no mistake, Mr. Bernanke has studied the Great Depression of the 1930s and he is now in charge of the printing press. You can bet anything that he will continue to flood the banking system with trillions of newly created dollars. When this additional money works its way into the economy, asset prices will rise. It is worth noting that both the supply of money and credit in the United States continue to expand at a furious pace.

Despite the ongoing secular deleveraging in the private-sector, total credit in the United States is still expanding due to the frantic borrowing efforts of the U.S. establishment. Although the private- sector credit bubble in the United States burst last year, Mr. Obama's administration is borrowing enough money to more than offset the private-sector credit contraction. There can be no doubt that this development is extremely inflationary and will cause commodity and consumer prices to skyrocket in the years ahead.

Throughout recorded history, massive surges in the supply of money and credit have always led to rising prices in some parts of the economy and there is no reason to conclude that this time should be any different.

Today, there are many deflationists who are claiming that the prices will remain depressed for many years due to the weak economic activity. However, these folks should note that even during the Great Depression of the 1930s, prices of commodities stabilised and began rising in 1933. Figure 1 confirms that due to monetary inflation in the early 1930s, the CRB Index embarked on a secular bull-market which had a violent correction in 1937 (marked by purple arrow). Following that crash, commodities bottomed out in 1938 and thanks to the super- inflationary efforts of President Roosevelt, the CRB Index surged for more than a decade.

Figure 1: CRB Spot Index - (1930-2007)

Source: Commodities Research Bureau

Contrary to popular opinion, that huge commodities boom took place despite an economic depression. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that commodities rose relentlessly despite the fact that private-sector debt and bank lending remained essentially flat until 1945. Back then, similar to the current situation, banks accumulated large reserves but didn't loan these reserves into the broad economy. However, from 1932 onwards, the US government borrowed so much new money into existence that prices began to rise way before private-sector credit started to expand.

A similar drama unfolded in the 1970s when commodities went through the roof. During that time, economic activity was dismal but governments decided to tackle the recession with money creation. The net result was surging hard asset prices and mind-numbing inflation!

Turning to the present situation, U.S. private-sector debt is shrinking as banks remain fearful of lending. However, the U.S. government (along with other nations) is borrowing and creating gigantic sums of money and this should cause prices to rise for the next 3-4 years. Accordingly, we are maintaining our positions in top-quality businesses in the resources sector.

Finally, in the short-term, most metals are over-bought and the usual summer correction will probably unfold. So, investors may want to wait for a pullback before adding to their positions. Precious metals have a tendency to form an important top during spring and it is likely that we may see lower prices in the weeks ahead.

What's China's Game Plan?

Is the rally still on? We're not sure. Yesterday, the Dow fell 83 points...after a weak bounce on Tuesday. We expected the rally to last until June and to take the Dow back to the 10,000 range. But anything could happen.

Gold rose $9 yesterday...back to $892. If you haven't already, there's still time to grab your share of the precious metal - for just a penny per ounce. Act fast...

And if you depend on 91-day T-bills for your spending money, you're in a world of hurt. The yield is only 0.13%.

But maybe things are better on the other side of the planet. How's China doing? Analysts are "cautiously optimistic," says a New York Times report.

Retail spending in China is said to be up 15%.

Meanwhile, a report tells us that China is stepping up its purchases of U.S. Treasury debt.

Hmmm... Why would China be doing that? The official response to that question is that U.S. Treasury debt is not only the most abundant credit in the world; it is also the most reliable.

As to the first point, no one would quibble. As to the second, only a fool wouldn't.

The price tag for the crisis-related bailouts, guarantees and boondoggles is nearly $13 billion. The United States is setting records, of course. The biggest budgets ever. The biggest budget deficits ever. The biggest bailouts.

The U.S. budget deficit is about 13%. It was a budget deficit of not even half that amount that pushed Argentina over the brink in 2001. What are we supposed to believe...that there is no brink waiting for the United States?

Even more curious...what do the Chinese believe?

"It's all very strange," said a new friend who came into our Buenos Aires office today. "Americans are clearly cutting back. Their credit cards are maxed out. Their houses are going down in price..."

On this last point, we provide a quick update. Bloomberg reports that the average house price actually went up by 0.7% from January to February. But before you begin to think that the housing slump is over, another Bloomberg report tells us that house prices resumed their slide in February - down 6.5%.

Charles Hugh Smith argues that not only are house prices still going down - they'll never recover. He gives five reasons, which we've paraphrased below:

1. Bubbles never re-inflate; instead, they go to a new sector
2. Even if nominal prices go up, they will be undercut by inflation
3. More likely, deflation will continue to drive down prices for a long time (Consumer price inflation just came in at a negative number for the first time since the '50s.)
4. The low-interest rate, low-inflation world that permitted high property prices is finished
5. There is no demographic pressure on housing prices; the current stock is sufficient for years.

Low housing prices force Americans to cut their spending.

"But if Americans don't buy, China will no longer have so much money to recycle into U.S. Treasury bonds. So who will buy all those Treasury bonds?"

Bond issuance is running as high and as fast as a 100-year flood. In Britain, recently, a bond auction found itself with more bonds than buyers. Could the same thing happen for the United States?

"Well," our friend continued, "I have a darker scenario in mind. What if China had a different game plan? What if she intends to continue buying U.S. bonds as long as she can...leaving the United States completely dependent on Chinese lending? And what if she then suddenly dumps all her bonds and U.S. dollar assets? She would lose a lot of money. But the U.S. economy would suffer far more. The dollar would would the US economy...completely. "

Hmmm...we don't have a crystal ball, but we do like to be prepared. There's still time to protect yourself from the U.S. government's spending spree. All the resources you need for your own 'personal bailout' are right here.

Now, we turn to Addison, who points out some telling trends now underway:

"The credit crisis has stymied a unique feature of American society," writes Addison in today's issue of The 5 Min. Forecast.

"According to the Census bureau, 35.2 million people changed their residence from March 2008 to March 2009 - the lowest number since 1962. And back then, there were 120 million fewer Americans."


"The New York Times does a rather unremarkable job analyzing the trend underway, but they do point to a couple of interesting changes in American society since the 1960s: Home ownership rates have risen and owners are typically less likely to move than renters. The median age of the country has edged up...old people move less often than the young do.

But probably the most telling trend underway: two-income families have become more common and increasingly necessary to maintain a middleclass lifestyle. "Finding employment for both spouses in a new location can be challenging," says the NY Times.

"And in this environment, it's getting more challenging all the time. The line of American's seeking jobless benefits grew even longer last week, the Labor Department says today. Their gauge of continuing claims - that's people seeking unemployment benefits for more than a week - rose to a new record 6.13 million. New claims inched up 27,000 to 640,000 last week - not a record, but close.

"While these numbers look awful - and they are - they'll be a non-event in trading today... this latest report was right in line with Wall Street expectations."

Each weekday, Addison brings readers The 5 Min Forecast, an executive series e-letter that provides a quick and dirty analysis of daily economic and financial developments - in five minutes or less.

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And back to Bill, with more thoughts:

We're continuing our report on our trip to the ranch. This has no particular financial implication; we just want to tell you what happened.

Compuel is what we'd call the 'back 40' in America. Except it's about 10,000 acres...and it's a 4-hour trip on horseback. Still, the cattle have to be rounded up from Compuel annually. Then, they are driven down to the main part of the ranch ...where they are vaccinated against brucellosis and other diseases and parasites...culled...castrated...and generally treated roughly. It takes about 7 hours to drive the herd up over the pass and down to the corrals near the ranch house.

The following day, we got up before the time we got to the corral, the sky in the East was pink. It was still cold, but warming up fast.

Jorge gave the orders.

" and Cosimir separate out the 'terneros' (young animals)... Pedro and Gustavo, get on the sluices... Senior Bonner, would you like to operate the gate?"

Javier is a young man who looks a little like Robert Mitchum, if you can imagine Robert Mitchum as an Incan with a huge wad of coca leaves in his jaw. Javier wore leather chaps and a flat, broad-brimmed Peruvian cowboy hat. He and Cosimir worked fast. They yelled. They whipped. A huge cloud of dust swirled up as they got the whole herd moving in a circle...and then forced the young animals into a second pen...generally by waving their hats at them. Occasionally, the cattle would panic and the two would run for cover. And occasionally, a cow...or a bull...would get annoyed and charge. Javier, particularly, was amazingly fast on his feet. He jumped onto the stone walls of the corral a couple of times.

The last calves were lassoed...and dragged them away from their mothers, into the holding pen. Then, they were pushed through a maze of stone walls, where the passage became narrower and narrower, until they finally came to the wooden sluice. It is tight turnstile with a gate on one end and a "sepa" on the other (we couldn't find the word in the dictionary). This sepa is rather ingenious. It is two large pieces of solid wood that open up into a V-shaped passage and then come together - suddenly - like the jaws of a clamp. The cows come through the sluice one at a time. As they come through, the rear gate closes behind them. Then, the sepa at the other end begins to close. As it closes, the cow makes a dash for freedom. But Pedro was working the sepa lever and he rarely missed. As the cow started through the sepa opening, he leaned down hard on the lever and grabbed it by the neck.

Then, the hatches on each side of the sluice opened...and the needles came toward the struggling beast.

"Mr.'re going to have to operate that gate a little faster," said Jorge. "We only want one cow at a time."

The Most Critical Stocks Market Story

With a new administration comes new priorities...and new agendas. Early last month, the White House made a major announcement that could restore America's role as the world leader in science and technology.

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Let me paint you a picture. When I'm done, I'll tell you exactly how it could come to pass. In fact, some of what I'll show you has already taken place.

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Health, medical, and scientific regulations stand to change dramatically under the new Obama administration — which began with his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2009.

Huge changes are anticipated at the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation, as well as the National Institutes of Health.

The doors have swung wide open... and the story will wait for no one. Check out these recent quotes...

This means some ideas will be fast-tracked.

Even better, on the fastest-track of all could be the work of the scientist I'll introduce to you. His work could make a small group of people like you very rich.

Here's what's about to happen...

During his Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008 Internet address, President-Elect Barack Obama said:

To hear those words, you might think Obama meant the last eight years have seen science pushed to the side.

Well, depending on how you look at it, you'd be right.


Both the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation have seen their budgets flat line in recent years.

Because not only has Obama surrounded himself with some of the most brilliant scientific minds in America — he's gone on record by saying science will be a priority for his administration. He said it again on the morning of Monday, March 9.

With massive, wide-reaching changes expected at the FDA, as well as the potential restoration of appropriate budgets for the NIH and National Science Foundation...the biggest market story of the next decade is upon us.

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The letter also urged Obama to take a stand — to make science a part of his political philosophy. 

The response from the scientific community has been overwhelming....

And what hangs in the balance?

The future. Our nation's future. YOUR future.

Specifically, the fact that America is getting older. Baby boomers are starting to retire in massive numbers.

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Each human body is a universe of complexity. Somewhere inside all of us, deep in our network of tissues, nerves, neurons, and atoms rests the cure to all that could ever go wrong.

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Imagine, In The Very Near  Future...
Imagine a sick person.

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The disease goes away.

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Then, doctors give the patient a few more shots, and whatever organ or system in the body that was harmed by the disease repairs itself.

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Better yet, after the disease disappears, the shots given to the patient could turn damaged organs or systems into those of a stout 20-year old person.

For example, let's take a retired gentleman who has a heart attack.

This man receives a series of shots that rebuild his heart — make it young again — giving him the heart and vascular tree of a healthy, vibrant 20-year old.

I know that sounds strange — but, then again, so did the railroad.

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Imagine What Early Railroad or Computer Patents Were Worth...Then Multiply by 100

One company I'll tell you about in Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration recently had a major psoriasis treatment approved.

This company has 40 drugs currently in testing.

Eight are approaching Phase 3 approval.

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The technologies to cure some diseases already work in tests.

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But, as I said, the speed at which this advance is moving means tiny steps forward are compounding on top of each other. Progress is

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30% of all worldwide deaths are because of heart attacks, or a heart related ailment.

These cures could give 70-year olds strong, healthy, robust, young hearts.

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I'm one of the most quoted and sought-after technology writers in America.

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Now, I'm not trying to brag. In fact, besides writing about "in front of the story" ideas for over 25 years, I've also been in on the ground floor of quite a few.

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As publisher and editor of PC-SIG Magazine I wrote about topics like open-source and user-supported software, in 1987.

Most people outside the industry didn't even know what "software" was at the time.

Today, Microsoft alone makes $78 billion per year selling software. The industry overall sells hundreds of billions each year.

Later, I wrote presentations and speeches for the CEO of Netscape in the mid-1990s.

This was when Netscape was revolutionizing what it meant to "search the web".

And in 2000 and 2001, I wrote for an early example of what we now call "blogs".

This was for a site called Tom's Hardware Guide — the second-most visited PC hardware review site. In just the last seven years, blogging has become it's own billion dollar industry.

By the time I left, my section of Tom's Hardware Guide had over one million visitors every day.

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On Sept. 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy famously said,
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Placing a man on the moon required unheard of technology. And Kennedy wanted to do it before the 1960s were over.

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The Failed Intervention: A Morality Play in Three Parts


A.W. (a.k.a. Renter #1)
T.D. (Renter #2)
K.I. (Renter #3)
L.S. (Unwitting Speculator #1)
C.D. (Unwitting Speculator #2)
M.N. (Real Estate Investor)
A.P. (30-Year Fixed Rate New Homeowner)
Chorus: Café patrons and waitresses

TIME and SCENE: Mid spring 2005 A.D., our great nation is in the throes of a tenacious housing bubble. Whole cities have been tantalized, wooed and seduced by this Siren song of easy wealth; entire populations rendered giddy by profits... on paper. Nearly every conversation heard around the dinner table... across the bar... in a cab... is focused on one subject: the housing market.

The scene opens in Café Hon, a locally famous Baltimore eatery in the trendy suburb (sic) of Hampden, where big hair and gaudy make-up are curiously in vogue and admired. Seven colleagues from the Daily Reckoning's HQ are seated around a Formica-topped table.

Lacking an additional 30-yr fixed mortgage holder, the table less-than- fairly represents the breakdown of mortgages nationwide: roughly 60% fixed rate, 40% ARM... 25% of all new mortgage originations in 2004 were real estate investors.

LS (Unwitting Speculator #1) is closing on a house the following day. Mere hours stand between her and the single biggest financial transaction of her young life. Can those stalwart pessimists (Renters #1, #2 and #3) lash her to the mast in time to save her from the Siren's tantalizing tune? We shall see, dear reader... below...


Renter #1 : Hey, LS... I'm going to ask you one question. Your answer will determine how much I speak for the rest of this meal. Is your loan... an adjustable-rate mortgage?

Unwitting Speculator #1 : Not at all. It's interest only.

[A gasp is heard. Ominous Lon Chaney-style horror music rises from the background.]

Renter #1 (face wincing): Why... why?! [Screams of horror coming from the kitchen.]

Unwitting Speculator #1 : What?! I was tired of throwing away money on rent every month. I wanted to invest in something real... and build equity. Besides, we're going to sell in five years, anyway. So we're cool.

[Somebody snickers.]

Renter #2 : That doesn't make sense. You are still throwing away money. The only difference now is you pay a finance company instead of a landlord.

Renter #3 : And what if you can't sell in five years... doesn't that make you nervous?

Unwitting Speculator #1 : [muffled unintelligible remarks... something about the location of the house...a leafy street...children on bikes...speed humps... shiny happy people... yada, yada...]

Renter #3: Answer the question. What if you can't sell?

Unwitting Speculator #1: Well... I am a little nervous. [nervous laughter] We're risking a huge amount of money... more money than I've ever known. But hey, you only live once!

Unwitting Speculator #2: Oh come on LS, don't listen to them. I have an interest only mortgage, too. [More gasps of horror. Another burst of Lon Chaney music.] These guys are all gloom and doomers. Remember, they work for The Daily Reckoning.

[Renters' heads snap in unison to glare at Unwitting Speculator #2]

Renter #1: And...what about you, AREN'T YOU nervous?

Unwitting Speculator #2: Nope. I try to take life one day at a time. I don't look that far ahead. I'm doing okay right now... and besides, in 5 years, I hope to be married.

[Unwitting Speculator #2 holds up both hands with her fingers crossed. Smiles.]

All (in unison): Awwww.

Unwitting Speculator #1: Don't you know it's bad luck to cross your fingers with BOTH hands?


Real Estate Investor: What about you Addison, why do you rent?

Renter #1 : Well, we live down by the water... in the neighborhood we want to live in... and to tell you the truth, I just don't understand the market anymore. Let me give you an example.

When we lived in the same neighborhood before moving to Paris back in 2000, the house across the street went on the market for $97,000. The price was so high, everyone thought the owners were nuts. It was a different time. A friend finally bought the place for $87k, gutted it and started renting to college students.

We moved to Paris for four years. Last year, when we were moving back, we looked for a place to buy in Fell's Point... low and behold, we saw the same property on the market. Guess how much?

All (in unison): How much... tell us!

Renter #1: $357,000. [Renter #1 moves his hands to his hips in disgust. Nods around the table.] A four-fold increase in just as many years!? Tell me, what market - any market - can sustain that kind of growth?

Real Estate Investor: Hey, a lot of people I know would say that's still cheap. Besides, it sounds like you were a damn fool to move to Paris. You should have held on for the ride. Still, I think you're right. The market is getting frothy... that's why I just sold my Baltimore properties.

[Puzzled looks of intrigue.]

Renter #1: Yeah, that's probably a good move. You bought in nice and early, and now you've sold near the top. Then you put the proceeds into a resort property in West Virginia... everyone knows that's an undervalued market.

[Fiddle-heavy blue grass music wafts from the kitchen. More nods of agreement around the table.]

Real Estate Investor: Yup. The price is up already. We only put ten percent down, but by the time of closing we had accumulated enough equity, the bank said they weren't going to require mortgage insurance. We'd already amassed an additional 10% of equity!

30-Year Fixed: Hell yeah! We made over $30,000 on our house before we'd even slept there!

Unwitting Speculator #2: Yeah... same here... my house is way up already, so I have a good margin of safety. And when I get married...

All (in unison): Awwww.

Renter #1: Hey, 30-year fixed, I know you've already made money on your house, but what do you see in the future?

30-Year Fixed: I have a response, but first I'd like to make a comment...

There are some neighborhoods that will always hold value. [muffled remarks... something about the location of the house...a leafy street...children on bikes...speed humps... shiny happy people... yada, yada...]

Renter #1 (with much enthusiasm): Au Contraire! (after all, that is THE motto of The Daily Reckoning...)

Baltimore is a case study of good neighborhoods gone bad. Look at Druid Hill... beautiful row homes. Back in the '20s F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein held garden parties and entertained European royalty up there. Now look at it. Hell might offer better refuge for a family of four.

On the other hand, in the '70s respectable folk wouldn't let their children go down to Fell's Point unchaperoned. It was a haven to bikers, ne'er-do-wells and urchins of the night. Today, they're building spec homes on the water that start at a million plus...

Renter #3: Too bad the harbor smells so bad...

All (sighing): Yeah...

[Pregnant pause. A moment of quiet reflection.]

Chorus: At this point, it's not clear what conclusion, if any, can be drawn from the play.

When will the housing bubble burst?

Is it a bubble at all?

Or... will prices keep rising for five years, handing the interest- onlys the last laugh; leaving the renters, humbled once again with egg on their faces... and feeling like chumps? Well, dear reader, this is what makes a market.

Still, the renters bumble on...


Unwitting Speculator #1 (jolted with excitement turning to Renter #1): Oh, that reminds me, can I have the day off tomorrow? I'm closing on my house. [Turns to the table.] Should I wear a suit?

30-year Fixed: don't have to wear a suit for those yahoos.


Renter #1: Sure, you can have a day off. But I forbid you to use one of these.

[Renter #1 holds up a pen. Renter #2 and Renter #3 smile at each other.]

Renter #3 (smugly): Ahhh... No pens, no signing.

Renter #2 (smug and grinning): Yeah... no pens.

30-year Fixed (Gesticulating expansively, raises his voice): Ah, don't listen to THEM... (mutters to himself) for crissakes.

[Check arrives. Curtain falls.]


Your playful playwrights at The Daily Reckoning

DISCLAIMER: Any and all events in this dramatic reenactment are purely non-fictional. Any resemblance to real life is intentional; not at all coincidental. Some liberty may have been taken with the facts, but we swear it was in good faith. We may have been embellished a tad for dramatic effect.

AUTEUR'S NOTE: It goes without saying, if this reality play had been written in 1999, the object of desire would have been tech stocks instead of houses.

A lot has changed since 2005. (Addison fell prey to the Siren song of real estate and now owns a home). And, unbeknownst to the cast of characters, the real estate bubble was about to find its pin...starting with the subprime market. As the subprime loans began to reset at higher rates, borrowers found themselves in over their heads, not able to make their mortgage payments. The subsequent defaults shook the lenders to their cores, causing a ripple effect over the rest of the economy...the effects of which, we are still feeling.

We aren't out of the woods yet, unfortunately. Another wave of defaults will soon be upon us when the "Alt-A" and "Option ARMs" reset at higher rates.

But there's still time for you, dear reader. Learn from the mistakes of our friends, above, and find out how to protect yourself and your assets (while building a nice cushion of wealth).

Investing Top Stocks: Plan B Pensions

The bottom has dropped out on Wall Street - and most likely, it took a good chunk of your retirement money with it.

Clearly, the "old way" of planning for your retirement is out of the question at this point - not to mention the desire to leave some wealth behind for your children or grandchildren.

You are going to have to fend for yourself - and if you want to win back your personal financial security, you are going to have to turn to 'Plan B'...more specifically, "Plan B Pensions."

Across America millions of Americans are at a loss about what to do next.

Your average Baby Boomer had just $38,000 set aside for retirement.

And that was before the market blew up!

Even Boomers with conventional 401(k) plans had just $88,000 on average.

That works out to about $5,000 per year in interest income once they stop working.

Could you live on $5,000 per year?

Neither could I.

Meanwhile, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. ― the government agency that insures old-school retirement pension plans ― says the company pension plans were already $14 billion in the hole before the bottom dropped out on Wall Street.

So even those "insured" futures look like a catastrophe.

Even if you did everything "right" and put your money in energy... China... or index funds... you've taken a battering, following the so-called "safe" approach.

It hardly seems fair, does it?

What with billions spent on pointless bailouts... dignified health care impossible, even if you've shelled out all your life for insurance... dollar-backed savings "stolen" out from under your nose by inflation and reckless government spending...

My point is simple.

If you want security without sacrifice... if you need the income you counted on and then some... if you were counting on living at least as well as you do now, if not better... and if you want to have a prayer of leaving something for your grandchildren... you cannot count on anybody else.

You need another way to win back personal financial security. And I can't think of a smarter way for you to do it that to tap the power of what I call "Plan B Pensions."

What are "Plan B Pensions?"

I'd like to show you in a brand new special report I want to send you.

It's free and it's called, The 10-Minute Retirement Recovery Plan: Six Easy Ways To Lock In Steady Income Checks For the Rest of Your Life.

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And once you've had a chance to look that over, you can dig into three more free reports I'll give you, all as a part of my new "Plan B Retirement Library."

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I'll explain in just a second.

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Let me start by saying that, even though we're smack in the middle of the most devastating market shakedown since the 1930s, this is easily the best time in history for you to hear about this "little-talked-about" secret.

How so?

For one thing, these "Plan B Pensions" I'd like to reveal to you have a long and proven track record over time. But even little-known ability to completely outclass conventional fixed-benefit pension plans.

As you can see, "Plan B Pensions" give you many, many times more options for rebalancing your portfolio in a shifting market than you'll see in either the classic plans or more modern versions, like the 401(k) approach.

What's more, unlike those better-known approaches, with a "Plan B Pension," you'll never butt your head against age limits, withdrawal penalties or participation restrictions.

It's also automatic.

Once you set up your "Plan B Pension," it starts running itself.

What else? Even now... you can start getting your income "paychecks" doing this as often as every 12 days, starting with the next payout date on March 14, 2009.

In fact, in the free copy of The 10-Minute Retirement Recovery Plan: Six Easy Ways To Lock In Steady Income Checks For the Rest of Your Life I'll send you, I can show you six different "Plan B Pension" programs you're invited to join right now.

I'm not personally affiliated with any of them. But after a lot of research and analysis ― all of which I'll share with you ― these six moves are easily the best "Plan B" opportunities you'll find on the market today.

And by the way, you don't need a lot of money to get started.

You can start some of these "Plan B Pension" programs with as little as $10.

How does that sound?

And once you're set up, you could collect as many as 38 "Plan B Pension paychecks" over the next 12 months alone... with more of the same every year to come.

The checks keep coming for as long as you need them.

You can even get "matched" gains with these plans... much like a typical 401(k) plan... but without having to work a single day for the companies that will pay into your account.

Some of these "plans" even reward you with fat discounts on the top stocks you've chosen, well below what others pay to own the same shares on the open market.

In itself, that's like getting an instant gain on the day you buy shares. It's also a special "perk" reserved only for members of these "plans."

What's more...

You Can Collect "Plan B Pension" Checks as Often as Every 12 Days

Even if you just stick with the six "Plan B Pension" opportunities I'll reveal to you... over the next five minutes... that alone could start you off with checks as frequent as every 12 days.

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In fact, I'll send you the details on the six "Plan B Pension" moves I just mentioned at no charge. Just as soon as you give me your permission. Details on that in just a moment.

But first, let's take an even closer look at how doing this ― using a "Plan B Pension" ― can give anyone an advantage of the much more common moves most of us are used to.

Take, for instance, the classic "defined-benefit" pension plan.

You know how these work. Or at least, you do if you've got a good memory. Because, you see, these same classic company pensions ― given out like golden parachutes to parents and grandparents ― have all but disappeared today.

In just the 10 years from 1994�2004, the total number of defined-benefit pension plans fell by half ― from 59,000 to just 28,000. Today that number is even lower, with more old-school pensions set to get wiped out over the rest of 2009.

The idea of getting a "fixed-benefit" check for life was great. But a benefit that disappears when you need it is no benefit at all! Anyone who worked years for the promise of a classic pension got rooked. And now a lot of these people face hard times ahead.

The same is true if you were "duped" into accepting the modern-day alternative, the so-called 401(k). You know these plans all too well, I'm sure.

About 30 years ago, companies came up with 401(k) plans because they seemed like a great way to slash exposure to classic pension obligations... while giving employees a chance to manage their own retirements.

Guess what happened.

Today, top economists are calling 401(k) plans a "failed experiment." And The Wall Street Journal recently reported that today's credit crunch has already wiped out over $2 trillion in these 401(k) accounts alone ― with more big slippage to come!

Over 60% of Americans depend on 401(k) plans for retirement. Many have seen them lopped in half, with little time left to make up the lost ground.

What's more, with these more common kinds of plans, you can easily get stuck putting your eggs in only one basket, if you've worked with only one employer. Or two or three, at the most, if you've put in the years at more than one job.

That's not at all the case with a "Plan B Pension."

First of all, "Plan B Pensions" can move with you the day you get started. They're yours to control and yours to draw from whenever and wherever you like. You control the size of the checks. You control how many you get. You control how fast the wealth pile grows.

With no limits based on your age, whom you work for or how many of these programs you'd like to tap at one time. There are over 1,020 of these "Plan B Pension" plans in America.

You can enroll in as many of them as you like.

All at once or switching between them until you find ones you prefer.

It's literally up to you. And I can help you choose the best possible ones to follow, starting with the six "Plan B Pension" opportunities I'm ready to name for you at the end of this letter.

You can collect "retirement paychecks" not just from one company... but from as many companies as you like... even the ones you've never worked for a single day in your life.

This is a "work-free" strategy. Except for the work you'll do to set it up ― which is only about as much effort as it takes to set up a bank account.

It's really that simple. Even though doing this now could give you astounding, life-lasting results.

Here's something else...

How "Plan B Pensions" Can Double Your Wealth

Forbes reported a study...

In other words, "Plan B Pension" helped double the size of those gains over time.

Despite the '87 market bust... the S&L banking crisis and first Bush recession... the currency crash of '97 and the dot-com bubble... Sept. 11 and the start of this most recent real estate bust...

What's more, the best of these "Plan B Pension" programs just keep on paying straight through the current credit crunch. With checks that could be landing in your accounts right now.

And unlike typical pensions or 401(k)s, "Plan B Pensions" don't quit working for you when you retire. That is, you can keep putting money in and taking it out as you like.

Growing it, tweaking it, even spending it... as you see fit.

There's no penalty for early withdrawal.

And no age or employment restriction when you get in or out.

Start now, and even with just the six special moves I've promised to show you, you can already start collecting a "Plan B Pension" payout as often as every 12 days.

Plus, with many of these "Plan B Pension" plans, you can also...

Collect an Instant "Matching" Bonus With Each Payout

One big draw on 401(k) programs is supposed to be the "matching" dollars some companies throw in when employees use the plans to set money aside.

When it works, it's a great benefit. But right now, cash-strapped companies have started slashing those "matching" benefits too. Again, a benefit you don't get... is no benefit at all.

The thing is, "Plan B Pensions" also offer your own kind of "matching." Because many of the 1,020+ "plans" you can choose from "match" your gains by as much as 10%... with each regular payout.

This can be like "free money"... piled up on top of what you're already making.

Why would any "Plan B Pension" operator want to give you a bonus out his own pocket? Simple. When you participate in these "plans," the companies that back them get lots of benefits too.

A more stable share price. Long-term shareholder loyalty. A reliable pool of capital. A blue-chip reputation and market respectability. The list could go on.

And in exchange for that loyalty and stability... especially when we're looking at unpredictable markets that could last for years to come... they're willing to pay out of their massive, tucked-away cash piles to "thank" you for staying on board.

Maybe you're thinking only a few lucky insiders or elite market players can wiggle their way onto these "Plan B Pension" payrolls. But anyone can do this. Just by taking the steps I'll show you to get on board.

It works at any age or income level. With starting amounts as little as $10. And work-free, meaning you don't have to work for or even be directly associated with any of these companies in any other way to participate.

Some Americans quietly use this "personal pension" to beef up the regular retirement pensions they already collect... others use it to quit working and retire well before 65... still more use it to replace typical sponsored retirement strategies completely, while "personal pension" incomes as high as $120,000 and higher... for as long as they desire.

Kim Kundra collected $11,611 in one month. And the same again 30 days later. And then two checks, each for nearly $12,000 over the next eight weeks after that.

Gary Malina's "personal pension" so far placed checks worth $22,919 into his account ― not once but twice this year, along with at least two more checks, each worth more than $21,500.

Paul Meure's last monthly "personal pension paycheck" gave him $16,074.

As of October, just one of the companies in Mike Pressman's "personal pension" had already paid him $65,269.

Larry Piero's latest "personal pension paycheck" clocked in at just under $26,993. And that's only one of several he'll collect this year.

John Harrington just collected $16,336 on one of his "personal pension paychecks." Tom Skane took in $33,920 all in one go. And Gerald Amoss clocked in with $42,052.

And in each case, these amounts are just a small glimpse of the totals they'll collect this year... even after everything that's already happened on Wall Street.

There's zero limit on how many of these income streams you lock in at once...

Two, three... a dozen.

It's really up to you to mix and match them to your liking. And the door is open to you, once you know how to enroll. Get set up now and you could start receiving checks immediately.

(For the six opportunities I'll show you, that next payout date is Feb. 9, 2009).

The Ultimate Retirement Recovery Plan

Before you start jumping to conclusions, don't think that "Plan B Pensions" have anything to do with the risky bond investing or measly T-Bill returns.

Nor do I want you to get it into your head that we're talking about tinkering with money markets, low-paying CDs, risking options, or questionable insurance annuity strategies.

"Plan B Pensions" have nothing to do with these.

Instead, you're looking at more than 1,020 of these special "Plan B Pension" ways to directly draw income "paychecks" with the blessing of some of the biggest, most cash-rich and reliable companies in America. And over 600 of these dividend-compounding programs can also offer you the accelerated "instant matching" gains we've talked about.

Sure, not all "Plan B Pension" opportunities are right for everybody.

That's why I want to help you get started by sending you my full research on the six carefully selected "Plan B" moves that I've mentioned. You'll find all six detailed in my new report, called The 10-Minute Retirement Recovery Plan: Six Easy Ways To Lock In Steady Income Checks For the Rest of Your Life.

This is just one of the three reports you'll find in the full "Plan B Retirement Library" I want to send you. The whole set is yours right now, at no charge. I'm offering it to you free.

Just tell me where you'd like it mailed... or even better, follow the simple steps at the end of this letter so you can download it immediately, minutes from right now.

The first payout you can qualify for is due to come out very soon, and you can keep on drawing more checks as quickly as every 12 days after that, on average.

All told, the moves you'll read about in the report can total up to 38 checks this year... and each year that you decide to continue with what you'll read in my report.

Based on what I'll show you, you can do this without big risks. Without losing sleep over Wall Street catastrophes. Without giving yourself over to failed government retirement programs. And without breaking any rules or stepping on anybody's toes.

The companies who want to pay you are just as eager for you to do this as you are to try it. And everything you need to decide for yourself, you'll find in your free copy of The 10-Minute Retirement Recovery Plan: Six Easy Ways To Lock In Steady Income Checks For the Rest of Your Life.

I'll show you how to send for it in just a moment.

But first...

The Quick Retirement "Catch-up" Strategy Everybody Is Talking About

Doing what I'll show you is easy.

In fact, it's automatic.

You just set it up and the checks start coming. One after another, with a check arriving every 12 days on average ― for up to 38 checks just in the next 12 months.

But what I find even better is the opportunity this will give you to pile up even more "future" wealth too. Especially once you factor in the combined growth and instant "matching" gains we've already talked about.

As you can see, a regular interest-paying account can take $10,000 and more than double it. But it would take close to 30 years. Too long for even someone who starts early.

You'd get a slightly better result if you put that same $10,000 in an account that compounds the interest. After the same period, you'd have over four times your money ― $10,000 growing into $41,161.

But let's suppose you were to take a "Plan B Pension" approach.

All other things being equal ― but with the steadily growing payouts we talked about ― the "Plan B Pension" strategy could turn that $10,000 into more than $5.4 million.

I don't have to tell you that smashes the results on the more boring moves. But in case you don't feel like doing the math... that's a showing of more than 132 times better!

How Does Turning $10,000 Into $5.4 Million Sound?

What happens as the base size of your wealth grows, inside of the "Plan B Pension?" Naturally, the already large income stream ― that is, each individual cash payout ― gets larger too.

It's like packing 35 years of retirement planning... into just a few years.

I lay it all out for you in the "Plan B Retirement Library" I'll send. But before I show you how to download this library of three reports, let me just run through what we're looking at so far...

"Plan B Pensions" let you "catch up" quickly, even after years of no savings

They're perfectly legal, even encouraged by America's best companies

There's no limit on how many of these income streams you're entitled to

You get to decide exactly how big you want your regular "paychecks" to be

You even decide how often and how many of these checks you'll receive

This "plan" pays you cash right now ― without touching your principal

Even in a falling market, you can use this to fill your bank account

There are no brokers or managers to go through (and no commissions)

You do this without options, insurance annuities, or low-paying money markets

You'll use, instead, a strategy preferred by countless millionaires

You can get unique "instant matching" gains with each payout

With this, your cash payouts grow over time, even if you don't put in another dime

On top of the income, it's also one of the smartest ways to grow long-term wealth

It's completely automatic ― you just set it up once and it runs itself, cranking out your checks

Market experts agree: "Plan B Pensions" are among the safest moves ever devised

Done right, you can even collect all or part of your payouts "tax-free" ― and I explain how in your free special reports.

As I said, there are over 1,020 of these special "plans" offered nationwide.

And more than 600 of them can offer you the sped-up "matching" gains I mentioned.

The sky's the limit on how many of these you lock into. Start collecting as many of these checks, in amounts only you help control, at any age and for as long as you like.

Without raising a single eyebrow, even though this can be...

Like Sneaking Your Own Fulltime Salary From the Payrolls of America's Safest Companies

Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson… Chevron, Microsoft, and ExxonMobil… these are just a few of the well-known companies sending out "Plan B Pension" checks to individual members of their plans.

However, there are many more I can show you. Some you'll know. Others will sound new to you. But I don't pick and choose the opportunities I'll tell you about based on a popularity contest.

Rather, I use my own proprietary seven-point analysis system to find these moves.

In fact, I'm watching several that I'm ready to share with you right now.

And I'll happily share more with you as they come along.

In each case, thanks to my proprietary seven-point analysis system, I'm able to target moves that can give off steady streams of income. And quickly. In fact, these checks can start arriving in just a few days from right now ― if you act quickly ― starting with the next "Plan B Pension" payout date, Feb. 9, 2009.

To collect, you don't have to be an employee of any of these companies.

You don't have to be an insider or sit on the company board.

You don't need to qualify according to age or employment status.

You only need to follow the simple steps ― including filling out a simple form ― which I explain to you in full in your free "Plan B Retirement Library" set of reports.

But I know what you're wondering.

Why these companies... and why now?

The Best Time for This Alternate Income Strategy in Two Decades

Before I start showing you these "Plan B" opportunities in detail, let's just pause for a second so I can put something critical into perspective ― today's gloomy financial headlines.

There's no hiding the facts...

Everything from commodities to health care has taken a beating. As I write this, the Dow is down approximately 40%. Some with just months to go before retirement have seen their market savings slashed by half or worse.

Meanwhile, we're talking over $4 trillion in U.S. home equity evaporated since 2006. And a lot more downside to go over the rest of 2009 and possibly into 2010.

Yet this same horrible market offers you and me the best investment window in nearly 20 years for the kind of "Plan B Pension" strategy. How so?

See, while most publicly-traded companies constantly hunger for new shareholders ― especially in today's massive sell-off environment ― not all companies go about getting them in the same way.

Some count only on hype, headlines, and PR. Others drum up support with "buzz" on the trading floor. But there's another class of company that takes a different approach.

Instead of hopping on the stock-market treadmill, churning through wave after wave of new investors, these smarter companies look for "owner" shareholders... individuals who believe in the company and look like they'll stick around for the long haul.

And what kinds of companies are these?

Cash-rich. Well-established. Well-positioned. Safe and fundamentally solid. In the right industries at the right time. With a long history of doing good business, doling out cash as steady dividends, taking care of customers, and looking out for their shareholders.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Bonds and many funds pay income too. And that's true. Even if bonds typically only pay twice a year. And those funds, once a year.

And lots of companies pay dividends, some very high dividends. That's true too.

In fact, maybe you're familiar with the study from Ned Davis Research showing how, from 1972 to 2006, dividend paying companies in general did two and a half times better than companies that paid no income to shareholders.

But high dividends and even some medium dividend payers can also come with hidden levels of risk. What's more, many of them don't offer the added income growth and compounding advantages of the "Plan B Pension" plans I'm telling you about today.

It's this special combination of income growth and compounding ― a step beyond just collecting stock investment, bond, or fund income ― that famous Wharton Professor Dr. Jeremy Siegel credits with producing a whopping 97% of all the real money made on the S&P 500.

Do most market amateurs know this? They do not.

Of course, when it comes to finding the best of these "Plan B Pension" paying companies, lots of market amateurs ― and a few of the so-called pros ― have no idea where to look.

On your own, separating the best from the worst can be work.

That's why I've developed my own carefully crafted approach...

How You Could Lock in Lifetime Income, Using My Strategic Seven-Point Filtering System

Obviously not all income-paying plans get cut from the same cloth. Not all fit the "Plan B Pension" model either. That's why I've crafted what I consider the most bulletproof filtering system for finding reliable, consistent streams of market income...

Filter #1: The Largest Income Yield That Still Makes Sense ― Really high yields can signal far too much risk. Still, you can find some fat yields right now... paid out by some of the most fundamentally solid hot stocks on or off Wall Street. I don't stop looking once I find higher yields, but I certainly start there.

Filter #2: Bigger and Bigger Income Streams Over Time ― What's even better than regular "Plan B Pension" payouts? Payouts that get bigger and bigger over time. Not only because they speed up your wealth accumulation, but also because they're an excellent sign of a well-managed "Plan B" opportunity.

Filter #3: Cash Payouts Like Clockwork ― Checks that don't come aren't worth the paper they're not printed on. I stick with the "Plan B" opportunities that have a long history of paying out and paying on time. And I steer clear of those who don't.

Filter #4: Businesses Your Mother Could Love ― Short-sighted market players may have forgotten what makes for a trustworthy best stock, but it's just as basic as ever ― lots of cash, very little or no debt, a steady flow of business, and low expense ratios. I don't touch anything that can't pass those benchmarks. And you shouldn't either.

Filter #5: The Right Industry For the Right Time ― Let's face it. Some top stocks work for the long term, and work hard. Others work best in some kinds of markets, and a little less than others. I don't try to time markets. But if something looks extra ripe for solid growth and can pay us cash payouts, I see no reason to hold back.

Filter #6: Payouts as Big as They're Supposed to Be ― Some kinds of "Plan B" companies will have a lot of cash to fork over to you. Others, on a percentage basis, should fork over less. It depends on the businesses they're in. If they're paying more or less than they should, that's a red flag you have to know to watch for.

Filter #7: The Absolute Best Share Price ― Even companies that can put steady cash in your pocket have a fair price. I don't recommend paying a nickel more when you don't have to.

It's no coincidence the most successful and well-known market mega-players in history favor these kinds of companies, in good markets and bad.

It's also no coincidence that right now, these companies are exactly the ones offering the biggest rewards to both new and loyal shareholders... with some of the biggest "Plan B Pension" payouts in 17 years... simply because, especially in this market, these income-payers are eager to attract the "best" kinds of shareholders possible.

It's really that simple. And I can start showing you how to find these companies right now, as soon as you're ready. With a brand new service I've just created, called the Lifetime Income Report.

This new service uses my special seven-point filtering strategy to find you the best income streams possible ― including the "Plan B Pension" payouts we've talked about.

I'd like you to be one of the first to give Lifetime Income Report a try.

To help encourage you, not only will I rush you the free "Plan B Retirement Library"... I'll guarantee your satisfaction 100%... in not just one, but three very specific ways.

"Plan B Pension" Guaranteed Opportunity #1:"Current Cash" You Can Start Spending Right Now

What's the worst part about planning for tomorrow?

Having nothing left to spend right now.

The first thing I'll start showing you in my new Lifetime Income Report service is that it's possible for you to build future wealth... and still have right-now cash... at the same time.

No more punishing early-withdrawal fees. No nasty memos from 401(k) administrators. And you don't need to wait until you're 65 to get paid. This is money you can spend today.

(With your first check arriving as soon as 12 days from right now.)

You Could Get Cash Payouts as Often as Every 12 Days

The following list shows scheduled cash payout dates, based on past results, for the six "Plan B Pension" programs I've identified for you, in the "Plan B Retirement Library" I'd love to send:

In fact, as soon as you agree to try the new Lifetime Income Report research letter... and send for the free "Plan B Retirement Library" set of bonus reports... you'll find included a second report called, Income You Can Count On.

This is your instant primer to everything we'll do together, giving you a chance to piece together a whole fortress of income-driven financial security... while still tapping a stream of immediate cash income.

One of the first things I'll walk you through is what I call my "Current Cash" portfolio.

This is where I track income streams specifically designed to pay the largest possible immediate "Plan B" payouts. We'll use this portfolio to target faster growth and bigger income, right out of the gate.

This is the "right now" part of the program you'll discover just as soon as you send for your FREE "Plan B Retirement Library"... and your "100% Triple-Guaranteed" trial issues of the Lifetime Income Report.

But it gets even better...

"Plan B Pension" Guaranteed Opportunity #2: Self-Renewing Wealth, Even in Flat Markets

Have you ever noticed that some people just work too hard to get rich?

Think about it.

The wealthiest American families... the multi-millionaires and billionaires who hit the headlines... don't really work that much harder or longer than you.

Some even seem to get wealthier... doing nothing.

Except maybe letting their money make more money, all by itself.

How do they do it?

The thing is, using the secrets I'll show you in your FREE "Plan B Retirement Library" and in first issues of my new Lifetime Income Report research letter... you see how you too could also collect similar kinds of "no show" wealth.

Just like those wealth insiders.

Collect in your sleep. Collect long after you've retired. Collect from the front porch of your house on the beach... or the deck of your new sailboat or fishing cruiser.

How many times have you heard of someone who "sits on the board" of a half-dozen companies, raking in stock option riches while he trolls the golf courses and knocks back champagne at top clubs and restaurants?

The simple strategy you'll find in your FREE reports and first issues shows you the simple formula for putting together as many multiple work-free "paychecks." Allowing you, too, to pile up lots of money that works so you don't have to...

Wealth That Never Retires

I call this kind of self-growing wealth "Legacy Income"...

In each issue of your trial subscription to the new Lifetime Income Report you'll find a second "Legacy Income" portfolio, designed to help you load up on this kind of wealth that can automatically continue to grow.

And no, don't think I'm just talking about the miracle of compound interest. That's an extremely powerful tool. But this is better. And it can work for you, much faster.

Einstein may have called compound interest "the most powerful force in the Universe"... but this is like compound interest on steroids.

And my new Lifetime Income Report will make it simple for you to learn how it works, should you choose to try this yourself.

Not just with how to collect this kind of "Legacy Income" over time... or the "Current Cash" we talked about... but also in a third way, with something I can only call "Special Income."

"Plan B Pension" Guaranteed Opportunity #3: "Special Income" Others Leave On The Table

What's "Special Income?"

It's the pile of income payouts other investors simply leave on the table.

These little-talked-about income payout opportunities don't come on a schedule. You won't read about them much in the paper either, until they're already doled out and it's too late to collect.

But when you can tap these "special income" opportunities... it can be like getting a surprise windfall... a bonus... even a check from a wealthy relative or a fat premium on the sale of a big asset, like a luxury car or investment property.

The companies that offer you this special kind of income usually get the money themselves from winning a piece of corporate litigation, making a major sale, having an especially good financial quarter, and so on... in an unexpected glut of cash.

Naturally "special income" opportunities are harder to spot.

But then, there's that old saying... "It's amazing how lucky I get when I work 16 hours a day."

In other words, to catch a fat "special income" payout, you need to stand in the right place at the right time. But if you let me do the research work for you, there's a good chance I can show you where to stand.

The third portfolio you'll find when you try my brand new Lifetime Income Report service is what I call our "Special Income Portfolio"... and it's where I'll line up "special income" opportunities on the brink of spilling cash into shareholder accounts.

That's three different kinds of potential lifetime income I can start revealing to you immediately, the moment you let me know you're ready to get started.

From the short to long term.

And only the highest quality opportunities I can find...

My Six Favorite "Plan B Pension" Income Streams Right Now

You'll find my six favorite "Plan B Pension" payout programs right now... in your free copy of The 10-Minute Retirement Recovery Plan: Six Easy Ways To Lock In Steady Income Checks For the Rest of Your Life.

This free report is just one of the three reports included with your instant "Plan B Retirement Library" bonus. And it's yours at no charge whatsoever, the moment you accept my invitation.

Here's a small taste of the kinds of wealth moves you'll find inside...

A North Carolina based "Plan B Pension" plan that's increased the size of its cash payouts to members every year since 1978 ― that's 30 years straight ― and that doesn't include the instant 5% gain you could make every time you use their zero-fee plan to pick up more shares

Easily the most popular "Plan B Pension" opportunity in America, this 39-year old company has sent its members cash "paychecks" each of the 458 months in a row… and they've bumped up the amount in those checks 51 times since 1994

A "Plan B Pension" plan that's handed out cash payouts to its members steadily every year for the last 38 years straight. And backed by a business that couldn't be safer, because they dominate 75% of the massive, worldwide market for the household product they make

A "Plan B Pension" plan that the London Financial Times is calling a kind of safe haven in the latest global financial storm. This one plan has steadily doled out bigger and bigger cash payouts to members, every year since 1997

A major play on the Brazil boom, with a "Plan B Pension" plan that could give you nearly double-digit income, with the safety of a solid energy company. This could easily be a way to pick streams of steady cash you can spend as you like

A "Plan B Pension" play so popular, it has over $3.8 billion in the program and offers regular cash payouts that are already 16% larger than they were in October of last year… for a total of nearly 12% payouts on every dollar you put in the program, regularly paid to your account.

Again, all six of these are fully detailed in your free copy of The 10-Minute Retirement Recovery Plan: Six Easy Ways To Lock In Steady Income Checks For the Rest of Your Life ― which you're welcome to download or have mailed to you, the moment you sign on.

I can't wait for you to try this for yourself.

The Simple Secret That Could Pay Your Retirement Millions

Of course, you don't need to wait until you get your free reports to see the evidence behind this approach. For instance, let's say you had used the "Plan B Pension" strategy to pick up 160 shares of Pepsi in 1980.

It would have cost you $4,000.

However, that amount would have automatically grown to over $300,000 by 2004, without you investing another penny. Not bad?

Now let's try the same with Philip Morris... starting with the same dollar amount, which would have amounted to 58 shares. By the time you'd finished, your $4,000 would have ballooned to nearly $600,000... and over 4,300 shares.

Without you putting in an extra nickel.

Here's another one. Say you put $5,000 into a company called Terra Nitrogen in 2003. That's 1,136 shares at the then-price of $4.40 per share. Today the share price has exploded to $110 per share. Pretty good. But the "Plan B Pension" income on top of that could have exploded your $5,000 into $151,026 in just five years.

Like I said, it's an almost perfect self-growing cycle.

Like a tree that waters and fertilizes itself.

Take a look at a few more...

One of the moves I've tracked since Jan. 2005 would have grown every dollar you put in 155%. Not bad. But make that same move using a "Plan B Pension" strategy and you would have more than tripled your money, for a total net gain of 244.8%. Much better

Another move I'm tracking has already issued enough "Plan B Pension" income checks... from 2003 until now... to cover double what it might have cost to get in... plus the shares in this one plan alone, over that same time period, also shot up another 329%. Even now, I see this as a steady income-payer for years to come

One more of the many possible "Plan B Pensions" I've just tracked has cranked up the size of the income it pays out with every single check, steadily for the last 10 years... already, had you started getting your checks in 1998, you'd collect nearly 40% more per check right now, above what you earned when just getting started. It's like getting an automatic pay raise that you don't have to lift a finger to earn.

Over the last 80 years, regular hot stocks could have turned $10,000 into about $1,013,000. Fold in the kind of income that you can get with these kinds of "Plan B Pensions" and $10,000 grows to a dazzling $24,113,000.

And that includes results in all kinds of markets.

The Only Money Strategy That "Works" In Good Times or Bad

One study shows "Plan B Pension" companies can consistently double the gains other individuals get following the S&P 500 alone.

And not just in the "best" years, but over the period between 1970 and 2005... which included at least seven bear markets... a half-dozen wars and minor military skirmishes... on-again-off-again energy crises... countless rate hikes... and piles of political scandal...

In a down market, you'll see the market flock to "Plan B Pension" companies for cash. In up markets, "Plan B Pension" companies have even bigger cash piles to divvy up.

Even in a flat market, you can do well with a "Plan B Pension"... because it's the one way you can be sure that no matter what happens, you qualify to get paid.

This is the best way to reward steady, cool-headed market players I know of.

And yet...

You'd Be Stunned to Discover How Many Americans Miss Out on This Simple, Wealth-Boosting Step

This is so easy to set up, you'd be shocked to find out how many Americans don't ever discover how to put "Plan B Pensions" to work. But don't let that stop you from getting started.

Send for your free "Plan B Retirement Library" reports.

Look over your first issues of the Lifetime Income Report.

You'll see how this can work for you automatically, in a self-growing cycle of income. And likewise, how you can also use this approach to tap a stream of "right now" cash.

Your first check could arrive within days of right now ― the next payout date as I write this is Feb. 9, 2009 ― followed by as many as 38 checks, each and every year you decide to stick with this "Plan B Pension" strategy.

That's just the beginning.

Because you'll find even more of these opportunities... and others like them... as you dig into your introductory "100% Triple-Guaranteed" trial subscription to the Lifetime Income Report.

I hope you see why you need to seize this opportunity.

But just so we're clear on what you'd be giving up...

Let's Run Through All This One More Time

Everything you need will start arriving immediately.

First I'll rush you your FREE "Plan B Retirement Library," which gives you three full and detailed new research reports on how to get started immediately on collecting and building these endless streams of "Plan B Pension" income, including...

FREE "Plan B Pension" Payout Gift #1:
"Income You Can Count On"

This is your full start-up guide to "Plan B Pensions" and other key kinds of work-free income. You'll discover exactly how this strategy works, how to set up one of these lifelong income streams in as little as 10 minutes, and how doing this can give you both cash right now and cash you can set aside for the future. (Worth $49, Yours FREE w/ Your Trial Subscription.)

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