Top 10 European Stocks For 2015

Top 10 European Stocks For 2015: Aegon NV(AEG)

AEGON N.V. provides life insurance, pensions, and asset management products and services worldwide. The company?s life insurance products include traditional, term, universal, whole, and other life insurance products sold as part of defined benefit pension plans, endowment policies, post-retirement annuity products, and group risk products; supplemental health insurance products comprise accidental death, other injury, critical illness, hospital indemnity, medicare supplement, and student health; specialty lines consists of travel, membership, and creditor products; and long term care insurance products for policyholders who require care due to a chronic illness or cognitive impairment. It also offers a range of savings and retirement products and services, including mutual funds, and fixed and variable annuities, savings accounts and investment contracts, segregated funds, guaranteed investment accounts, and single premium immediate annuities, as well as investment advice to individuals. In addition, the company offers employer solutions and pensions, such as retirement plans, pension plans, and pension-related products and services; investment products, including onshore and offshore bonds, and trusts; reinsurance products and solutions to life insurance and financial services companies; general insurance products comprising house, car, and fire insurance; and asset management products and services, including general account assets, unit-linked funds, and third party activities. AEGON N.V. markets its products through independent and career agents, financial planners, registered representatives, independent marketing organizations, banks, broker-dealers, benefit consulting firms, wirehouses, affinity groups, institutional partners, independent managing general agencies, and specialized financial advisors, as well as through online, direct, and worksite marketing. The company was founded in 1900 and is headquartered in The Hague, the Netherl ! ands.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Will Ashworth]

    Assuming it delivers on its outlook for 2014, its current free cash flow yield is a very enticing 20%. This isnt a growth stock, but its brands still possess hidden value. As cheap stocks go, its very attractive.

    Cheap Stocks to Buy: Aegon (AEG)

    Its not often that you can buy a $19 billion market cap for under 10 bucks. Aegons a Dutch insurance company thats had a rough ride over the past few years, and its stocks suffered as a result. In the late ’90s AEG stock traded around $60 — it hasnt been anywhere close since. However, its got some good assets that should bear fruit in the years to come. Aegon has 12,000 employees in the Americas doing business primarily under the Transamerica brand, which has been a part of AEG since 1999.

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Top 10 Energy Companies To Watch In Right Now

Top 10 Energy Companies To Watch In Right Now: USA Compression Partners LP (USAC)

USA Compression Partners, LP, incorporated on June 07, 2011, through its wholly owned subsidiary USA Compression Partners, LLC (Operating Subsidiary) and Operating Subsidiarys wholly owned subsidiary USAC Leasing LLC, primarily provides natural gas compression services under term contracts with customers in the oil and gas industry, using natural gas compressor packages that it designs, engineers, operates and maintains. As of September 30, 2013, the Company had approximately 1,162,353 of fleet horsepower.

The Company provides compression services for a monthly service fee. As part of its services, the Company engineers, designs, operates service and repair its fleet of compression units and maintain related support inventory and equipment. The fleet of compression units that it owns and uses to provide compression services consists of engineered compression units that utilize standardized components, principally engines manufactured by Caterpillar, Inc. an d compressor frames and cylinders manufactured by Ariel Corporation.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By John Udovich]

    Although oil prices ended the year at multi year lows, now would be the time to take a closer look atsmall cap gas compression or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) stocks likeUsa Compression Partners LP (NYSE: USAC), CSI Compressco LP (NASDAQ: CCLP) and Propell Technologies Group Inc (OTCBB: PROP) before oil and gas prices inevitably rise again. To begin with, natural gas compression services are used to transport natural gas and specifically to getnatural gas from low-pressure wells into gathering systems, storage and processing facilitiesas well as to maintain production as reservoir pressure declines. Compression servicesare also used to extract gas fromunconventional natural gas sources like shale plays. Meanwhile,so-called enhanced oil recovery or EOR is just a generic term for the techniques used for increasin! g the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from an oil field with potential methods including steam flood and water flood injectionor hydraulic f racturing(so-called fracking). Naturally, demand for compression services and EOR technologies would be impacted by oil and gas commodity prices.

  • [By Jake L'Ecuyer]

    USA Compression Partners LP (NYSE: USAC) shares tumbled 6.80 percent to $24.95 after the company priced 6.6 million units at $25.59 per unit.

    Take-Two Interactive Software (NASDAQ: TTWO) was down, falling 3.32 percent to $19.95 after the company issued a weak outlook. For the first quarter, the company expected an adjusted loss of $0.35 to $0.25 per share on revenue of $120 million to $125 million. However, analysts expected a loss of $0.12 per share on revenue of $209.6 million.

  • [By Robert Rapier]

    USA Compression Partners (NYSE: USAC) was the first MLP IPO of 2013, debuting on Jan. 15, and advancing 36 percent since. USAC is unique in the MLP space in providing compression services for the oil and gas industry. The way this works is that a natural gas producer, for example, will contract with USAC on a long-term fixed-fee basis to compress the natural gas so that it can be delivered via pipeline to customers. USAC installs compression equipment to move the gas from the well to its destination. Its customer base is scattered across the important natural gas-bearing shales like the Barnett and the Marcellus. At the current price, units yield 7.3 percent. Coverage for the second quarter distribution was 90 percent[1] , but the partnership expects full year DCF coverage of 110 percent.

  • [By Traders Reserve]

    For USA Compression Partners (USAC), it is all in the name the company provides natural gas compression services to the extraction industry.

    This is a volume-dependent business and volume is booming. USA Compression Partners revenue was up 20% in 2012 and will be up that much or more when final! numbers ! from 2014 come in. Third=quarter results were terrific: revenue was up almost 24% year over year and adjusted cash flow, the basis of the dividend, was up more than 29% year over year. The yield is currently 6.7% and will probably go higher. Ignore the P/E. This is a growth and dividend story. Take a look.

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Hot High Tech Companies To Buy Right Now

What’s the best way to fend off heavy short interest in a company’s stock? Get Coca-Cola Co.(KO) on your side.

That’s essentially what happened to Keurig Green Mountain Inc.(GMCR) The one-time target of short sellers has seen many of its skeptics abandon their bets against the stock, which has surged 58% this year.

Keurig shares rallied another 7.6% to $119.07 Tuesday after Coke, the world’s largest beverage company, said it would increase its stake in the coffee company to 16% from 10%. The increased Coke stake has given bullish Green Mountain investors confidence in the company’s long-term trajectory, while the investors betting against, or shorting, the stock continue to get squeezed out of their positions.

Among the most prominent investors betting against Keurig has been Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn, who raised accounting questions about the company in a high-profile attack in 2011. In a quarterly letter to investors last month, Mr. Einhorn confirmed he was still short Keurig, noting it was the firm’s “only significant loser.”

Top Consumer Service Companies To Invest In Right Now: China Distance Education Holdings Ltd (DL)

China Distance Education Holdings Limited (CDEL), incorporated on January 11, 2008, offers a range of online education and test preparation courses and other related services and products. The Company operates and manages its business in the provision of online and offline education services and selling of related products. The Company�� online courses are designed to help professionals and other course participants obtain and maintain the skills, licenses and certifications necessary to pursue careers in China in the areas of accounting, law, healthcare, construction engineering and other industries. In addition, the Company also offers online foreign language courses. As of September 30, 2012, the Company operated 17 websites, including its main Website and 16 other websites. The Company�� online courses feature audio-video lectures delivered through the Internet using streaming media and other Internet-based technologies, and are supplemented by textbooks, tutoring, online assignments and exercises, mock examinations, and other forms of learning activities and course-related support.

The Company sell books and reference materials through third-party bookstores and distributors across China, and, to a lesser extent, through its online bookstore and its offices in Beijing. In addition, it also offers offline business start-up training courses and in-person accounting and healthcare professional training to accounting firms and the general public. The Company provides course production services and platform production services for certain customers at their request.

Online Education Services

The Company offers online courses through its websites designed to help course participants obtain and maintain the skills, licenses and certifications necessary to pursue their careers and professions in China. Its online professional education courses cover a range of industries, including accounting, law, healthcare, construction engineering and! others. It also offers online test preparation courses to self-taught learners pursuing higher education diplomas or degrees and to secondary school and college students for various academic and entrance exams. Additionally, the Company offers online foreign language courses.

The Company�� courses feature audio-video lectures by experienced lecturers or practitioners within their respective fields delivered through a multimedia and interactive Web interface using streaming media and other Internet-based technologies. Its online lectures are supplemented by textbooks, tutoring, online assignments, exercises, mock examinations, and other forms of learning activities and course-related support. Course participants using different platforms, including smart phones, tablets or regular computers, are able to access its courses through the Internet at times and places convenient for them.

The Web page also provides hyperlinks allowing course participants to access other useful functions during the lecture. It also provides its course lectures in the form of downloadable media files that allow course participants to save copies of the lectures onto their own personal computers and to play them offline. The Company utilizes digital rights management, or digital rights management (DRM), technology to restrict the transfer and viewing of downloadable media files.

Professional Course Offerings

The Company�� professional course offerings include accounting Courses, legal courses, healthcare courses, construction engineering courses, online information technology courses and other professional education courses. The Company offer courses relating to China�� important nationwide legal examination, the National Judicial Examination. It offers courses relating to three nationwide healthcare exams: the National Practicing Medical Doctor Qualification Examination, the Healthcare Professional Technical Qualification Examination jointly administered by the Ministry! of Healt! h and the MOP and the National Pharmacist Qualification Examination administered by the MOP and the State Administration of Drug Supervision. It offers courses mainly relating to exams: Associate Constructor and Constructor Qualification Examinations, Construction Supervisor Qualification Examination, Construction Pricing Engineer Qualification Examination, Certified Safety Engineer Qualification Examination, Consulting Engineer Qualification Examination and Real Estate Appraiser Qualification Examination. The Company provides professional education courses in the areas of information technology, securities and various civil service positions.

Higher Education for Self-Taught Learners

The Company through its Website offers courses targeted at self-taught learners pursuing associate diplomas or bachelor�� degrees in various academic areas. They complete their self study and obtain government accredited diplomas or degrees by passing the Higher Education Examination for Self-Taught Learners administered by the MOE without having to enroll in and physically attend a traditional college or university. It offer test preparatory courses to help self-taught learners pass the requisite exams.

Academic Exam Preparation and Foreign Language Courses Study Courses

The Company through its Website Website, the Company offer test preparation courses targeted at university students intending to take nationwide graduate school entrance exams in various disciplines administered by the MOE. It also operates websites focused on the secondary and college education market, foreign language study and other subjects. Its secondary education courses are designed to provide an online resource for secondary school course participants to prepare for these exams.

Other Products and Services

The Company sells books and reference materials relating to various professional courses and exam s! ubjects. ! To promote the use of its online courses, the Company also sells books and reference materials related to its courses such as the Elementary Level and Intermediate Level Accounting Professional Qualification Examination, the CPA Qualification Examination, the Registered Tax Agent Qualification Examination, the Certified Asset Appraiser Qualification Examination, the Accounting Professional Qualification Examination, accounting continuing education, the National Judicial Examination, the National Practicing Medical Doctor Qualification Examination, the Construction Supervisor Qualification Examination, the Constructor Qualification Examination, the Construction Pricing Engineer Qualification Examination, and the Intermediate Economist Qualification Examination.

The Company provides primary and secondary school supplementary tutoring services to students in a range of subject areas, such as Chinese, math and science. Students may attend offline courses taught by its in-person lecturers or view pre-recorded video courses on its Website at Its offline classes are available in Beijing and are subscribed during winter and summer breaks. It also provides course production services to certain customers on a contractual basis.

Regular, Premium and Elite Classes

The Company offer regular, premium and elite classes, which include foundation classes, intensified focus classes, exam Questions analysis classes and crash-course classes. It offers elite classes to legal practitioners, self-taught learners pursuing higher education diplomas or degrees, and professionals in the healthcare, construction engineering and other industries. Its foundation classes contain detailed instructions and content to provide course participants with a broad and comprehensive knowledge base relating to a specific subject area. Its intensified focus classes are designed to provide more intensive instructions focused on important topics in a specific subject area at a more! advanced! pace to course participants who already have basic knowledge of the subject area. Its exam questions analysis classes contain materials and instructions tailored specifically to preparation for the actual exams and the types of questions and topics that come up in each exam. Its crash-course classes are designed to provide a quick review of critical topic areas for specific exam subjects to enable course participants to make final preparations in the weeks prior to an exam. Its exam simulation system offers a wealth of mock test questions developed based on real tests, closely conforms to the syllabus and test requirements, and fully covers various key examination points.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Louis Navellier]

    ABTL stock was upgraded to an “A” in Portfolio Grader back in July, and remains a “strong buy” as we head into the end of the year.

    ‘Best of the Best’ Stock Picks #2: China Distance Education Holdings (DL)

    China Distance Education Holdings (DL) provides education services in China.

Hot High Tech Companies To Buy Right Now: Federal Signal Corporation(FSS)

Federal Signal Corporation designs and manufactures a suite of products and integrated solutions for municipal, governmental, industrial, and commercial customers worldwide. The company operates in three segments: Safety and Security Systems, Fire Rescue, and Environmental Solutions. The Safety and Security Systems segment offers various systems for automated license plate recognition, campus and community alerting, emergency vehicles, first responder interoperable communications, industrial communications and command, municipal networked security, vehicle classification, parking revenue, and access control. This segment also provides products, such as lightbars and sirens, public warning sirens, and public safety software. The Fire Rescue segment offers articulated and telescopic aerial platforms for rescue, fire fighting, and maintenance purposes. This segment sells its products to municipal and industrial fire services, civil defense authorities, rental companies, elect ric utilities and industrial customers. The Environmental Solutions segment provides various self-propelled street cleaning vehicles, vacuum loader vehicles, municipal catch basin/sewer cleaning vacuum trucks, and water blasting equipment. The company was founded in 1901 and is based in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Louis Navellier]

    Federal Signal (FSS) has posted three strong earnings surprises so far this year. Demand for its environmental and fire and rescue products have been much stronger than expected. The company restructured its balance sheet last year, and interest expenses have declined by more than 70% — boosting the bottom line significantly. Earnings are up more than 60% so far this year, and the shares are still reasonably valued at just 7 times earnings. FSS stock was upgraded in Portfolio Grader to an ����back in August and remains a ��trong buy��at the current price.

  • [By Rich Smith]

    Oak Brook, Ill.-based Federal Signal (NYSE: FSS  ) will soon have a new chief financial officer, the company announced yesterday.

    On Friday, the diversified manufacturer named Brian S. Cooper�to replace interim CFO Braden Waverley on May 28. Waverly will remain acting CFO until Cooper joins the company next month. Cooper comes to Federal Signal by way of smaller telecommunications equipment maker Westell Technologies (NASDAQ: WSTL  ) , where he has served as CFO since 2009.

  • [By Louis Navellier]

    DL stock was upgraded to an “A” by Portfolio Grader back in April, and like ABTL, China Distance should be considered a “strong buy” as its fundamentals improve.

    ‘Best of the Best’ Stock Picks #3: Federal Signal (FSS)

    Federal Signal (FSS) makes everything from fire trucks to street sweepers and is benefiting for pent-up demand for its products.

Hot High Tech Companies To Buy Right Now: Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co Ltd (CCSC)

Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co., Ltd. (CSC Cayman), incorporated on August 14, 2007, is a quick service restaurant chain in China. The Company offers delicious, everyday Chinese food. The Company conducts all of its restaurant operations through CSC China and its subsidiaries. As of June 30, 2012, it had 256 restaurants, including 124 restaurants in Chongqing municipality and 85 restaurants in Sichuan province.

Chongqing municipality and Sichuan province cover a region of 110 million people in Southwest China. CSC Cayman directly operates all of its restaurants. Its standard menu features its main dishes prepared in the Sichuan style, as well as a selection of other dishes, appetizers, desserts and beverages. The Company periodically offers new dishes and seasonal menu selections.

The Company competes with McDonald��, KFC and Yoshinoya.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By CRWE]

    Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co., Ltd (NYSE:CCSC), a fast-growing quick service restaurant chain in China, plans to release its unaudited second quarter 2012 financial results on Tuesday, August 14, 2012, after the market closes.

Hot High Tech Companies To Buy Right Now: Health Care Select Sector SPDR (XLV)

Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (the Fund) seeks to provide investment results that correspond to the price and yield performance of the Health Care Select Sector of the S&P 500 Index (the Index). The Index includes companies whose primary business may include healthcare equipment and supplies, healthcare services, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

The Fund utilizes a passive or indexing investment approach and attempts to invest in a portfolio of stocks that seek to replicate the Index. The Fund�� investment advisor is SSgA Funds Management, Inc.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Tom Aspray]

    If you are willing to spend the time and do the work, I think you can become your own investment analyst. These more active investors should consider a core position in an S&P-500-tracking ETF and then allocate to other industry-specific ETFs. So far in 2014, the Select Sector SPDR Utilities (XLU) is up 8.8% for the year. Not too far behind is the Select Sector SPDR Health Care (XLV), which is up 7.8%.

  • [By Chad Fraser]

    Health care stocks continue to perform well.

    The Health Care SPDR ETF (NYSE: XLV), the largest health care ETF by assets, is up 62% in the past two years, well ahead of the S&P 500�� 38% rise.

    An increase like that might lead you to think the sector�� biggest gains are behind it. Not so, according to Philip Springer, chief investment strategist at our Personal Finance advisory.

    �� believe this sector still offers good profit potential, fueled by such factors as aging populations, growing demand for care in emerging markets and impressive medical advances,��he wrote in an article in the August 27 issue.

    The numbers bear that out. Consider the following:�

Hot Healthcare Technology Companies To Own In Right Now

Hot Healthcare Technology Companies To Own In Right Now: Woolworths Ltd (WOW)

Woolworths Limited is an Australia-based company. The Company operates in five segments: Australian Food and Liquor, New Zealand Supermarkets, Petrol, BIG W and Hotels. Australian Food and Liquor segment is engaged in the procurement of food and liquor and products for resale to customers in Australia. New Zealand Supermarkets segment is engaged in the procurement of food and liquor and products for resale to customers in New Zealand. Petrol segment is engaged in the procurement of petroleum products for resale to customers in Australia. BIG W segment is engaged procurement of discount general merchandise products for resale to customers in Australia. Hotels segment is engaged in the provision of leisure and hospitality services, including food and alcohol, accommodation, entertainment and gaming. Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Jonathan Burgos]

    Woolworths Ltd. (WOW) dropped 1.6 percent to A$33.22 after Australia's largest retailer said challenging economic condition were evident in the second quarter.

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Hot Promising Companies To Buy For 2015

Hot Promising Companies To Buy For 2015: Anika Therapeutics Inc.(ANIK)

Anika Therapeutics, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and commercializes therapeutic products for tissue protection, healing, and repair. Its products are based on hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring biocompatible polymer found in the body. The company offers orthobiologics products for providing relief from the pain of osteoarthritis, and regenerating damaged tissue, such as cartilage defects; ORTHOVISC for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and various joints; ORTHOVISC mini for the treatment of osteoarthritis in small joints; and MONOVISC, a single injection product used for the treatment of osteoarthritis in various joints. It also provides wound care products that comprise Hyalograft 3D for the regeneration of skin; and Hyalomatrix for the treatment of burns and ulcers. In addition, the company offers AMVISC, AMVISC Plus, STAARVISC-II, Optivisc, and AnikaVisc which are injectable HA products used as viscoelastic agents in o phthalmic surgical procedures, such as cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation. Further, it provides INCERT, a HA based product for the prevention of post-surgical adhesions; Hyalobarrier and Hyalobarrier Endo, which are post operative adhesion barriers for abdominal indications; and HYVISC, an injectable HA product used for the treatment of joint dysfunction in horses due to non-infectious synovitis associated with equine osteoarthritis. Additionally, the company offers Merogel, a product used for the treatment of ear, nose, and throat disorders; and provides dermal fillers for facial wrinkles and scar remediation under the ELEVESS and HYDRELLE brand names. It markets its products directly, as well as through a network of distributors primarily in the United States and Europe. The company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Bedford, Massachuse! tts.

Advisors' Opinion:


    Anika Therapeutics (ANIK), together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and commercializes therapeutic products for tissue protection, healing, and repair in the U.S., Europe, and internationally. This stock closed up 2.1% to $48.86 in Monday's trading session.


    Monday's Volume: 1.25 million

    Three-Month Average Volume: 347,160

    Volume % Change: 272%


    From a technical perspective, ANIK jumped higher here right above some near-term support at $46 with above-average volume. This spike higher on Monday briefly pushed shares of ANIK into breakout territory, since the stock flirted with some near-term overhead resistance levels at $49.21 to $49.37. Shares of ANIK tagged an intraday high of $51.40, before it closed below that level at $48.86. Market players should now look for a continuation move to the upside in the short-term if ANIK manages to take out Monday's high of $51.36 to its 52-week high of $52.49 with high volume.


    Traders should now look for long-biased trades in ANIK as long as it's trending above Monday's low of $47.57 or above $46 and then once it sustains a move or close above $51.36 to $52.49 with volume that hits near or above 347,160 shares. If that move begins soon, then ANIK will set up to enter new 52-week-high territory, which is bullish technical price action. Some possible upside targets off that move are $55 to $60.


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Top 5 China Companies To Own In Right Now

Top 5 China Companies To Own In Right Now: China Mobile(Hong Kong)

China Mobile Limited, an investment holding company, provides mobile telecommunications and related services primarily in the Mainland China. It offers various services comprising local calls, domestic long distance calls, international long distance calls, domestic roaming, and international roaming. The company also provides voice value-added services, including caller identity display, caller restrictions, call waiting, call forwarding, call holding, voice mail, and conference calls; customer-to-customer messages and corporate short message services; and mobile Internet access services. In addition, it engages in other data businesses, which primarily include multimedia messaging services; color ring services that enable users to customize the answer ring tone from various selection of songs, melodies, sound effects, or voice recordings; and mobile reading, mobile gaming, mobile video, mobile payment/wallet, mobile TV, mobile market, and Internet data center services. F urther, the company offers telecommunications network planning, design, and consulting services; roaming clearance services; technology platform development and maintenance services; and mobile data solutions, and system integration and development services, as well as operates a network and business coordination center. Additionally, China Mobile Limited sells mobile phone handsets and devices. As of March 31, 2011, it served approximately 600.8 million customers. The company was formerly known as China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited and changed its name to China Mobile Limited in May 2006. China Mobile was founded in 1997. The company is based in Central, Hong Kong, and is considered a Red Chip company due to its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. China Mobile Limited is a subsidiary of China Mobile Hong Kong (BVI) Limited.

Advisors' Opinion:
    [By GuruFocus]

    China Mobile Ltd. was incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong on Sept. 3, 1997, as a limited liability company under the name China Telecom (Hong Kong) Limited. China Mobile Ltd. has a market cap of $194.9 billion; its shares were traded at around $48.48 with a P/E ratio of 9.70 and P/S ratio of 2.20. The dividend yield of China Mobile Ltd. stocks is 4.20%. China Mobile Ltd. had an annual average earnings growth of 16.60% over the past 10 years. GuruFocus rated China Mobile Ltd. the business predictability rank of 3.5-star.

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