The Endless "Paycheck Portfolio" From 2010 Best Stocks

In just three simple steps, you could be eligible for 48 "work-free paychecks."

Each deposited directly into your account, automatically over the next 24 months.

This is "get paid while you sleep" money.

You don't work for a dime.

And you don't have to stop there.

You can keep tapping this stream of passive "paycheck" income for as long as you like.

Some people who do this retire early. Others pile the money on top of what they've already socked away, speeding up the growth of their nest egg.

It doesn't matter which you decide to do.

Either way, you start getting paid.

In fact, you can arrange for your first check to arrive just weeks from today. Possibly sooner, if you act quickly on what I'm about to show you.

How you spend your windfall is up to you.

Put the money aside. Or put the extra cash toward a new car... a vacation you've always wanted to take... tech toys for your den... or save it up to buy a second home.

Use the money to help put your grandchildren through school... or go back to school yourself and study something you love... make a fat donation toward a cause you believe in... or just leave the automatic deposits untouched, while you enjoy the security of knowing they will be there when you need them.

But whatever you do, you have to start somewhere.

Which is why I'm writing you today about a very unique opportunity that most Americans have ignored until very recently. It's a chance for you and anyone you care about to tap into what could be a lifetime of endless income.

Money you earn without thinking about it.

Using the same simple secret that some of America's wealthiest families have used not just to get very rich, but also to stay rich and get even richer, no matter what's happening in the grand economy or even on Wall Street.

This is not a "hot tip" headline secret.

It's not something most Americans even think much about. Or at least not something they've thought about much until recently, now that so many other options have run out.

What I'll do for you below is give you a glimpse of the three simple steps you can take — steps many of America's financial elite take — to open up a flow of this endless stream of income, directed straight into your bank account.

And then there's something I'll ask you to do for me. Something that could make you even more money, on top of the steady stream of checks you could soon see landing in your mailbox.

All this could start very soon for you, with your first checks arriving on these dates...    

  • February 15, 2010
  • March 15, 2010
  • March 31, 2010 
  • April 15, 2010* 

* "Triple Payout" dates.

How easy is it to get this started?

This may be the best part...

"[This strategy] is the hidden key... [if more people did this], you would see a nation of happy investors whistling their way toward retirement."

— Lowell Miller, 3-time author and CNN commentator

One of the best aspects of this is how easy it is to set up.

About five minutes on the phone with your broker. And that's it.

No running to your computer screen at every market blip. No taking notes or getting a ball in your throat every time the mainstream media flog amateur investors with the latest headlines.

No lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling. No anxious ticker tracking, phone dialing or running back and forth to the fax machine or your e-mail inbox.

All you do is wind up what I like to call the "paycheck portfolio" approach I reveal to you below... and let it do its thing. The checks should start arriving weeks after you take the three steps I reveal in this report.

In a recession. During a market crash. Even during a recovery.

And starting very soon.

And don't think you need a fortune to make this work. Because I can prove to you that's not the case.

How so?

I'll show you how to use this same strategy not only to collect regular work-free "paychecks"... but to quickly make the size of those checks grow over time, automatically.

But let me back up and show you how this is already working...

And for millions of Americans very much like you.

Right now, you'll find there's at least $615 billion in cash out there, just waiting to get carved up and sent out in the form of passive "paychecks."

Millions of Americans have already discovered this secret.

And they're already starting to collect...

  • Just this past spring, Richard M. collected two passive "paychecks" worth $3,314 each. He's collected many more just like them. And he'll collect more, on top of that, over the weeks and months ahead

  • Steve R. got paid $3,600 on April 9... collected another check for $4,200 less than a month later... and took another $3,481 two weeks after that. Without lifting a finger

  • Former chauffer Vern J. used to drive rich people around to make money. He just got a check recently for $7,700 — money he "earned" in his sleep

  • Gary C. almost died on Sept. 11. Today, not only is he doing fine, but he just received an automatic passive "paycheck" worth $25,610 — with more just like it on the way

  • What would you do with an extra $8,809 windfall? That's what Daniel F. got paid in the check he automatically received on June 6, 2008. He'll have gotten more just like it by the time you read this

  • Jeff E.'s passive "paycheck" deposits are worth an estimated $27,636 each. And he's eligible to get several of those checks sent to him automatically, each year

  • 50-year-old Marty M. doesn't really need extra cash. But that won't stop him from banking his next passive "paycheck," for an estimated $53,331, just weeks from the day you read this letter

  • Ian R.'s most recent passive "payday" topped $88,719

  • Then there's Jeff K. His passive "paycheck" on April 8, 2008, totaled around $98,057. That's just one of many passive "paychecks" he'll collect this year.

How are they doing it? With a process much simpler than what most amateur stock traders, options players or even gold, property or other kinds of investors use...

It's true — some of the fat-cat investors who do this have special access to this cash pool.

And get paid handsomely for it.

Like retiree Henry M., from Canada.

Thanks to his personal "paycheck portfolio," he's eligible to collect several of these passive "paychecks" per year — with at least four of them worth more than $630,000 each.

But after discovering just how many rich families and well-known investors did this with their money... to successfully build wealth in all kinds of markets...

I put my own analytical skills to the test and boiled down the whole process of finding the same kinds of opportunities to just three simple steps. They're filters, really.

To help you find the safest, most reliable, yet highest-paying streams of passive income. Money you can count on to keep working for you, even if the rest of the financial world is tanking. Even if other investments look like they're stuck in the mud.

Just doing this, you'll tap into one of the most powerful passed-down wealth secrets of the richest families in America.

Yet the steps that make it possible are so simple, I'm almost embarrassed to share them:

  • Step One: Lock in income streams that build your wealth faster than inflation

  • Step Two: Focus on income streams that will grow even bigger with time

  • Step Three: Look for a passive income stream that won't "retire" when you do.

I've written a special research report that shows you how to make each of these steps very easily. This new report is called The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets. It shows you how to apply each step quickly, allowing you to start collecting income checks within just a few weeks of reading this letter.

Once you get the ball rolling, this can start happening surprisingly fast. Hundreds of dollars each month. Thousands of dollars. Even hundreds of thousands of dollars, just piling up in your account.

As you'll see in my new report, it's up to you how involved you want to get in the beginning. You can get started with very little. And you can take this to any level you need.

Some who do this might make $1,500&ndash2,000 extra per month... early on. With that amount growing by as much as $5,000... $8,000... $10,000 or even $15,000 extra. Doing what I show you in the report.

It can be an extra "safety net" for you.

It can even be a "lifestyle upgrade."

As you'll see, your copy of The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets leaves the decision up to you.

Even better than just the steps, however, are the six specific "paycheck portfolio" opportunities I lay out for you in the report. See, not all income-cranking moves are created equal.

The six I show you in The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets represent months of research to help you find the best possible moves you can make right now to increase your steady flow of passive monthly income... with the least amount of risk.

You'll read about each of these moves. Then I'll show you in the report exactly how to turn each of them into "paycheck" paying plays... that will feed directly into your account in the weeks and months ahead.

It's that simple.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll find inside...

Automatic "Paycheck" #1: Fat Cash Payouts Every Month Plus At Least Two Years of "Inflation Insurance"

Imagine a fat "paycheck" landing in your mailbox — or even electronically deposited in your personal account — every single month.

You don't have to work for it. It just comes, like clockwork.

What's more, this first unique "paycheck" opportunity gives you a kind of powerful hedge against what many experts agree is an inevitable tide of runaway inflation.

How does this first move work?

Every month, on or around the 15th, you get a check mailed to you directly. Yours to cash, deposit, or use to buy more shares.

On top of that, because of the nature of this special cash-payer opportunity, you could see shares soar as soon as the U.S. dollar starts to unravel.

I'll explain why in just a second. But for right now, I can at least tell you that this first move is also unique in that it pays out a juicy 12.7% on every share.

That's enormous.

But see, while lots of income-payers with high yields also carry lots of extra risk, there are a few hidden moves out there that actually offer you higher-than-usual levels of safety, especially given today's increased inflation risk.

How so?

Extra Protection Against a U.S. Dollar Collapse

See, this first cash-payer I'd love to name for you is what's called a "royalty trust" — organized by well-heeled investors solely to focus on one of the most powerful long-term financial trends in history — the cycle of energy supply and demand.

In this case, with a special concentration on the oil-rich energy fields of Canada's Alberta Basin. Now, you might also already know something about Canada's energy trusts.

For example, I'm sure you know that when energy soared to nearly $150 — and then plunged in late 2008 — a lot of amateur investors who had poured in at the top got scorched.

You might also have heard that changes in Canada's tax laws — coming due in 2011 — also knocked the wind out of many of these energy trusts.

Here's the thing...

The fundamentals of shortages and Peak Oil, dry wells, and petro-politics have barely changed. China and India are still closing in on the U.S. with soaring demand... war zones still simmer above strategic oil supply... and so on.

Until something replaces oil and gas, the formula for energy-related profits remains — especially if you know which plays will work best and when.

Will there be more energy investment selloffs in the future? Of course. Could Canada's energy trusts go away with the new 2011 tax laws? Absolutely.

But between now and then — you've got the unique opportunity to collect a cash handout every single month, while also hedging your money against the coming tide of overwhelming dollar demise.

Remember what happened in the late 1970s, as crisis-level inflation sent oil prices soaring. Gas lines formed. Energy shares exploded. Along with gold and other real resources.

But only a few of those opportunities also doled out cash as a reward to loyal shareholders... and even fewer paid out fat double-digit yields like the one I'd love to name for you right now.

And here's one more reason why you'll want to read my research on this first cash-paying opportunity.

See, one of the things this trust has that others don't is a dominant footprint in the market for "LNG" — liquid natural gas. I'm sure you've heard something about LNG, too.

And if so, you know that LNG usually sees its biggest demand in the winter. But that's the thing. See, unlike some other energy trusts, this one happens to have just landed a huge LNG deal with Asia, which plays out over 2010 and beyond.

If you wait too long, you risk missing out on this steady stream of paychecks — not to mention the unique inflation hedge.

In fact, the next round of checks for this move is scheduled for mailing on February 15, 2010. Which is why I urge you to let me send you my research report, The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets while there's still time.

This special research report is yours free.

Inside you'll read all about this first "paycheck" paying move, including how to get in before the coming round of "paychecks"... and how to keep on getting paid regularly by this opportunity on the 15th of every month that follows.

How you choose to use the extra monthly cash payout is completely up to you. Use a move like this to sleep better. Use it to "upgrade" your way of life. Or use it just so you can make sure you don't ever have to worry about running out of money in retirement.

And of course, that's just the beginning...

Automatic "Paycheck" #2: Why This Wealthy Family Wants To Give Their Money Away

I know of a very wealthy family that wants to write you a check.

I'm not exaggerating. This family just loves giving their money away. They've been doing it since 1977, mailing out checks without fail to anybody on their list.

Now why on earth would they do that... and maybe more importantly, how do you get on this list? I'll explain in just a second.

But first, I want you to imagine...

What you would be doing now if, over the last five years you had somehow managed to double your income? Living better? Worrying less?

Suppose, between 2002 and now, you had pumped up your income by a factor of 240%. Could you find something useful to do with 240% better pay?

Before I even tell you what this next opportunity is... or about the family behind it...  I can tell you that the "paychecks" they've sent out, over that period of time, have done just that.

They're already nearly double what they were just five years ago. And 240% larger than they were back in 2002.

Compare that to clinging onto an S&P index fund, up a miserable 27.9% for the same period. Or holding the Dow, which barely crawled ahead a measly 16.6%.

What's more, I can show you a way this same one move could have grown your money by 440.4% over the same period. Almost painlessly.

Here's something else...

The family I'm telling you about, the one behind this income-paying move, owns 44% of this opportunity themselves.

They've run this operation themselves — profitably — since 1977. And every year, the money they rake in, they've happily doled out to their shareholders.

To the tune of as much as 50% of the income they take in.

Even some of America's biggest and "best" companies can't make those same claims. So far, this family has doled out over $230 million in the form of cash "paychecks" that they mail out twice yearly.

And you can easily qualify to be one of the lucky recipients.

In the free report I want to send you, The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets, I can show you how.

In 2008, while many businesses took their first body blows from the world financial collapse, this family managed to increase that pool of profits by 28%.

As for this year, they've already booked profit-boosting business for a full 70% of the year. With even more income looking very likely to roll in.

Business is so good, the family has cranked up the size of their "paycheck" payouts six straight years in a row. And they've just taken steps — by putting limits on the size of their shareholder base — to see that each person getting checks gets an increasingly larger share of that profit pool.

What is this cash-rich, mystery business this family dominates?

You might know it. Maybe you even know it well.

Perhaps you even realize already that what this family does is control a very large piece of a "silent" industry without which the entire world economy would fall apart... overnight.

What you might not know is that this already high-margin, cash-producing opportunity is about to get even better... thanks to a non-negotiable international ruling that's already set to go into effect in the spring of the coming year...

The April 2010 Law That Could Double Your Money

The industry I'm talking about — and the one that this very savvy, wealthy family controls a very large portion of — is shipping.

Yep, shipping.

But not just any kind of shipping. Specifically, shipping of energy. See, just as the fundamentals of energy demand and supply still remain, so does the framework on which the energy industry completely depends.

The first best way to move hundreds of millions of gallons of oil around the world, of course, is by pipeline. But energy shipping is the second. And that's not a fact that's likely to change any time soon.

You see, even though a good shipping company can take in as much as $40,000 in fees per day... per transport ship... it still only costs oil sellers about 2-3 cents per gallon to transport oil by ship.

Considering the millions of barrels of oil that get shipped by tanker daily... combined with today's much longer trade routes between the Middle East and Asia... the savvy owners of these energy transport ships have locked in enough new business to make a bundle on every single tanker they've got in the water.

But here's the thing with the dominant "paycheck" paying shipping empire I'm telling you about. First, the family I'm telling you about has 42 working ships in its fleet. That makes them one of the world's most heavyweight contenders in this industry.

Second, the age of those ships is about half of the age of the ships their competitors own. And here's the best part — in April 2010, international law makes it mandatory for all oil ships to have a "double-hull" to protect against spills and other accidents.

Many shippers will have to scramble to make that happen. But this powerful, rich shipping family has already seen to it that 100% of their ships already have double-hulls.

That means they're ready to snatch up competitor business as this law goes into effect. It also means they don't have to lay out more cash for the newer ships, because they're there already.

And that means more profits to dole out to you and other shareholders, when the time comes. There are no exceptions to this ruling.

So you can imagine, as that 2010 deadline gets close, mega producers will rush to this family for shipping services. And the cash flow of this family's business — along with their payouts to shareholders — should soar.

Already, the payouts on this are the equivalent — as of this writing — of over 9% of anything that goes in. Meanwhile, the shares to get into this trade are far less than what they're worth, even when you just look at the assets you get a piece of with every share.

(You could buy into this, for instance, much cheaper than even what others pay to own a piece of — for example — an airline business. And when was the last time you heard of an airline this profitable, that's also family-run and that loves to pay out huge piles of cash?)

Again, you can read all about this move in the free copy of The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets that I'd love to send.

And while we're at it, here's a third way to tap into this special "paycheck portfolio" secret......

Automatic "Paycheck" #3 Make China's Investors Send You Retirement Cash

For decades, American companies have poured cash into investments in China.

American investors have poured in their cash, too.

And we've waited to see what would come out.

Mostly we got products stamped "Made in China."

Because, so far, they've sold us a lot more than they buy.

What if you could turn that tide the other way... and actually get Chinese consumers and investors to start paying you?

See, as much of a modern miracle as the exploding Chinese economy might be, so far most of the money has poured into the company rather than out — unless you count the billions we've borrowed directly from Beijing, in the form of U.S. Treasury sales.

Meanwhile, we've waited as many decades for the balance to tip the other way... for China's growing middle class to start buying microwaves and blenders and refrigerators, so that the rest of us could start reaping rewards from all that progress and financial success.

So far that's been tough.

Remember, the average American spends $21,000 a year on everything from fast food to laptops and televisions. The average Chinese consumer spends $543.

What's more, your average frugal Chinese shopper still socks away as much as 25% of their after tax income. That's money that's not — or wasn't — getting spent.

But that long wait for China to start sending money back our way might be ending. Like the U.S. decades ago, credit in China is on the way up. So is the desire to own and to spend.

Over the next 11 years, says one report, China's "shopping" class of middle-income consumers could explode to 700 million people or nearly double the size of the entire U.S. population.

Their spending, even if you're looking at just China's big cities, could explode by a factor of five times over in the next 20 years.

What will be the first markets to take off?

Maybe not the ones you expect.

A Safer Way to Turn China's Rush to "Car Culture" Into Retirement Cash

Highway 66 and cruising Cadillacs... convertibles and drive-ins... America's rush into prosperity in the last century centered around the American automobile.

Today, you'd call me crazy if I told you to put a nickel toward Detroit. And you probably wouldn't feel any more willing to invest in China's exploding "car culture" either.

Even though China, with about 35 million cars on their roads today, looks like they could quadruple that number over the next two decades.

Why? Because socking investment bucks into the car industry today just feels too risky, no matter how many cars the Chinese consumer class will snap up in the future.

Especially when you consider China's even bigger problems with energy supplies and pollution so thick, you can barely see your way across the street some mornings in most of their big cities.

But there's a safer way you can play the trend... and get China to reward you for it, indirectly, at the same time. How?

For one, what most Americans don't know is that China's new fuel-efficiency standards for cars are even tougher than ours in the U.S.

What's more, unlike the U.S., China's never had as much cheap oil or gas of their own. Already, they have to buy more than they make.

And this could be your backdoor way to get rich on China's coming consumer expansion, without a lot of gambling on what will happen one or two decades from now.

See, these two facts combine to make a huge market in China for a valuable resource most Americans barely think or hear about, methanol.

Methanol, like the ethanol you've heard so much about, is a clear liquid alcohol you can use as fuel. And like ethanol, you mainly blend it with gasoline.

But that's where the comparison ends. Because unlike ethanol, which you get from grain and other plants, methanol comes from coal and natural gas.

China already makes plenty of it. But they need far more.

How to profit? The lowest-cost producer of methanol in the world — and the world's largest — isn't in China. It's here in North America.

And they'll pay you cash "paychecks" just to reward you for being one of their shareholders. In fact, just in the last five years alone, this dominant player has paid out over $1 billion to loyal shareholders.

On top of the cash handouts, you've also got explosive growth in the pipeline. All across the energy business, best stock prices of 2010 got beaten down into the basement.

That means you can get in now on some of the world's best energy shares at the best value levels in a long time. That won't be the case for long.

In fact, the shares of this top producer have already started to move rapidly higher. And with seven years of consecutive cash payouts already on the books, those shares could start attracting well-heeled income players even faster.

I see years of solid cash "paycheck" payouts ahead, from this one move. But you'll need to act on it quickly if you don't want to miss out.

Let me send you the free copy of my report, The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets.

You'll quickly see how easy this can be.

I'll show you how to send for a copy at the end of this letter. But before I do, I should introduce myself...

What You Can Learn With $200 Million

My name is Chris Mayer.

Maybe you've heard of me.

I show up every now and then on financial shows like Fox's Bulls & Bears... Forbes on Fox... and the CNBC financial reports.

I've also written a popular book, Invest Like a Dealmaker: Secrets From a Former Banking Insider. I say this not to brag, but just to show you just how seriously I take everything we've talked about so far.

See, I'm not your average analyst.

And I'm not a broker. Frankly, I don't care for Wall Street.

I'm a banker. And something of a market "geek."

I've loved studying finance and commerce for as long as I can remember.

Even before I hit 30, for instance, I was vice president of one of America's oldest and prestigious lenders, Provident Bank. I read essays written by Austrian economists during breakfast.

How big a difference is that from what you might expect, say, from a broker who cut his teeth on Wall Street? We couldn't be more different. For one thing, your average Manhattan market jockey rarely has his own neck on the line.

He's trading "other people's money."

Not the same for me. One of the things I did for the bank, for instance, was manage a portfolio of about $200 million of the bank's own money... while making the final call on multimillion-dollar lending deals for companies worth $400 million or more.

I didn't have the luxury — or desire — to gamble with the bank's money the way some brokers do with private investors accounts. Banks take protecting their own cash pile seriously.

Whereas your broker might glance at a shareholder brief before calling clients on the phone, I had to get under the skin of a company to do my evaluations... burrowing deep into the numbers... digging out hidden liabilities... beyond price-to-earnings ratios and the other standard smoke-and-mirrors myths Wall Street brokers love to swear by.

I learned quickly that to really know where your money is going, and to get a return on that money, you have to do a full exploratory exam of a company's books so thorough it would embarrass even an IRS auditor.

I use exactly those same techniques now when looking for investment opportunities. Just like the ones we've already talked about. And just like the rest of the six opportunities I name for you in the copy of The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets I'd like to send.

For instance, here's another one...

Automatic "Paycheck" #4: One of the Safest Retirement Payouts In America

Imagine an incoming stream of cash so reliable, you could leave it behind not just for your partner, but for your children... and even your grand-children.

I can't think of any "paycheck" paying company more able to do that for you than the next one that I'll name for you, as soon as you send for your free copy of my special research report.

Think, for instance, not just about today's rough markets... but how many wealth-busting cycles we've seen in our lifetimes... and in our parents' lifetimes.

Yet through it all...

Including the currency crisis of '97... the market crash of '87... the energy lines and inflation crisis of the late 1970s... the market bust of '73-'74... wars and recessions... the '29 bust and the aftermath of the 1930s...

This one income-producing "paycheck" company just kept on doling out cash to retired shareholders.

In fact, this one "paycheck" payer has mailed out passive income checks to retirees steadily for the last 107 consecutive years.

For the last 38 years straight, it's steadily increased the size of those checks too.

How many other income-paying opportunities can you name that can boast the same solid track record? Not many, I'm sure. Even among the best income payers in America.

Here's something more...

This amazing "paycheck" payer runs with complete self-financing. In other words, smack dab in the middle of the worst credit crisis in history, the company behind this one income-paying move just keeps on cranking out solid flows of cash.

Under the radar of Wall Street, this company also has a hidden store of valuable assets — of exactly the kind that could soar in the coming wave of inflation.

Even now, just on those assets alone, you get total on-the-books value with shares of this company that's already bigger than the price you pay per share.

That's like getting this century-old stream of reliable income at an extreme discount, an opportunity that doesn't come along more than once in a lifetime.

I can't tell you much more because I want to keep the name of this special income-payer close to my chest, for my regular readers.

But I'll tell you everything in your free copy of my special research report, The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets.

What I hope you see already is not just how each of these "paycheck" payers can give you a much richer retirement, but how all these income-streams combined together can really add up quickly.

Maybe more quickly than you realize, with one "paycheck" after another, feeding directly into your accounts.

Just to show you what I mean, here's one more you can start tapping immediately, just as soon as you send for my special report...

Automatic "Paycheck" #5: The Millionaire-Maker Market That Could Pay You Over 20% Per Year

Back in 2007, I watched a man in Mumbai charm snakes.

Next to him, rich-looking yuppies yammered into cell phones.

Not far from that spot, beggars lined the streets. Even as the same exploding economy minted millionaires — lots of them — every single day.

Over the next five to 10 years, there's no doubt in my mind India could make you and anyone else willing to get in now, very rich.

With nearly $500 billion about to pour into infrastructure... with banks less leveraged than even those in the U.S. and the U.K... and everything from Indian industry to IT exploding...

The opportunities for making lifetime-sized fortunes in this former playground of the Mughal Empire are staggering. But don't get me wrong.

I also know why you might hesitate.

After all, going foreign — especially in a market that can still look unruly and exotic from where we sit in the West — doesn't feel or look easy.

Even though it's a hedge against a declining dollar... even though it's the same market that produced one of the world's top five billionaires... even though it's already looking to be one of the fastest growing markets of this century.

That's why I've found a completely different way to play the top 25 opportunities in this incredible market... all with one simple, reliable play.

And with an incredible "paycheck" payout right now of over 21% of everything you put in, year after year (recently, it's even paid as high as 34%).

The secret is a simple high-paying fund that gives you access to all of the best companies in this market while diversifying away much of the risk.

I see this easily as a long-term buy-and-hold play that can still pay you as much return per year as good as some of the world's best investors would love to make.

Of course, the longer you wait on this, the higher the share prices soar — they've already gone up nearly 50% since I told my readers about this move just a few months ago — the lower the ratio of income-payout you can lock in.

Read all about this powerful "paycheck-paying" move, along with the other four I've told you about, by letting me send you a free copy of my research report, The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets.

But remember... you can't wait too long.

Not just because some of these "paycheck" paying moves have payout rates you'll want to lock in earlier rather than later, but because the next mail date for another round of payout "paychecks" is right around the corner..

Act Before the Next Deadline or Your "Paycheck" Goes to Someone Else.

Over the next eight quarters, we're looking at as many as 48 "paychecks" doled out by the companies you'll find named in your copy of The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets.

The next "paycheck" payout date you could be eligible for is February 15, 2010.

Act in time and qualify. Or wait and miss out.

Why miss the opportunity when you don't have to?

Personally, I'd hate to see that happen.

So I'll tell you what I'm going to do.

Just to help you decide to act on this quickly...

I'd Like to Give You the Rest of My Moneymaking Stock Research to Try at no Charge, for a Full Year

Earlier, I told you about the $200 million I managed during my tenure as a bank vice president and commercial lending analyst. I'm proud to say the bank never lost a single nickel on any of the multimillion-dollar lending deals I helped write.

I take pride in that record.

Just as I take pride in a whole new kind of record I've started piling up. With a whole new string of winning recommendations I'd like to start sending you, with your permission.

See, even back in my days at the bank, it wasn't long before I realized all the deep analysis I did there... analysis that piled up fortunes for the bankers... could work just as well helping private individuals grow their fortunes, too.

So ultimately, I decided to walk away from my banking career to break out on my own.

That's when I launched an elite analysis service I call Capital & Crisis. At the start, I meant it only for top industry players. And including about 150 of the sharpest minds on Wall Street, they lined up to get it.

I could have stopped there, but something even more monumental happened.

I met the head an international market research service... with over 119,000 paid-up members... who had an estimated combined net worth of over $14.7 billion.

And a whole new chapter of my story began.

How 41,000 People Discovered the Secret to "Hands-Free" Investing

Addison Wiggin, the head of the internationally renowned Agora Financial research team, begged me to bring Capital & Crisis into its inner circle of quality services.

Quickly, my "insiders" newsletter exploded to include over 41,000 readers. And you can bet I'm even more proud now of what we've been able to do together, with a whole new stable of international research resources at my fingertips.

My network of top-level contacts has exploded. I've taken my readers to opportunities deep in unexplored pockets of the market... across America... and overseas, even to China.

And we've managed to cram our pipeline with one solid, safe gain after another. Not just of the kind we've talked about here today. But with diverse winners like...

Leucadia National 109%
Brookfield Asset Management 115%
CNX Gas Corp. 44%
ABX Air 38%
Walter Industries 44%
AVX Corp. 12.4%
Ameriprise Financial 77%
Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SA 100.3%
Agrium 232%
Plum Creek Timber 28%
Goldkist 39%
Arch Capital Group 45%
Presidential Life Corp. 65%
Rosetta Resources 11.2%
Intrawest Corp. 72%
Orient-Express Hotels 109%
Companhia Paranaense 121%
Imperial Sugar Co. 145%
Catellus Development Corp. 24%
Chiquita Brands Intl. 52%
Bandag 18.3%
Industrias Bachoco 19.75%
Questar 113%
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust 144%
Guitar Center 151%
Sovran Self Storage 155%
Popular Inc. 165%

We're not doing this in fits and starts.

My strategy lets us see gains more consistently.

I'm telling you this because I'd like you to share in this success.

I'd like to start sending you Capital & Crisis.

At no charge, for up to a full year. Free.

Why? Because I want more people like you among my subscribers.

They're not gamblers with their money.

We're not banking their futures on the next highflier.

Instead, my readers and I would rather lock in smart gains safely. Without sacrificing performance, but without taking risks we don't need to take, either.

I see lots of other services that don't bother with that approach. And I wish them and their readers all the luck in the world. But to be perfectly honest, there are very few companies strong enough to make it into my model portfolio.

And I sincerely believe you're the kind of person who will appreciate that. Just as so many of my other readers do. They write me to say as much. Take a look at some of the things they've said...

"The Best Newsletter I've Found So Far"
"I just want to say that I have subscribed to quite a few investment newsletters before, and this is the best one that I have found so far. You have turned me from a trader into an investor with your investment insights. I would just like to thank you for this newsletter. Keep up the good work."
— R.D.

"Chris Has Grown My Investment by Fivefold in a Month"
"You recommended a short sale of Japanese bonds through Chris Foster at Friedberg Mercantile in Toronto. I followed your recommendation, and through careful and constant attention, my small $5,000 investment has grown by over fivefold in a month... I enjoy and look forward to your monthly communiqu├ęs. Keep up the good work!"
— J. Redmond

"I Will Be a Long-Term Subscriber"
"I just subscribed to Capital & Crisis this month. I've been reading through the back issues of your newsletter, and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your writing style and content (and your track record too, of course). Reading through the archives is like getting a university-level education on sound investing principles. I am very much impressed with your letter and think it is very likely I will be a long-term subscriber."
— L. Prokop

"I Wish I Had Been Reading Such Thoughtful Analysis 24 Years Ago"
"After spending 24 years in the investment business (and building assets under management to $350 million), your insights are probably the best I have seen. Your study of the great money managers, past and present, and your ability to succinctly distill, explain and relate their philosophies to your specific recommendations is a true talent. I only wish I had been reading such thoughtful analysis 24 years ago."
— S. Ostlund

"It's Probably the Smartest Letter I've Ever Seen"
"I'm quite a new subscriber, but I must say that I really love it. It's probably the smartest letter I've ever seen, and believe me, I've seen a lot of them in more than 10 years. Congratulations for the good job."
— M. Dejolier

What I'm saying is simply this.

I believe we share the same ideals.

And that's more than enough reason for me to have you on board with the rest of us. See, Capital & Crisis is not just a newsletter to me; it is a reflection of my ability to provide successful investment recommendations to my readers on a consistent and reliable basis.

Let me warn you, I'm not like a poll-seeking politician or ratings-starved TV news jockey. That is, if I have to go against the grain sometimes, I'll do it. Because I know my most loyal Capital & Crisis readers wouldn't want it any other way.

Once you join us, you'll realize too that it's far more important that the document I leave behind — the C&C archives — and all the work I'll do for you remains honest, accurate, and thorough.

I will not now or ever compromise on that point. You have my word on that. In short, I take deep pride in the opportunity to bring big returns to readers who believe in my work.

It's really that simple.

I do what I do because I love it. And I do it because I believe in it myself, as the smartest and safest way to make money in today's market... and just about any other kind of market.

I have a very good reason to think you share those beliefs. Which is why I'm sincerely looking forward to this chance to share my work with you...

The undiscovered bargains... the rock-solid "lifetime top stock" performers... the shockingly safe big growth opportunities... heavy-hitting income producers... you'll find them all in one issue and update after another.

And as I said, I'd like you to have all that free of charge for up to a full year.

Why Give This Away Free?

Think of what I'm offering you as a free backstage pass... that lasts all year.

Not only does that offer include your issues of Capital & Crisis every month, packed with my best new research and all my latest recommendations. Along with research updates every single week. And around-the-clock access to the private members-only Capital & Crisis Web site.

Normally, that would cost you the published price for Capital & Crisis, which is $159 per year. But with this special invitation, your cost to sign up is $0 for up to 12 months.

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Is there a catch?

You bet there is.

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How to Lock in a Lifetime of "While-You-Sleep" Wealth, Starting Today

My publisher hates it when I give stuff away for nothing.

So I had to make him a deal.

To get your full year of Capital & Crisis as a gift, all you have to do is send for the brand-new report we talked about, The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets.

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That's it. For everything.

Let's take a look at how that adds up.

You're getting...

  • At least one full year of my popular Capital & Crisis monthly research letter (published price value of $159, but yours free to try along with this report, for 12 full months)

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Altogether, that's $335 of research right there.

Yet you pay for only the report.

Either in four easy installments or even better choose to cover the whole cost of the report upfront, and I'll throw in an extra brand-new research report, Buy and Hold This Top Stock for Unlimited Upside.

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Love All This for a Lifetime... Guaranteed

Collecting the 48 income "paychecks" I tell you about in your copy of The Ultimate Paycheck Portfolio: Double-Digit Yields... Even in Flat Markets is so effortless you can literally do it while you sleep.

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Along with your copy of my new report, try the rest of my research and see if it's for you. If you decide it's not, you're invited to cancel anytime up to 12 months for a full refund. Even if it's the last day of your final issue. You get to keep everything I've sent, no questions asked.

Why would I make such an unrestricted promise?

First, because I know that the bigger a guarantee I make, the harder I have to work to put my money where my mouth is. And that's perfectly fine with me.

But second, because I know something you don't.

Which is that, so far, my research service Capital & Crisis has one of the highest "renewal" rates in the newsletter industry. That means my readers like what they see enough to sign up again and again — year after year — at a higher rate than you'll find with just about any other service you'll come across.

That's why I'm happy to give you a chance to see what we do.

Because all I want is the chance to earn your loyal readership, too.

Let me hear from you soon, so I can rush you your materials.

Chance to Rack Up Top Stocks To Buy

These little-known "cheat sheet"  top stocks to buy have stacked up some impressive gains… 221%… 150%… 132% in mere months.

But it's next to impossible to find huge gains like these on your own. These days, you need to "cheat" a little to thrash the market.

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Top 5 "Cheat-Sheet" Stocks for 2010: How to Swell Your Bank Account Without Breaking the Bank.

Dear Weary Stock-Market Player,

A little while ago, a guy named Henry Balboni was reading his latest "cheat sheet."

It had just arrived — quietly in the mail. The envelope was unobtrusive — something you might glance over, maybe not even notice. But Henry was eagerly waiting for it. He ripped open the envelope and immediately devoured every word.

You might ask — why was Henry in such a delirious rush to get at his mail? Simple. He knew that his "cheat sheet" would reveal a true penny stock profit-buster. A penny stock not one Wall Street analyst or TV pundit had ever uttered the name of.

Sure enough… in his "cheat sheet" was the name of a hot penny stock. Not only the name, but a detailed expert analysis of why this company was a good buy. In fact, Henry was given five solid reasons to buy. Five reasons that went far beyond its low penny-stock price.

Henry liked what he was reading. That's because he knew that his "cheat sheet" was the only reliable source for folks like him, and I believe you too, who want to beat the market… and beat it bad! And most importantly, not risk huge sums of money.

So he grabbed his phone and quickly called his broker. Henry bought 1,000 shares of this "cheat sheet" stock at the unbelievably low price of $5.35 a share — just a $5,350 investment! That was in May of last year.

He waited patiently for just under a year. And his patience was worth it — the payoff was HUGE! He sold his shares for $20.30 for a 279% gain on his money.

Henry turned his small investment into a $20,277 windfall by Christmas! He used his cheat sheet to totally crush the market which had cratered into one of the worst investment periods in seven decades. Henry could only have made such a stunning play with his trusted "cheat sheet" in his hand.

So what was this tiny "cheat sheet" stock that Henry invested in? It's a company called Dendreon. A tiny biotech company buried deep in the hidden market, but revealed only in the "cheat sheet."

Henry made a classic "cheat sheet" stock play. Nothing complicated… just this.

Discover an unknown small-cap or penny stock no one is paying attention to or talking about… a stock buried in the hidden small-cap market where no Wall Street analyst bothers to enter. Buy it really cheap… then turn around and sell it months later for double or triple digit profits. That's exactly what Henry did with Dendreon.

But that's not the only time Henry won!

A couple of months earlier he was reading another "cheat sheet." This time the "cheat sheet" uncovered an unknown player in the pawn shop and check cashing industry. It's a tiny, boring, company called First Cash Financial Services. They offer cash and short-term loans in return for tools, electronics, jewelry, etc.

They're a dime-a-dozen in any given city — I'm sure you've seen plenty of shops similar to this one. But this one had a small, unknown edge over their competition.

So after reviewing his "cheat sheet," Henry bought and sold First Cash Financial Services… and made 82% in profits!

Of course, profits like these are not limited to people like Henry. In fact, Henry is no different than you are. The only edge he has over you is the information he finds packed within the pages of each monthly "cheat sheet" delivered right to his email inbox.

And in just a minute, I'll show you how to join Henry and a select group of fellow profit seekers, bargain hunters and adventure hounds who have signed on to receive my elite monthly "cheat sheet" covering the big penny stock picks of this hidden market. These lucky people are raking in double and triple-digit gains from the hidden market.

In the next few minutes, I'm going to reveal why this hidden market is so lucrative yet Wall Street won't talk about it. Why a little "cheating" is perfectly OK when you're raking in a king's ransom. I'll also reveal the secret behind the mind-blowing profits my "cheat sheet" makes possible for an elite group of top penny stocks aficionados.

Finally, I'm going to let you in on how you can get your hands on my cheat sheet so you too can possibly enjoy gains of 132%, 118%, 221% and 146% on your stock picks.

Now my "cheat sheet" is off limits to all but a select few. But in a moment, I'm going to tell you how to get it delivered directly to your mailbox or inbox each month.

What's more, I'm going to give you a special report called, Top 5 "Cheat-Sheet" Stocks for 2010: How to Swell Your Bank Account Without Breaking the Bank — ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Once you get your hands on my "cheat sheet" and discover for yourself the incredibly lucrative potential of the stocks I've vetted out of the hidden market, you're able to make your own informed buying decision. Then the next step is incredibly simple!

Pick up the phone and call your broker, or jump on the computer and purchase the recommended "cheat sheet" stocks online.

You can buy these stocks at incredibly great deals… most sell for under $10… many under $3 or $5. Henry got in for as little as $5.35 a share!

You can soon turn your pocket-change into a $1,000, then $10,000, then $100,000… even a million dollars or more!

You Need to "Cheat" a Little and That's Okay!

It's clear from the wild ride that the stock market has taken us all on in recent months that it's really hard to find the big winners. You're not going to hear about these small, ignored hidden penny stocks from any mainstream financial newspapers or magazines.

You're not going to turn on CNBC, FOX, CNN or BloombergTV and hear any TV pundit or Wall Street analysts talk about these tiny stocks. They're not paid to do it and they just don't have the time, or to be fair, the inclination to follow penny stocks.

What's more, the big institutional investors, like mutual funds or pension funds, can't invest in them because there are not enough shares for them to buy. And we all know Wall Street basically covers just what the big boys are buying, so penny stocks are out.

You're also not going to hear about them from any broker. He's just interested in pushing what Wall Street's talking about. Or, if he does hear about a hot penny stock he certainly doesn't want you to know about it. He wants to keep the big profits for himself.

It's clear no one is watching this lucrative hidden market for you. Oh sure, you may see penny stock "tip sheets" all over the web, but they're just pumping out names of cheap stocks. Very little analysis goes into these picks. Nothing you can hang your hat on or commit your hard-earned money to. So don't waste your time or money on them. You'd have more luck bagging the big prize at the local carnival.

Plus, in the hidden world of penny stocks, it's really hard to find the tiny blockbusters on your own. Unless of course you want to spend 40 hours or more every week glued to your computer screen or reading mind-numbing company reports.

Yet with all that work, you'd still be lucky to find a rare beauty such as a stock poised to double or triple or more in value in just months, or even weeks. It's just too difficult to find enough information in this unreported market to make a smart decision.

That means playing to win in the best stock market game is not a game you want to play alone. Not when you have a lifestyle to maintain, upcoming expenses to meet and a secure and enjoyable retirement to save for. Not when your wealth and future financial security is on the line.

Do you really want to trust your financial future to luck?

So it's okay to "cheat." You have to cheat. It's the only way you're going to find the small stocks with huge breakout potential — what I call the "cheat sheet" stocks. Now, I'm not talking about anything illegal or unethical.

All it takes to win is a little advantage over the average investor. Your advantage is a "cheat sheet" that arrives every month highlighting the two best-hidden market penny stock plays I've uncovered. I'm talking here about a little honest cheating.

And you'll gain an advantage that can make a difference between a million-dollar nest egg and merely scraping by to make ends meet.

Savvy Investors Win Big With These "Cheat Sheet" Winners

For example, how many investors do you know who have been lucky enough to score winners like these without a cheat sheet?

These big gains were most likely missed by 99% of investors. But the investors who received my "cheat sheet" and decided to buy the recommended stocks made out like bandits — racking up double and triple digit wins. You can too!

That's because… "cheat sheet" stocks are the best way to play the stock market for big profits. And I'm not going out on a limb here either. It's an historical fact — proven over decades of investing. You see, every $100 invested in "cheat sheet" stocks has turned into almost $1.125 million dollars!

What's the Secret Behind What I Call "Cheat Sheet" Stocks?

As I mentioned earlier, what I call "cheat sheet" stocks are simply penny stocks that are invisible, unnoticed by Wall Street hotshot analysts or know-it-all TV pundits. These ignored stocks are buried deep in the stock market — unknown except to a handful of honest "cheaters" like me.

And there are thousands of them — three times as many as the more well-known bigger stocks. Yet fat-cat Wall Street pays no attention to them. Why?

It's because they're small companies with market caps between $200 million and $1 billion. So they're known as "small-cap stocks." Market cap is a simple calculation of the number of outstanding shares multiplied by the current per share price. Translation: they don't have a lot of shareholders.

And that's good news for us! These smaller companies fly under the radar and attract very little attention. This keeps their share price low for buying. "Cheat sheet" readers can scoop them up for cheap, tuck them into their portfolio and wait for the share price to take off.

This rapid growth is often easier for these small-cap stocks. You see, it's easier for a company doing $2 million in sales to double in size than it is for a company doing a billion. Plus at some point in their growth — long after we have bought the stock of course — Wall Street will get around to noticing them… usually after a significant rise in stock price of 2010 or a breakout news event.

And when they do, you'll see the big mutual funds and the huge pension plans swoop in on a buying spree. Once this happens, these small-cap stock prices will soar! Meanwhile, you'll see the profits in your portfolio bulge faster than popcorn in a Jiffy Pop pan.

Four Times the Profits!

It's an historical fact proven over time. These nimbler small-cap stocks have beaten large cap stocks since 1926! To prove my point, let's say you invested $100 in small cap stocks in 1926. By 2006 you would be worth $1,125,000! But if you'd invested that same $100 in large cap stocks, you'd only have $273,600 for that same time period.

But we both know you weren't investing in 1926. So to make my point more relevant, you don't have to go back that far to see how small cap stocks beat the pants off large caps. For example, from 1990 to 2006, small cap stocks outperformed large cap stocks by a hefty 32%.

And from 2000 to 2006, small cap stocks blew away the large-caps by outperforming them more than seven times every year. Despite the severe bear market of 2002-2003, small cap stocks enjoyed a 7.2% annual return while the large caps languished with returns less than 1% a year.

So you see, people who buy small cap stocks have a far greater chance of turning into millionaires than those who follow the herd and buy the Wall Street faves.

Yesterday's Scorned Penny Stocks Are Today's Respected Blue Chips

Here are a few famous companies that began as small cap stocks in the hidden market… and are now the big large cap stocks of today. Many investors who got on board early are millionaires today.

Company Opening
Date Current
Return $10,000
Would Have Become
Walmart $0.05 8/25/1972 $49.93 99,760% $9,976,000
MicroSoft $0.08 3/13/1986 $21.40 26,650% $2,665,000
McDonald's $0.21 1/2/1970 $60.38 28,652% $2,865,238
Dell $0.08 8/17/1988 $11.94 14,825% $1,482,500
Home Depot $0.28 8/20/1984 $24.50 8,650% $865,000
Starbucks $0.70 6/26/1992 $14.82 2,017% $201,714
Ebay $1.88 9/24/1998 $17.96 855% $85,532

*Prices as of June 2, 2009

Just like these well-known companies, the "cheat sheet" stocks I look for are most often priced under $15 a share — most under $10 and $5. That's an affordable entry price for most investors and this price has lots of room to grow.

BIG Gains in Our "Cheat Sheet" Stocks

Just take a look at the big gains of a few of our own "cheat sheet" stocks… unknowns back when we recommended them, but fairly common names now:

Barnes and Noble recommended at $1.35 and sold at $1.65 for 19% gains in 6 weeks
Cost-U-Less recommended at $7.77 and sold at $10.40 for 34% gains in 6 weeks
E-Loan recommended at $1.59 and sold at $2.29 for 44% gains in 10 weeks recommended at $2.50 and sold at $4.14 for 66% gains in 2 months
Select Comfort recommended at $5.61 and sold at $9.76 for 74% gains in 4 months
Forward Industries recommended at $7.83 and sold at $15.90 for 103% gains in 28 days
Vaalco Energy recommended at $4.12 and sold at $8.63 for 109% gains in 10 months

Another big "cheat sheet" stock win for us was Pan American Silver Corp, another mining company. We recommended that at $3.85 way back on Jan. 1, 2002. Today it's trading for $24 — a stunning 523% gain. If you had invested $10,000 on that one pick, you'd be sitting on $62,300 today!

I hope you can see how profitable it is to take on the stock market and score big gains when you have my handy "cheat sheet" to help you. I'm getting ready to send out my next "cheat sheet" and I'm hoping you're on my exclusive list. Just say the word and it's on its way.

With all these winners that I've shared with you so far, it's clear that my proprietary system to picking the right stocks for my "cheat sheet" is a proven method you can depend on to make your smart investment decisions.

New Blue Chips Make a Few Savvy Investors Rich!

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Greg Guenthner and the name of my "cheat sheet" that I've been bragging about is called Penny Stock Fortunes.

It's the only newsletter of its kind that provides fortune seekers like you, the in-depth coverage of the exciting but hidden profitable world of small cap stocks.

Remember, every blue chip stock revered on the DOW today began its existence as an unknown and ignored penny stock or small cap stock. I'm talking about big-name companies such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Verizon and countless others.

But very few investors had the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of these mammoth companies and make the huge gains.

But you can have a "cheat sheet" that is investigating the new monster growth stocks hidden in today's market — the next Walmart, MicroSoft or McDonald's and other potential blue chips of tomorrow. You can read about a company's potential long before anyone else notices. Buying a best stock before the Wall Street crowd is the little-known secret making a few people rich. You could be one of them.

Advanced Technology and Superior Investigative Skills Give You an "Unfair"… but Winning Advantage

Prior to taking over as editor of Penny Stock Fortunes, I was an investigative reporter for a major city newspaper. I have a nose for a good story, a profitable story. These skills I acquired on the beat now help me to track down the facts of a company — financials, balance sheet, debt levels, new product launches, secret marketing plans… whatever I need to know.

My interviewing techniques, honed as a reporter on deadline, help me to grill the CEO's, the product managers, the production line workers, the quality control experts, even the customer service folks answering the phones. I ask whatever I need to ask to make sure the company is solid and worthy of appearing on my "cheat sheet." That's why today I'm asking questions no other stock researcher has thought to ask.

Since the world of penny stocks and small cap stocks is so huge, I also use proprietary modern technology finely tuned over years. This scientific approach screens out the unworthy stocks. It's a revolutionary stock screening computer program that picks over the 5,397 stocks on the market that have market caps of $1 billion or less.

I call it the CXS Money-Multiplier System. I use this revolutionary system to rate the thousands of penny and small-cap stocks from 0-10 based on five criteria. The way I designed the system, not even 10% of these companies could score a five on my system.

I wouldn't even consider recommending a five. It's got to be at least a six. Companies that score a six or better are the best of the best in the world of small caps and penny stocks.

Now, this scoring system has nothing to do with risk — and everything to do with potential. Obviously, a stock that scores an eight or nine is a company I think will have a better chance of making massive gains.

A perfect 10 is the Holy Grail. We're always looking for it... and so far, we haven't found one yet. The highest any stock has scored on this system is a nine when I toughened up the system back in Feb. 2007 to be even more selective. In that time, I've only listed three stocks with a score of nine! So yeah — I'm a tough grader.

In-Depth and Serious Reporting on Penny Stocks You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Every month, I pore over the 200 stocks my proprietary CXS System identifies as the best potential blockbusters and possible new blue chips of tomorrow. My journalistic, investigative skills automatically jump into high gear. I roll up my sleeves and dig deep to find the two stocks I'm going to add to my monthly "cheat sheet" I call Penny Stock Fortunes.

You see stocks are like people... every one of them is different, with different strengths and weaknesses. There's no computer-generated screen for what I do. A machine doesn't just spit out eight's and nine's for me every month.

Anyone selling an "automatic system" that magically prints the tickers of perfect stocks is full of it. This CXS system is a personal one that requires a human touch. So I spend hours each month reading the dusty reports and asking the tough questions to those that can answer. That's the only way to find the small cap and penny stocks with the massive profit potential of a SIRIUS, a Microsoft, or a Home Depot.

No one else is doing this in-depth, serious reporting on the small cap and penny stock universe that you'll find exclusively in Penny Stock Fortunes.

Now it's too late to get in on the spectacular gains in these "cheat sheet" stocks I've already told you about. That money has already been made. But I have good news for you. I've just put the finishing touches on a new special report I've reserved for you.

It's called Top 5 "Cheat-Sheet" Stocks for 2010: How to Swell Your Bank Account Without Breaking the Bank. It's yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Turn $200 into $1.6 Million with "Cheat Sheet" Stocks!

Here's an example of how much money you could make by investing in a string of what I call "cheat sheet" stocks or small cap and penny stocks.

Even though I'm using actual numbers of real companies, your chances of hitting this particular stock string is fairly remote. But this example will show you how quickly you could rake in a king's ransom by choosing the right stocks with the highest profit potential.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: You buy 160 shares of NutriSystem, a weight-loss company, for $240. This soars to $11,776. You remove your original $240 investment and continue investing your profits. Everything you're making from now on is pure profit.

Step 2: You take your $11,536 profit and invest in a tiny, but fast-growing company called The Amacore Group, which offers affordable health care solutions to businesses, associations and individuals. This multiplies to $125,650 in just one month!

Step 3: The $125,650 is plugged into another hidden gem named Blue Nile, Inc., an online retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry. It quickly skyrockets to $204,809.

Step 4: Your $204,809 windfall is next invested in Alloy Steel International, which nearly quadruples to $667,677! You could certainly stop here and be a millionaire, but one more play could double your money.

Step 5: Your remaining stake of $667,677 is put into Cell Genesys, Inc., where it nearly doubles to $1.2 million in just six weeks. If you add up all those profits, you would have nearly $1.6 million.

Imagine turning $240 into $1.6 million buying and selling just five penny stocks or small cap stocks. Now we'd both be extremely lucky to hit a million in profits that quickly. But you can see the power of how money multiplies when you invest in one good stock, take the profits and invest in another and another. It's what could happen when you invest in the right string of "cheat sheet" stocks. Here's five to get you started.

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Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #1: Make Money From This Company That's the Total Package!

Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #1 is one of the smallest companies but with the largest profit potential.

They work in the custom packaging industry — molded fibers, plastics and foams — and have been in business for 46 years. That's certainly impressive. But what's even more impressive is that they announced record earnings of $5.12 million in 2008.

That's 16% growth since 2007… and 110% growth over the last three years.

As I write, the stock is actually down 15% since January… but I think that's a good thing. Their market has been pretty flat in 2009 which means the bears have been pushing the price down in spite of a record year for this company.

Their balance sheet is strong and they have more than enough cash to pay off their long-term debt. But instead, they're keeping that cash on hand for future investments. While paying down their debt at a rate of 6% per year.

That means they've achieved that 110% growth without drawing on their credit reserves.

Despite their solid fundamentals and impeccable track record, they're grossly undervalued right now. But I see 2009 as another record year for them.

That's why they scored a solid eight out of 10 on the CXS Money Multiplier System and you can get in for under $5 a share. It's at least a doubler!

Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #2: Make Money From a Genuinely Recession-Proof Powerhouse

You've probably used dozens of products made, at least in part, by my Cheat Sheet Stock #2. They have a hand in everything from soaps and toothpastes to soft drinks, fertilizers and petroleum products — products consumers will continue to buy even in tough times.

Yet it's unlikely you've ever heard of them. They lurk in the background providing one "specialty" ingredient required for thousands of consumer products.

How recession proof are they? Well, they made shareholders 34% in 2008. And their first quarter 2009 earnings report beat Wall Street estimates by 10%. In fact revenues surged by 17.4% and profits followed suit.

Plus they've been paying a 4.4% dividend, without fail, ever since they first went public in 2006.

They score an impressive nine out of 10 on the CXS Money Multiplier System and you can get in today for under $16 a share. It's a revolutionary opportunity!

Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #3: Make Money on the Future of Roadway Traffic

$27 billion of Obama's stimulus money has been allocated to roads and bridges. And Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #3 is poised to claim a solid chunk of it in the next year.

They are an industry leader in traffic management systems and technologies. Working with government agencies at all levels, as well as private design companies, their goal is to help build more efficient roadways.

There are three arms to their operation — each one a money-maker in its own right. But combined we could see an easy triple or quadruple in the share price this year.

For example, just one arm of this company produces finely tuned traffic sensors. Unlike the underground sensors that tell a traffic light when to turn green, this company has an above ground image processing technology that can detect vehicles, speeds, even capacities.

They're already in use around the world and have proven to increase roadway efficiency, prevent accidents and reduce both fuel consumption and pollution by 11%. Not to mention the 12% reduction in travel time.

It scored seven out of 10 on the CXS Money Multiplier System and you can get in for under $1.50 a share. It's a screaming bargain!

Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #4: Make Money and "Go Green" With the Leader in Air Pollution Control

Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world today. And as a result, countries all over the planet have beefed up regulations to prevent things from getting worse than they are.

And that means big money for Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #4.

For the last three decades, this small-cap leader in pollution control has bagged Fortune 100 clients like General Electric, Procter and Gamble, Honda Motors, Boeing and more.

They wrapped up 2008 reporting an 88.9% increase in income compared to the previous year's final quarter. And the first quarter of 2009 has already seen a 38% increase in gross profits.

The more our world governments increase regulation on carbon outputs, the more money this company will make. And already 18% of their backlog comes from companies outside the US. As global exposure increases, so will their bottom line.

This company made eight out of 10 on the CXS Money Multiplier System and you can get in on this one too for under $4 a share. It's a triple-digit opportunity!

Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #5: Make Money as the World "Examines" Itself

Forgive the pun, but Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #5 actually creates exams. How is this a money making opportunity for you? I'll explain…

You probably remember the SATs and the ACTs. And if you went to graduate school, there were additional exams to take. Certain jobs require written tests too. And all of these tests have to come from somewhere… and that somewhere is this Cheat Sheet Penny Stock #5.

Plus, as more countries around the world move from "developing" to "developed" there will be a dramatic increase in the number of middle class citizens seeking higher education and, in turn, white collar jobs.

We're already seeing this in rapidly developing countries like China.

In fact, the number of exams delivered, worldwide, jumped by almost 300% between 2007 and 2008. It's as simple as that. This company is growing at record speed, while countless others are sinking.

This firm scored a solid seven out of 10 on the CXS Money Multiplier System and you can get in for under $7 a share. It's a proven contender!

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Reasons to Buy Gold Stocks For 2010

I always get a real kick out of hearing that "the consumer is 70 percent of the economy," mostly because it gives me a chance to heap ridicule and scorn on whoever said it, and I say that the consumer is 100 percent of the economy!

One CAN say that, with or without the heaping of ridicule and/or scorn, but at least with an arrogant and smug authority that comes from 100 percent certitude, that "The Mogambo is 100 percent certain that the consumer is 100 Freaking Percent (100FP) of the economy!"

I make this Bold Mogambo Assertion (BMA) for two reasons. First, I hope that by debunking this silly "the consumer is 70 percent of the economy" crapola, I will win a Nobel Prize or some other award that has a cash-award component of the prize winnings, perhaps one that has a LARGE cash-award component.

My argument is that the ultimate consumer pays the price for everything by buying and consuming, for instance, a frozen pizza or delicious candy bars, and maybe something nice to drink, knowing that a slice of the purchase price is used to pay back creditors and producers for the use of capital, labor and land invested in producing these – and more! – delicious 'ready-to-eat' snacks and treats of high caloric content, of which the sugary, chocolaty and salty varieties I find particularly good. Yum!

And speaking of spending, I was surprised to see that the current-account balance of the USA has collapsed to $673.3 billion in the last 12 months, down from its high of over $800 billion, and the trade balance has fallen to $730.4 billion in the last year, which is down about 20 percent from its high of a couple of years ago, too.

And while the 12.8 percent fall in industrial production in the last year seems like bad news for us Americans, it is worse by whole orders of magnitude other places. Japan has industrial production down 34.2 percent over the last 12 months, and in the euro area it is down by 20.2 percent.

Just when I thought I would go berserk at such horrific economic news, I see John Stepek at Money Morning newsletter had a subhead that caught my eye, which was "Three sound reasons to buy gold stocks for 2010."

I admit that I did not read the article, but as far as I know, there are only two good reasons to buy gold stocks for 2010; to preserve wealth when prices are stable, and to make a lot of fiat wealth when your government acts so stupid as to create, or allow to be created, excess money and credit that eventually destroys the currency, especially when undertaken so as to enlarge the size of government, like now, which makes the problem of inflation worse because those more government weenies have a bigger incentive to save their own phony-baloney jobs, but can only make things worse.

Like, I said, I did not read the article because I am lazy, but the advice to buy gold stocks for 2010 is the lesson of the last 4,500 years of governments acting irresponsibly when given control of a fiat currency with which they could create as much money as they wished; inflation in prices inevitably caused chaos, misery, starvation and revolution.

I tried to explain to the employees that inflation in prices was essentially just a mismatch between gains in income, if any, versus gains in prices that must be paid with that income, which I hoped would prove to be a valuable insight when I then told them how I was slashing their salaries by a lousy 5 percent, and if they did not like it, then they could all go to hell because we are on our way to bankruptcy anyway.

I was going to suggest that the lesson, which they would immediately grasp if they were not so stupid, is to immediately buy as much gold stocks, silver and oil as they could, but they were not in the mood to hear good advice gleaned from history, and instead wanted to whine about their puny pay cuts.

If they were not so stupid, they would see that buying gold stocks now would easily make up for their meager income reductions, and if they had been buying gold stocks for 2010, silver and oil all along, they would be miles ahead!

Whee! This investing stuff is easy!

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In 2008, for example, I had 36 picks that triggered. Only five did not. My average gain was an astounding 127% — with total gains possible of over $229,000!

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While I do not issue specific sell recommendations, with my proven selling strategies, you'll learn how to minimize your risk and lose as little money as possible.

In fact, when we reviewed the over 110 examples of winning options recommended in the past three years and how well they could have done, we found that …

The average gain was over 100% on each recommendation. That's doubling your money on every play! The highest gain was a monstrous 611% on the Newmont Mining December $45 calls in August of 2007. That's enough to turn your one $5,000 investment into $30,550!

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472% on Bed, Bath & Beyond February $40 put, recommended on December 18, 2005
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These triple-digit winners have been great. Big winners like this are a real high, and when I make any recommendation, that's certainly my goal. Over one-third of all my recommendations from 2005 through 2008 were triple-digit home runs.

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That's enough to turn a $5,000 investment into $10,750 on every play!

Compare that to the pitiful returns of the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq for the same time period:
S&P 500: 1.63 % average annual return from 1999-2007! Actually, from January 1999 through December 2007, the S&P's TOTAL cumulative return has only been 14.7%! 14.7% in 9 years. It's pathetic!
The Nasdaq has done worse....0.64% average annual return and 5.8% cumulative return in that time. That's worse than a savings account …
And forget about 2008! The markets fell up to 40%, sometimes whipsawing around with volatile swings of 3-5% a day!
Just how fast do you think you could build real wealth with those sorts of returns? Perhaps your entire life. It would take more than your and my lifetime of investing combined to even hope to get anywhere near a million dollars on 1.63% and 0.64% returns.

I think you'll agree that my way of trading options is certainly the fastest and easiest way (and it's less risky too - more on that in a moment) to make your FIRST MILLION DOLLARS.

So now you may be asking...

What are options... and why doesn't everyone invest in them?

For far too long, options trading has been shrouded in mystery for the average investor. But no longer. I've been studying options my entire life (my dad, Paul Sarnoff, was a brilliant master options expert), and I have to tell you it's the one investment that truly offers limited risk for unlimited gain.

Many people don't invest in options, because they've listened to all the misconceptions or myths of options trading. Perhaps the No. 1 myth of options trading is that options are too risky, but that simply isn't true. In fact, you can make money trading options in up, down or even sideways markets.

Trading in the actual underlying top stocks to buy is more risky, as more of your money is on the line when you purchase a stock. You can buy an options contract for as little as $100 and see it double in price in a short period of time. You certainly don't see stock prices doubling very often or witness the spectacular gains in stock prices that you do in options.

Another big myth is that most options expire worthless...but as you'll soon see from my profit-building strategies, you should sell the option long before the expiration date to maximize your profit or minimize the loss.

So don't stay on the sidelines and miss out on the huge profit potential of options any longer...not when you allow me to be your expert guide and I have an astonishing "double your money" potential in average gains on every pick since 1999! Just take a look at my year-by-year gain-and-loss chart. The proof of success is in the numbers!

I won't give you a detailed explanation of options, because frankly, at this point, you don't need one. Right now, you just need to know how they work and how to profit from them. (I am offering TWO FREE BONUS REPORTS that will serve as your crash course in options. You'll get both of these gifts just for trying out Options Hotline.)

Simply stated for our option gives you the right to buy or sell 100 shares of a specific stock at a certain price within a set period of time.

If you expect a stock to rise in the future, you buy a call, the right to buy the best stock for 2011 at a certain price. If you expect a stock to fall in the future, you buy a put, which is the right to sell the stock at a certain price. You're not actually buying or selling the stocks, just the "option" to do it.

And that's what makes option trading a real profit shield against disasters and world events...hurricanes, oil shortages, high gas prices, terror bombings, sluggish consumer sales...whatever! If the stock market goes bearish, then I start looking for puts to recommend to take advantage of the down market.

And we've seen some pretty hefty wins on puts recently. Take a look:
366% on SPY November $152 puts
52% on FedEx October $100 puts
68% on MetLife September $60 puts
130% on Allstate April $60 puts
569% on Citigroup July $20 puts.

And you don't actually have to exercise an option to make money. In fact, all of these staggering gains could have been made on buying and selling the option!
The secret of "SUPER-LEVERAGE"...and how it can make you far richer in a short period of time!

"Super-Leverage" is, quite simply, the potential to make large profits from changing prices while strategically limiting your risk. The instruments of Super-Leverage are nothing fancy...just exchange-traded puts and calls. It's the simplest strategy, but most often, it's the most effective.

The BIG advantage to you is that you don't need to be a financial wizard or have large sums of money to participate. Remember, you can purchase an option for as little as $100!

The disadvantage is that options are wasting assets. And if the underlying security doesn't move enough to give you real value before a specified date, your options will expire worthless. It is a risk...but you're only out the price of the option.

Here's a play from 2007 I recommended that shows you the power of Super-Leverage at work:

On September 17, 2007, I recommended to my readers that they..."Buy the Johnson & Johnson January $65 call, for $200 or less, good this week".

What this means is that I'm recommending readers buy one options contract at $200 (or less) for 100 shares of Johnson and Johnson stock at $65 a share sometime before the third Friday in January. Options always expire on the third Friday of the month.

Now, if the Johnson & Johnson stock climbs higher than $65, your option starts to increase in value. Why? Because you have the option to buy them at $65 a share when others are willing to buy them at a much higher price.

Say Johnson & Johnson rises to $70...that means you can "exercise" your option and buy 100 shares at $6,500 and sell them for $7,000, for $500 in profit minus the $200 (or less) you paid for the option - or $300 net profit. Not bad - a 4% potential return on your investment!

But if you sell the $65 call option (instead of exercising it), in fact you could have sold your option outright for a maximum of $425 and pocketed a return of 112%! Since I suggest a $5,000 investment, at a 112% return, you could have sold it for $5,600 in net profits.

Now that's Super-Leverage, and why options are so profitable...and why you need to risk only $5,000 on my one weekly recommendation.

Here are a few more plays I recommended that produced the HUGE Super-Leverage gains in just a few days, like Mr. Carson's:
  • Coca-Cola Sept $55 calls, 206% in 8 days
  • FedEx October $100 puts, 52% in 1 day
  • Exxon Mobil May $80 calls, 107% in 4 days
  • UPS July $70 put, 48% in 1 day.

You see why there's no need to buy a lot of options and risk a large amount of your money and hope for one big win to make up for all the losses. I closely look for the one option to buy each week that can make you huge profits in a short time. It's my full-time job...not yours.
My dad Paul Sarnoff was one of the legends in options trading for more than 40 years. Wall Street turned to my dad for the best in options trading advice. He is to options what Warren Buffett is to stocks - a genius! In fact, it was my dad who started Options Hotline, his private options advisory service available only to a select few, back in 1989.

About 30 years ago, my dad brought me into the "family business" - sort of a Sarnoff & Son. For years, I literally soaked up every word he ever spoke about trading options for big profits. I watched him trade. I listened carefully to his reasons. I analyzed his every pick. I did what he did. It was awesome to watch a master trader at work.

As his apprentice, I saw firsthand how my dad raked in profits. And I'll always remember what my dad said to me nearly every day: "Son, options are the best...perhaps the only way to get rich very quickly."

While I was learning trading secrets from my dad, I also earned my college degree, worked on the floor of the Commodity Exchange and founded my own research company, developing my own charting and analytical techniques to build on what my father had taught me.

In 1995, Dad asked me to join him as co-editor of Options Hotline. I was proud that this options genius felt I was ready to join him as his equal. Sadly, my dad passed away in 1999, but his legacy lives on through me and the ongoing success of Options Hotline.

My first solo recommendation was Barrick Gold calls on Oct. 24, 1999. Not my best pick, with a 100% loss, but I made up for it with my next four picks ...
Home Depot calls, 289%
AMEX calls, 150%
Disney calls, 315%
Cisco calls, 386%.
In fact, my next thirteen recommendations were all double- and triple-digit winners!

As a subscriber to Options Hotline, you'll get more than 50 years of my dad's options experience...combined with my over 30 years of technical analysis...for 80 years of options experience you can depend on to give you the winning picks.

I just don't know where you would find a more authoritative source for profiting from options. But don't take my word for it.

Triple-digit gains without buying, selling or owning a single share of stock! That's Super-Leverage in action!

To illustrate that point, one of my subscribers, Earnest L., told me, "My very first trade using your service was a 50% gain. My second trade is hard to believe, a 750% gain in one working day."

Even though I have had a 100% win rate since November of 2006, I want to make sure that you know losses occasionally do happen. I had three in 2006. But also remember...your risk with options is LIMITED to the cost of the option...not the underlying stock.

But again, you have my promise that I'll show you wins will overpower our losses and you will steadily and surely get the chance to make money - week after week, month after month, year after year...more on this promise later...

To pick the steadily consistent winners, it takes me a week of painstaking research. I thoroughly study the market technicals, the economy and the impact of events upon the market's direction. I diligently research the companies whose underlying stock is the foundation of our options picks.

It's why I only make one solid recommendation at the end of the week. It's the one pearl among swine. And it's why my track record is so good. Quality, not quantity.

Plus, I don't stay in just one area of the market. You can see by my Pick-by-Pick Proof Sheet that I'm researching whatever sector of the market has the potential for big profits...commodities, hi-tech, retail, financial, consumer products and services, health care and others.

This all-around diversity immediately minimizes your investment risk, so you're never heavily weighted in one area of the market. In other words, your investment eggs are all over the place...dodging risks and discovering profits.

And I also employ a unique charting system with a proprietary computer screening program that I personally developed that allows me to be just a little bit "prophetic" in picking the options that can return single, double and triple the gains...90-100% of the time! I am unable to reveal the details of these systems, but again, you can see that they work on my undistorted Pick-by-Pick Proof Sheet.

Don't waste a minute wondering what option to buy... I'll pick 'em. You decide if you want to play 'em. And together, I'll help you make a million dollars!

Obviously, the hardest part about trading options is picking the right options...BUT you don't have to worry about that at all. With my personal Options Hotline Alert Service, you'll get one extremely well-researched recommendation per a week on Sunday night, in plenty of time to call your broker by the opening bell Monday morning if you feel confident in my play.

I suggest you follow each and every one of my recommendations. That's the one proven way I know of that you can be sure that your wins overpower your losses. If you were to cherry-pick week to week, I would be unable to maintain my promise to you of steady incremental gains week after week after week. But the choice is ultimately yours.

The main reason people fail at trading options is that they play too many of the wrong options, hoping for one winner. But one trade per week is all you need. You can clearly see by my attached 2006-2008 Pick-by-Pick Gain Sheet that this strategy DOMINATES! 100% in 2008, 2007, and 2005! 92% wins in 2004...94% in 2003.

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Up until now, I've told you about the importance of buying the one option every week that I recommend. That's the "pick 'em" side.  

Now, let's talk about the "play 'em" side. Here are a few of my proven million-dollar plays to make sure you MINIMIZE your risk and MAXIMIZE your profit potential. If you decide to trade, follow these simple rules. 

The trick to making money with options is simply to play...and to keep playing. I would suggest that you don't pick and choose what recommendations I offer. Be consistent and play each recommendation every week. Staying in the game will help you have your wins overpower your losses.
Take the emotion out of your selling. You'll lose for sure if you get too attached to any trade. So decide on a profit target based on the price of the underlying stock, not the option. To help you, each option recommendation I offer includes a target price for the best stock of 2011.
You'll discover all of my trading strategies in my TWO FREE BONUS REPORTS I'm offering to my new subscribers: Secrets of a Master Trader: Tips and Strategies for Making a Fortune in Options...AND The Options Buyer's Handbook.
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In options trading, greed is always whispering in your ear, saying, "Hang on, don't sell. It's going to go up/down even more." Don't listen! Be disciplined. Be smart. Grab your profit targets when you reach them and sell.

There's always another winning option coming to you next week. Remember the old adage and believe in it with your heart and soul - maybe even embroider it on a pillow... No one ever lost money taking a profit!

You can see by my record that I find every winner I can. And you can too!

If you faithfully call your broker every Monday morning and buy one contract, 10 contracts, 100 contracts - whatever you're willing to invest (I suggest $5,000 a trade, but talk to your broker about what's right for you) - on the one recommendation I have made that week...

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The Proof Is in the NUMBERS. Take a Look at...Steve Sarnoff's Options Hotline 2006-2008 Pick-by-Pick Gain Sheet.Here's a complete list of Steve's closed picks since his last loser back in November 2006. Gains range from 4% to 611%. Judge the six-figure results for yourself.

Date Recommended

Play Recommended

$ Risked

% Gain/Loss*

$ Gain/Loss
November 12, 2006 Plantronics February $20 call $5,000 80% $4,000.00
November 19, 2006 Bristol-Myers March $25 call $5,000 300% $15,000.00
December 3, 2006 American Standard April $45 call $5,000 220% $11,000.00
December 3, 2006 J.C. Penny January $75 put $5,000 4.44% $222.22
December 10, 2006 Alcoa January $30 call $5,000 10% $500.00
January 8, 2007 Microsoft July $30 call $5,000 50% $2,500.00
January 22, 2007 Newmont Mining June $45 call $5,000 88.46% $4,423.08
February 2, 2007 Cameco March $40 call $5,000 19.23% $961.54
February 5, 2007 Intel July $22.50 call $5,000 224.8% $11,240.00
February 12, 2007 Allstate April $60 put $5,000 130% $6,500.00
February 26, 2007 Monsanto April $55 put $5,000 165% $8,250.00
March 5, 2007 TLT September $89 put $5,000 282.86% $14,142.86
March 12, 2007 Panera May $60 call $5,000 20% $1,000.00
March 19, 2007 Pan American Silver July $30 call $5,000 DID NOT TRIGGER* ---
March 26, 2007 QQQQ June $45 call $5,000 96.8% $4,840.00
April 2, 2007 Boeing April $90 put $5,000 26.19% $1,309.52
April 16, 2007 Exxon Mobil May $80 call $5,000 106.67% $5,333.33
April 23, 2007 UST October $60 put $5,000 DID NOT TRIGGER* ---
April 30, 2007 UPS July $70 put $5,000 48.39% $2,419.35
May 7, 2007 DIA July $130 put $5,000 8.57% $428.57
May 14, 2007 Toyota July $120 call $5,000 DID NOT TRIGGER* ---
May 21, 2007 Verizon October $45 call $5,000 44% $2,200.00
June 4, 2007 Schlumberger August $80 call $5,000 151.28% $7,564.10
June 11, 2007 3M July $85 put $5,000 38.24% $1,911.76
June 18, 2007 Target October $65 call $5,000 122.22% $6,111.11
June 25, 2007 Hecla January 2008 $7.50 call $5,000 262.16% $13,108.11
July 9, 2007 General Electric December $40 call $5,000 114.19% $5,709.46
July 16, 2007 Merrill Lynch August $90 call $5,000 65.71% $3,285.71
August 2, 2007 Coca-Cola September $55 call $5,000 205.88% $10,294.12
August 6, 2007 MetLife September $60 put $5,000 67.8% $3,390.24
August 20, 2007 DIA September $130 put $5,000 80.83% $4,041.67
August 27, 2007 Newmont Mining December $45 call $5,000 612% $30,575.76
September 9, 2007 Citigroup October $45 put $5,000 45.41% $2,270.27
September 17, 2007 Johnson & Johnson January $65 call $5,000 136.11% $6,805.56
September 24, 2007 FedEx October $100 put $5,000 52.17% $2,608.70
October 1, 2007 Disney January $35 call $5,000 28.57% $1,428.57
October 8, 2007 Marathon Oil November $60 call $5,000 66.67% $3,333.33
October 16, 2007 Amgen January $60 call $5,000 8.84% $441.77
October 29, 2007 SPY November $152 put $5,000 366.1% $18,305.08
November 12, 2007 Merrill Lynch December $55 call $5,000 137.14% $6,857.14
November 19, 2007 Starbucks January $25 call $5,000 33.33% $1,666.67
December 17, 2007 Walmart March $50 call $5,000 80% $4,000.00
December 26, 2007 SPY January $150 call $5,000 14.22% $711.11
January 14, 2008 Barrick February $50 put $5,000 176.19% $8,809.52
January 21, 2008 Wells Fargo April $25 call $5,000 318.18% $15,909.09
January 28, 2008 Caterpillar March $65 put $5,000 28.85% $1,442.31
February 3, 2008 QQQQ April $47 call $5,000 7.14% $357.14
February 11, 2008 Barrick Gold March $50 call $5,000 28.86% $1,442.86
February 25, 2008 Wachovia April $35 call $5,000 24.32% $1,216.22
March 3, 2008 Chubb March $50 put $5,000 88.89% $4,444.44
March 11, 2008 Baxter April $57.50 put $5,000 88.57% $4,428.57
March 30, 2008 DuPont July $50 call $5,000 170.97% $8,548.39
April 6, 2008 Crocs June $20 call $5,000 52.73% $2,636.36
April 13, 2008 CSX August $55 put $5,000 8.05% $402.30
April 20, 2008 Qualcomm May $42.50 put $5,000 45.63% $2,281.25
April 27, 2008 Newmont Mining June $45 put $5,000 50.00% $2,500.00
May 11, 2008 Chevron June $95 put $5,000 12.90% $645.16
May 20, 2008 Duke Realty September $25 call $5,000 22.22% $1,111.11
May 25, 2008 Citigroup July $20 put $5,000 569.35% $28,467.74
June 14, 2008 General Electric July $30 call $5,000 44.83% $2,241.38
June 22, 2008 JP Morgan Sept. $40 call $5,000 379.59% $18,979.59
June 29, 2008 Cigna August $35 call $5,000 255.83% $12,791.67
July 13, 2008 SPY August $125 call $5,000 131.12% $6,555.94
July 20, 2008 Coca Cola November $50 call $5,000 146.21% $7,310.61
July 27, 2008 TLT December $88 put $5,000 20.83% $1,041.67
August 17, 2008 SPY October $130 put $5,000 300.00% $15,000.00
August 31, 2008 Cisco October $25 put $5,000 153.85% $7,692.31
September 5, 2008 Exxon October $75 call $5,000 177.78% $8,888.89
September 14, 2008 Goldcorp January $30 call $5,000 151.35% $7,567.57
September 21, 2008 QQQQ December $43 put $5,000 439.20% $21,960.00
October 22, 2008 QQQQ November $30 put $5,000 140.00% $7,000.00
October 24, 2008 Intel December $15 call $5,000 142.55% $7,127.66
November 2, 2008 General Electric December $20 call $5,000 183.93% $9,196.43
November 2, 2008 QQQQ December $32 put $5,000 183.93% $9,196.43
November 9, 2008 Caterpillar December $40 call $5,000 74.55% $3,727.27
November 16, 2008 Wal-Mart December $50 put $5,000 40.00% $2,000.00
December 7, 2008 Archer Daniel Midland March $30 call $5,000 16.36% $818.18
December 14, 2008 Bristol-Myers March $25 call $5,000 22.40% $1,120.00
December 21, 2008 TLT January $120 put $5,000 20.00% $1,000.00
2006-2008 TOTAL GAINS: $582,275.63
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*DID NOT TRIGGER means the price I recommended buying the option at was not
reached, therefore a trade could not have been placed or triggered.

Please Note:
Gains are based on all triggered picks, assuming exit point at peak option value. Percent gain represents the percentage change at the subsequent high value, from the trigger price. Profit calculations do not factor in commissions and taxes. Any dates not mentioned in the portfolio signify weeks when the bulletin was not published. All other dates and recommendations are included.

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