Two Ways to Play the Global Power Shift

Yiannis G. Mostrous, associate editor of Personal Finance, says the financial crisis will speed a shift of economic power towards Asia, and he recommends two best stocks to buy for 2010.

The current crisis will lead to profound changes in the global financial system. The biggest change, however, will occur in people's individual attitudes. Societies in developed economies will begin to save more, while people in developing nations will begin to spend, nurturing domestic demand economies.

Don't expect the US consumer to come back with a vengeance any time soon. On the other hand, the Asian economies, led by China and India, should move even closer to their ultimate economic goal: domestic demand-led economies. The development of a growing middle class will be the real game-changer.

Retail sales growth in China, a proxy for consumption, rose 21.6% last year; that figure has slowed to "only" 19%.

This scenario will signal a decoupling from its foreign demand-based past and signifies that economic leadership is shifting from west to east.

China Life Insurance Company (NYSE: LFC) is China's largest life insurer in terms of premiums and geographic business reach. It has a policy base of more than 250 million people.

Although the best stock for 2010 has been hit hard, the company offers quality in turbulent times. The long-term growth potential is substantial; insurance penetration in China is very low. Also, the company has good exposure to rural areas that are rapidly becoming the next frontier for Chinese growth. The government has made rural growth one of the pillars of its economic strategy.

Last year wasn't very good for the company. It experienced a significant decrease in return from its equity investments and greater claims expenses due to natural disasters. Nevertheless, the company has a clean balance sheet and a strong capital position (300% solvency coverage), which makes it a good investment, especially at current prices.

According to industry sources, insurance policy sales and growth in China remain relatively resilient, which, coupled with the company's pricing power, will allow it to navigate rough waters. China Life Insurance Company is a buy under 50. (Its ADRs closed below $45 Tuesday―Editor.)

China Mobile (NYSE: CHL) is one of the largest mobile service providers in the world, boasting a subscriber base of more than 300 million. It operates mobile telecommunication services in 31 provinces and municipalities in China.

China's potential in mobile telecommunications is huge: The nationwide penetration rate is around 40% percent and growing rapidly. In rural areas, the penetration rate is around

19%―this will be the company's next growth driver.

In today's market environment, China Mobile's high earnings visibility and skilled management are unique and highly attractive qualities. After the current selloff, valuations also have become more reasonable.

Be a Part of Stocks Market History

Earlier this month, President Obama decided to place science at the top of his administration's agenda - and in doing so, opened up the biggest market story of our lifetimes.

Breakthrough Technology Alert's Patrick Cox predicted this important event months ago, and those who recognized this wealth-creating opportunity are up as much as 208%.

Your opportunity to be a part of this is still available - as is the chance at millions of dollars for you and your loved ones.

But we can only offer this shot at life-changing profits to the first 558 people who respond...and as of today, we've already filled 378 of those spots.

We urge you to act now. Keep reading to learn how one of the last remaining 185 spots can be yours.

The major announcement from the White House on the morning of Monday, March 9, 2009 just tipped the scales in your favor.

By that I mean ― what you're about to read will become the most important investing story of our lifetimes.

And I called it ― months ago. I've done the research. I've interviewed all the key players...and I'm ready to tell you everything.

And the readers savvy enough to have acted on my initial recommendation in these companies are up as much as 208%. Don't worry ― you can still act in time to make your own life-changing gains.

But only if you're one of the first 558 185 folks to respond to this urgent memo.

I'll explain that urgent limit in one moment. For now, back to the story:

It starts with one man...

He isn't a politician.

And he's not a Washington insider.

He's a scientist.

The man I'll introduce to you is one of several top scientists who have President Obama's ear on what could be the most critical market story of the next decade.

The ideas he controls are powerful enough to start a stream of wealth that could last your family three generations, or more.

What I'm about to share with you is the most important story you'll learn about all year.

I'm talking about the chance at millions of dollars for you and your loved ones.

In just a moment, I'm going to tell you all about this brilliant scientist.

I'll tell you about the company he controls.

I'll show you why his company (and companies he used to work for) could be so important to your financial future.

And I'll outline step-by-step why Barack Obama should listen to him so carefully.

Because the man you're about to meet is on the cutting-edge of a field with the potential to grow America out of our current economic mess.

Better yet, you could make huge profits from him regardless of your political beliefs.

What I'm about to share is "beyond" politics. In fact, two influential Senators (one from each party), have pledged to support President Obama's world-changing science declaration that took place just this Monday, March 9, 2009. More on this in just a minute...

But first, know this: The scientist I'll introduce could change the way every single person on the planet lives.

For the better.

Get in early enough, and you'll have a chance to rack up a pile of wealth that could even last your family three generations or more.

Because the world stands to change a great deal during President Obama's first 100 days in office. In fact, things are changing before our eyes. Today. As I write.

Let me explain...

This Trillion-Dollar Market Is Turning Into a Free-For-All During Obama's First 100 Days ― Play it Right, And You Could Get Rich

One scientist I'll tell you about leads an industry that could grow tremendously in Obama's first term. It could even take off like a rocket during his first 100 days.

So I'm not kidding when I say this could be the biggest market story of our lives.

I can predict that with confidence because this scientist has a stellar 20-year track record of success.

In fact, some people consider him the "father" of this industry.

And Barack Obama knows just how important his field is to the future of the country. 


Let me paint you a picture. When I'm done, I'll tell you exactly how it could come to pass. In fact, some of what I'll show you has already taken place.

That's why, very soon, I'll ask you to act on this information right away.

Now here's your immense profit opportunity in a nutshell...

We Could Hit "Critical Mass" in a Very Short Time ― as Your Opportunity For Three Generations of Everlasting Wealth Stares You in the Face

Health, medical, and scientific regulations stand to change dramatically under the new Obama administration ― which began with his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2009.

Huge changes are anticipated at the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation, as well as the National Institutes of Health.

The doors have swung wide open... and the story will wait for no one. Check out these recent quotes...

This means some ideas will be fast-tracked.

Even better, on the fastest-track of all could be the work of the scientist I'll introduce to you. His work could make a small group of people like you very rich.

Here's what's about to happen...

During his Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008 Internet address, President-Elect Barack Obama said

To hear those words, you might think Obama meant the last eight years have seen science pushed to the side.

Well, depending on how you look at it, you'd be right.


Both the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation have seen their budgets flat line in recent years.

Because not only has Obama surrounded himself with some of the most brilliant scientific minds in America ― he's gone on record by saying science will be a priority for his administration. He said it again on the morning of Monday, March 9.

With massive, wide-reaching changes expected at the FDA, as well as the potential restoration of appropriate budgets for the NIH and National Science Foundation...the biggest market story of the next decade is upon us.

Throw in an Executive Order on Monday, March 9... renewed funding...government clout ― I'm talking about the chance at what could be an epic profit wave.

I'll explain it all in just a moment.

But for now, know this: You could be on the verge of becoming very, very rich.

And not just bank account rich.

But three generations rich.

Here's the scoop...

One Man With the Potential to Give You Three Generations of Wealth

It started with a letter.

The scientist I want to introduce to you co-wrote a letter to Barack Obama in late November.

The letter urged Obama, in pointed, specific terms, to embrace research and federal funding for industries that need it ― and to make a certain technology a priority.

The letter also urged Obama to take a stand ― to make science a part of his political philosophy. 

The response from the scientific community has been overwhelming....

And what hangs in the balance?

The future. Our nation's future. YOUR future.

Specifically, the fact that America is getting older. Baby boomers are starting to retire in massive numbers.

And sadly, many medical problems that have been a part of life for generations still plague society.

But that's about to change...

...because we're actually standing at the most lucrative and revolutionary moment in human history. Right now. Right here. Today. 

Because I'm about to reveal the industry that stands to benefit the most from President Obama's stated focus on science.

What you're about to read is "understood" by ― at best ― a few dozen people in the entire world.

Get in front of this story with the right companies for your portfolio, and you could become three generations rich. But only if you're one of the first 558 185 to respond to this historic invitation...

The rest of the world could begin to focus on this story in the coming days and weeks....

But you have a chance today to get in on the biggest story of the next decade...before everyone else.

Here are the details on the huge market story I'm so excited to write to you about...

"Get" These Simple Yet Revolutionary Ideas, And You Could Become Three Generations Rich

The single best way to sum up what I'm about to explain in detail is to simply say this:

The human body ALREADY holds the cure to every ailment ever known to mankind.

The thing is, the body is blocked from using these cures. The trick is to take out the "blocker" so the body can use its true power to crush any and all diseases.

Each human body is a universe of complexity. Somewhere inside all of us, deep in our network of tissues, nerves, neurons, and atoms rests the cure to all that could ever go wrong.

All we have to figure out is how to unlock these cures our bodies already hold. 

This same scientist hopes to give you a shot at three generations of huge wealth.

See, there are companies already on the major stock exchanges right here in the U.S. that are so close, it's staggering.

They're so close to curing so many different diseases.

In just a moment, I'll prove it to you.

You can see why this type of breakthrough could be the biggest story in the history of humankind.

I'm talking about an advance bigger than the spread of railroads in the 1860s. More lucrative than Henry Ford's mass-produced Model T car. And more revolutionary than the rise of computers.

All of those things helped people live, but the new advances I'm describing right now could actually GIVE PEOPLE LIFE.

That's why it promises to be the biggest breakthrough of all.

In fact, the blueprints are ready. Cures are in testing as I write to you today. The implications are unspeakably good for humankind...and unspeakably profitable.

And I've spent the last year interviewing everyone involved in these seismic shifts in knowledge.

The doctors, the researchers, the growth-minded CEOs, the venture capital investors ― everyone.

Even the man who could help Obama usher in a new frontier of scientific funding, research and cures. What I've learned is this...

Imagine, In The Very Near  Future...

Imagine a sick person.

This person can have one of a hundred illnesses or diseases.

Now imagine the diagnosed person getting a few shots. Or taking a few pills.

The disease goes away.

The patient is free and clear.

Then, doctors give the patient a few more shots, and whatever organ or system in the body that was harmed by the disease repairs itself.

Just like new.

Better yet, after the disease disappears, the shots given to the patient could turn damaged organs or systems into those of a stout 20-year old person.

For example, let's take a retired gentleman who has a heart attack.

This man receives a series of shots that rebuild his heart ― make it young again ― giving him the heart and vascular tree of a healthy, vibrant 20-year old.

I know that sounds strange ― but, then again, so did the railroad.

And so did the idea of mass-producing an affordable car ― until the Model T rolled out of the factory.

And you know that no one thought almost every American home would have a small, personal computer in the 1980's...but it happened.

And people just like you became incredibly rich along the way.

What I'm describing could reverse cancer ― wherever it may occur.

Then repair the afflicted organ or organs.

Imagine giving sight to the blind.

Memory and vitality back to those with Alzheimer's. Cures for Parkinson's...Type II Diabetes...the list is endless...

Just imagine the potential.

Now imagine everything I've just covered becoming a fast-tracked national research priority.

It's about to happen. In fact it's beginning, even in Obama's first 100 days in office. I must hear from you today if you want to take part in the staggering gains just around the corner... because the offer I'm about to make you is only open to the first 558 185 folks who respond.

But there's more...

The Potential To Make You Richer Than You Ever Imagined

Pills and shots. That's it. Simple. Safe. Painless. Quick. Revolutionary. Profitable.

And a way to cure, rebuild, and repair the human body.

The idea is no more revolutionary than if you had told a friend in 1862 that the railroad would someday criss-cross the country.

Or if someone in-the-know had pulled you aside in 1986 and told you Microsoft had the power to build its founder a $101 billion legacy of wealth by 1999.

That's how big these shots and pills could be. They could potentially cure nearly everything ― and give you three generations of wealth...overnight.

Keep in mind, I'm not talking about "treatments". I'm talking about CURES.

I'm talking about giving 70-year olds the organs of people half their age ― making 70 the new 40. And curing small children of horrible afflictions so they can get a fair shake at a full life.

Increasing healthy, vigorous, productive lifespan of the heart, maybe even by decades. In the blink of an eye.

Just imagine it. Imagine the implications. Imagine it all...

Everything I just described could be just around the corner. In fact, some of it is already here. In just a second, I'll give you all the details...

And one man stands behind many of these advances.

Starting with Day One of Obama's term, what I'm describing to you here could not only have science on its side ― but government clout too.

Even if you don't believe me, consider the unavoidable investment possibility this field presents.

Before these cures land at a hospital near you, millions in profits could rest in the accounts of those who are in front of the story.

Actually, forget millions.

Billions Is More Like It...

In short, it's impossible to overstate the size of this world-changing shift that's underway.

It's impossible to put it in a nice little box and slap a dollar figure on its value.

What I'm going to explain to you could change the world.

It could change society.

It could change the face of human life itself.

And it could allow you to leave a staggering amount of money behind for future generations of your family.

In fact, you might still be around to enjoy your fortune with your future generations...

Because you could make so much money you wouldn't think twice about paying what it will cost at first to receive these cures.

The cost would be nothing compared to the value of a healthy, new heart and arteries...and nothing compared to the fortune you could control...

Imagine that...

Let me show you some more.

Dig deeper into the work of this incredible scientist. And explain to you why these miraculous advances are still so hush-hush.

Well, at least they were until today...

Your Three Generations of Wealth Began On Inauguration Day

The speed at which this emerging field is coming together is unprecedented.

That incredible speed keeps many people, including the press, way behind the cutting edge of these advances. And, sadly, there's a bit of ignorance and press skepticism too.

This is why you haven't heard about all of these breakthroughs until right now.

But all of this is set to change during Barack Obama's first days in office. Not too long after, you could be sitting on huge, life-changing profits. Fast.

Your fast-track to three generations of wealth could be that close.

Very shortly...those who are "in front of the story" could be millionaires. Or more... and if you're among the first 558 185 to respond to me today, you can put yourself in position to join them.

And everyone else who catches on will be stuck with the scraps. Because people like you could have already made the early money...the big money...the truly life-changing money.

In Five Minutes, You'll Make One of the Most Important Decisions You've Ever Made

To give you a chance to get in the real money as fast as possible, I want you to accept a report I've just finished called, Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration.

Inside, you'll learn the names of three companies.

The CEO from one of these companies is among several top scientists who have Obama's ear on several science and technology related issues. I'll tell you all about it in just a minute...

For now, there's this: All these companies trade on exchanges right here in the U.S.

Each one of these firms is working on a piece of the puzzle ― and taken together, they could be the only three you need to grow incredibly wealthy.

Now here's the best part.

As I'm writing this letter to you ― right now it's early 2009 ― just $10.68 buys you a share in all three companies.

A measly $106.80 is ten shares of each.

And just $1,068 secures 100 shares of each.

What I'm saying is as little as $1,068 today could make you a millionaire. It could make your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren millionaires.

$1,068's a tiny amount for a life-changing fortune that could start for you just a few days from today...

Here's some hard proof why this is the most exciting time in history...

This Patent-Protected Advance is a Win-Win For You ― But Only if You Act Right Now

The brilliant scientist who co-wrote the letter to Barack Obama controls key intellectual property directly related to the development of the shots I've been telling you about.

Each and every one of these patents could hold millions in value.

They could be the key to a lifetime of profits for his company, and for you.

This man's a shrewd businessman too. I estimate his intellectual property today to hold conservative value of over $200 million. In truth, it could be worth many, many times that amount.

How much did he pay to get it? A measly $1.2 million.

And he walked away with exclusive rights to his own research. He did it. He owns it. He controls it. It's his. The eventual profit explosions are going to go through him.

Because his new company could some day very soon turn even a small block of shares into a three generations long wealth legacy for you and your family.

Now here's how you can start seeing some of your life-changing profits perhaps as early as Obama's first 100 days in office...

That's why I need to hear from you today, so you can get your copy of Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration before we hit our forced limit of 558 185 new readers...

If you think that sounds like a profitable recipe ― it gets better.

Imagine What Early Railroad or Computer Patents Were Worth...Then Multiply by 100

One company I'll tell you about in Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration recently had a major psoriasis treatment approved.

This company has 40 drugs currently in testing.

Eight are approaching Phase 3 approval.

This company is also working on revolutionary treatments for breast cancer, lung and kidney cancer...harnessing a "magic bullet" technology so revolutionary, I can't disclose how it works in these pages...

Plus...the brilliant scientist I've told you all about...well, the company he used to helm is up to some shockingly profitable work too.

In fact, they hold several key patents related to a new way of destroying cancer cells.

Along the way, they've also discovered what could be a true, a real ― fountain of youth.

And they control the patents.

Licensing. Production. World-wide distribution.

The mountain of money just around the corner is staggering.

I can't give you all the details in this letter, even though I'd love to.

Just get your hands on my report in Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration and you'll have the FULL STORY right at your fingertips.

The ideas I'm sharing with you right now could make you unspeakably rich.

What I'm telling you are "in front of the story" ideas poised to make you generations of wealth ― wealth like you've never imagined.

Because if these cures hit the market, a wave of new billionaires could pop up overnight.

The news could be crammed with stories about people who were regular Joes just like you and me who took an early stand on a big idea and became incredibly wealthy.

The safest, most protected and quickest way to get there is exactly the opportunity I'm offering you today.

Simply get Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration in your hands and you're ready to profit.

I'm not kidding when I say this is the most important letter you've ever read.

It could make you rich.

It could make the next three generations of your family wealthy.

It could give you a longer, fuller life. And you could live each day with the energy of a 20-year old.

And it all starts with the brilliant work of the CEO I've been telling you about.

Obama's pro-science attitude and the changes that may bring means this famous scientist could be about to become the hottest commodity in a rapidly growing field.

His work could change the world ― and fuel a new filled with promise...and profits, for people just like you and me.

This man has the know-how, the connections, and the track record of success to return to you three generations of enormous wealth...

Here's why...

When the Markets Put a Price Tag on Life ― It Could Make You Three Generations Rich

The technologies to cure some diseases already work in tests.

The science behind one of these advances is Nobel Prize solid. All that remains before these cures come to market is to "work out some math".

But, as I said, the speed at which this advance is moving means tiny steps forward are compounding on top of each other. Progress is

For example, a basic high school chemistry lab can do some of the "science" behind the heart-rebuilding shots...right now.

That's how brilliant these researchers are. They found an answer that was so simple.

Not only is the cure itself a huge step forward, but it's simple to repeat.

And the companies I just told you about own rafts of critical patents, which means any other firms that want to do it, have to pay them an incredible premium.

Ring the bell on your personal cash register ― because what I just described could give you millions for at least three generations of your family.

Big Pharma is salivating too. Pfizer recently jumped into this field with both feet.

It boils down to this: The margins on these cures could be astounding.

Only the very rich would be able to afford the cures at first. In time, prices will come down and the cures could be truly universal ― available to all who need them.

But you want to see the earliest money. Like I said before, some parts of the process are so simple, they'll be easy and cheap to repeat. But the price would be huge at first.

See what I mean about billions rolling in overnight?

So once the market decides exactly what these cures are worth, you could be so rich, so early, you'd easily be able to afford these cures for yourself.

And by the time they're cheap, you'd be out skiing with your great-grandkids.

That's the power of the opportunity this brilliant scientist is putting on the table for you today.

Just how big could the market be?

The Most Potentially Lucrative Market in World History is Open To YOU...But Not For Long

30% of all worldwide deaths are because of heart attacks, or a heart related ailment.

These cures could give 70-year olds strong, healthy, robust, young hearts.

I'm talking about making 70 the new 40. Making 100-year olds playing tennis with strong and healthy hearts a common thing.

How much is that worth?

If you were valuing the advance that made it all possible, what price tag would you stick on it?

Remember, analysts today are "conservatively" valuing this giant step forward at $1 trillion...and that's just over the next few years.

How much would you pay to get the names of the companies that do all this amazing work...before anyone else knew about them?

Before the story broke wide open in the press?

All you have to do is agree to receive Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration and you could be on your way to raking in legacy-style money on the biggest wealth creation in the history of the world.

But you must be among the first 558 185 readers to respond to this note. The companies I write about are small ― they sometimes trade very few shares.

And the press I'm expecting in the coming days could soon drive the price way up ― and a chance to see the best profits, you absolutely cannot delay.

This means you're going to have to act fast.

Speaking of fast, I know I've thrown a ton of info your way in just a few short pages.

So let me slow down for a minute and tell you all about myself.

Then, I promise I'll get right back to the simple step you need to take so you could become incredibly wealthy.

I've Built My Career On Being "In Front of The Story" ― Many, Many Times Over

My name is Patrick Cox. I'm Editor of a research service called Breakthrough Technology Alert.

Maybe you've seen me on ABC's Nightline or CNN's Crossfire. Or maybe you've read my articles in The Wall Street Journal, or The Los Angeles Times.

I'm one of the most quoted and sought-after technology writers in America.

For example, I've written over 200 editorials for USA Today.

Now, I'm not trying to brag. In fact, besides writing about "in front of the story" ideas for over 25 years, I've also been in on the ground floor of quite a few.

My results? be the judge.

As publisher and editor of PC-SIG Magazine I wrote about topics like open-source and user-supported software, in 1987.

Most people outside the industry didn't even know what "software" was at the time.

Today, Microsoft alone makes $78 billion per year selling software. The industry overall sells hundreds of billions each year.

Later, I wrote presentations and speeches for the CEO of Netscape in the mid-1990s.

This was when Netscape was revolutionizing what it meant to "search the web".

And in 2000 and 2001, I wrote for an early example of what we now call "blogs".

This was for a site called Tom's Hardware Guide ― the second-most visited PC hardware review site. In just the last seven years, blogging has become it's own billion dollar industry.

By the time I left, my section of Tom's Hardware Guide had over one million visitors every day.

I helped increase annual revenues for the site by 500% ― more than doubling traffic during my time there.

I've also consulted for countless other companies through the years ― on topics ranging from Technology Development to Public Relations and Governmental Affairs.

I've seen a lot of money change hands. I've met many interesting people.

And I've made a nice living by being inside these growing trends of wealth creation.

What I'm telling you today is bigger than anything I've ever written about. In fact, I'm staking my reputation on the fact that I'm right about this.

You could say that by writing you this letter today, I'm "coming out of hiding" with this shocking way for you to potentially provide generations of wealth for your family. No one else will tell you what I've already disclosed.

And you can get the full story just minutes from now when you accept Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration and put your self in position for what could be three lifetimes of gains.

Because recently, I decided to put my reputation on the line and start conducting extensive interviews with some of the men behind the companies I'm describing today ― including the scientist who sent the gutsy, revolutionary letter to Obama himself.

These are companies with the knowledge to potentially cure disease and rebuild organs ― companies that could easily help make 70 the new 40. Companies that could make you rich.

What these doctors and researchers had to say just bowled me over at first.

The profit potential for some of the cures they're discussing is so immense, so shocking, that this step forward could easily provide you and your loved ones with three generations of endless wealth.

It's all right around the corner. Simply agree to receive Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration from me at the end of this letter, and you'll be ahead of 99.9% of the rest of the world as the next great wealth creation gets underway, starting as early as just a few days from today.

Now, I promised I'd get right back to explaining the hard science behind these cures, so let's go one step further with our conversation, and imagine the broad market implications of this technology...

The First-Movers Have Already Lined Up To Get Legacy-Rich ...and You Can Join Them Right Now

With Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration you get all the upside life-changing profit potential, with little downside risk.

Not only could you begin to build a family fortune that will last for generations, you could also lead a new wave of global innovation...

Starting right now you can be a first-mover ― put yourself squarely "in front of the story" ― and be ready to profit. But only if you get in before 558 185 other lucky readers...

I've put in the years it takes to learn how to play breakthrough technology for maximum profits ― and I've never seen anything like this.

In the pages of Breakthrough Technology Alert, for example, I recently alerted readers to a company that's up over 212% in a little over six months.

That's a great gain while the rest of the market is tanking.

But it's nothing compared to the gains that could materialize fast, starting as early as President Obama's first 100 days in office.

The profits I'm after in the pages of Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration are the profits that could make you "legacy" rich. These are truly disruptive, transformational profits that could build endless wealth.

But, like every other life-changing opportunity, this one's reserved only for the brave, innovative and lucky few.

I'm talking about the few willing to take a chance on an impressive vision ― to stand apart from the crowds ― and make life-changing profits on this groundbreaking idea.

I want to get this report in your hands as fast as possible, so you can pick up your shares if you choose to get in on the action ― remember 100 shares of each as I write to you today is only $1,068 ― and start your own three-generations long wealth legacy.

Before I show you how easy it is though...there's one more thing I need to cover...

Not Only Could You Be Rich, You Could Also Take Part in a New World

The cures I'm writing about to you today could come to market and change the world whether you act on what I've told you or not.

So if you're at all unsure as to whether or not this is the "real thing" ― go ahead and ignore everything I've said so far.

But before you go ― imagine this...

Imagine the world around you changing so much, and so fast...that you have to explain to your family how you could have been a part of it. How you could have made millions ― not only for yourself but for future generations of your family too.

You want to have to tell that story?

I didn't think so. You need your copy of Three Generations of Wealth From the Most Critical Market Story of Obama's Administration and you need it today.

Curing all kinds of sicknesses and rebuilding hearts, it's a big story, I know.

It might even seem preposterous.

Well, I'll say it one more time.

These advances are huge. And the money you could make is preposterous. Just like how the innovators I've shown are preposterously wealthy.

Here's another example of the kind of giant leap forward I'm describing...

On Sept. 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy famously said,

"But if I were to say, my fellow citizens, that we shall send to the moon, 240,000 miles away from the control station in Houston, a giant rocket more than 300 feet tall, the length of this football field, made of new metal alloys, some of which have not yet been invented, capable of standing heat and stresses several times more than have ever been experienced, fitted together with a precision better than the finest watch..."

Placing a man on the moon required unheard of technology. And Kennedy wanted to do it before the 1960s were over.

How many people thought it was a crazy idea that'd never happen?

But, as you and I know, on July 20, 1969 ― Neil Armstrong took those famous first steps on the surface of the moon.

My point is this: I'm offering you a chance to grab your family's piece of a new world.

The chance to profit from the biggest breakthroughs in the history of mankind.

The chance to be around long enough to live a fuller, wealthier life.

Now imagine being incredibly rich on top of everything else I just described.

This IS the most important letter you've ever read.

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2010 Top Energy Stocks Could Make You 500% In Two Years

Every November, the International Energy Agency (IEA) releases its World Energy Outlook report.

The 578-page document blueprints exactly where our future energy sources will come from and when - for leaders and elite investors around the world.

And they read it for good reason...

Since its inception, the findings within the pages have been so accurate that the annual report reigns as "the authority of energy analysis and projections."

In fact, many people today trust their report without question.

I just finished pouring through my copy.

It was handed to me after a fellow geologist, with first-hand experience in the Canadian oil sands, pointed out a shocking error - one that guarantees an imminent spike in the price of oil.

In short, the report claims that:

"Thanks to ever-dwindling supplies in the Middle East, the world will rely on Canada as the largest oil producing country by 2010."

It's been their same projection since 2006.

But there's just one problem.

The World Energy Outlook forgot the other half of the story...

You see, what you won't read in the report is that many of those companies we will rely on have already halted production in scores of their fields.

They were forced to postpone production as the price of oil crashed into the unfeasible $30 range.

Many projects, projects that were expected to seamlessly come online within weeks, are now months - even years - behind.

It's a supply and demand bottleneck we can't stop. And it's guaranteed to once again launch the price of oil violently back to the $140 plus range... very soon.

That's a 250% increase from what we're paying today. And that's a conservative estimate.

The good news is that we also, very recently, uncovered a secret investment - which most Americans know nothing about - that could hand you 500% gains as this spike hits.

And the best part is that it's not related to risky exploration or production companies, either. Instead, it's directly - dollar for dollar - related to the price of oil. Only this gem pays you DOUBLE the gains!

In fact, investors using this blockbuster already pocketed 34% gains - in the last seven days as oil popped 17%!

I've written this letter to give you every last detail on exactly how it works. But first, let me quickly remind you...

How The Smallest Supply Crunch Could Make You Filthy Rich

As you know, four years ago, a pair of hurricanes blitzed our Gulf Coast's oil and gas refineries, forcing our production to a crawl.

That instant, Americans witnessed the unthinkable... oil prices launch from $50 to over $70 per barrel.

It was the first lesson in a cold, hard truth... and what should have been the investment eye-opener of a lifetime.

We learned first-hand exactly how sensitive we were to the tiniest interruption - or even threat of interruption - in our supply.

And it broadsided almost everyone.

In fact, month after month, most so-called experts all over TV, from the CNBC analysts to Dick Cheney... even most Americans foolishly believed everything was fine. And that the price would soon tumble back down.

They were so confident that everything would immediately pan out that they did nothing. And it cost them - quite possibly the opportunity of a lifetime.

Do you remember where you were when gas suddenly hit $4.13?

Most of us sat back in shock and awe as daily gas prices became so painfully expensive that we were forced to cancel holiday and summer vacations... Going out on weekends turned into USA Channel reruns of Monk on the couch... And we only filled-up our tanks just enough to make it to and from work.

But not everyone...

You see, one small group of investors saw it coming from the start. They knew exactly how to play this "bottleneck."

And they played it for everything it was worth... churning winning trade after winning trade.

I'm talking about everyday investors - people like you and me, working long hours just to pay the bills - who saw it coming, suddenly found themselves collecting dozens of massive payouts, the likes of 33% in three months... 156% in 9 months... 611% in 6 months... 1,014% in 17 months... etc.

People like Norman Wilson, an insurance salesman and father of four, who turned a small $10,000 into $61,900 on just three plays during the bottleneck.

And then there's Bill Walker, a machine worker. He used this amazing opportunity to rapidly spin $15,000 into $65,400.

Even school teachers like Lee Davis took advantage of this opportunity and raked in a cool $12,500 profit - in a single week.

They didn't just take the safe - and highly profitable - road by investing in oil futures either... they took advantage of the scores of oil companies, spreading like wildfire, to our northern borders.

And their timing was perfect. Shortly after their positions were already secured: declared - "Energy Stocks Drive TSX Higher"

Fortune Magazine printed - "Canada's oil sands remain alluring as a future source of crude. Suncor (Research), the pioneer of Alberta's booming industry, has returned 142 percent since we recommended it."

Forbes noticed - "Gurus Fill Up With Oil And Gas Stocks"

Bloomberg reported - "Canadian Stocks Headed For Best Weekly Advance In Three Months... Led by materials and energy producers"

And with an estimated 1.5 trillion barrels locked under their soil, and oil prices skyrocketing faster by the day, Canada's low-priced outfits suddenly became the hottest investments since Exxon.

Investors in companies like Suncor, Grey Wolf, UTS, Conacher and many more - companies sitting on oil resources that we desperately need to come online as early as 2010 - easily raked in 200%, 300%, even 1,000% gains in a matter of months, as oil prices skyrocketed beyond $147 per barrel!

But By The Time The Easiest Money Was Made, Most Americans Catching On Found Themselves S.O.L.

Sadly, it took oil prices to break over $100 a barrel before most investors started realizing that they could have made an absolute fortune.

They missed the boat.

And those earlier investors - the ones who caught the first stages of a run - the ones who knew where the profits would be juiciest, started cashing out at the peak, just as our banking and economic crisis cranked into high-gear.

Then, of course, the weakened world-wide economy acted as the final bulldozer that toppled July's high of $147 all the way down to $33 a barrel by December 17th.

And while the average American rejoiced that - at the very least - gasoline was "affordable" again... something much more tragic - and much more profitable quietly unfolded.

You see, thanks to prices becoming too low, many of Canada's oil companies - resources that would supply crucially needed oil for the U.S. and rest of the world in a few months - couldn't stay in business.

And we need that oil, like a junkie needs his fix.

In fact, the U.S. depends on AND imports more oil from Canada than from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, and Iraq - combined.

But one by one, we started finding major oil projects temporarily closing up shop. Drilling and refining stopped. Exploration and testing lost all capital. And their share prices ultimately plummeted.

Just to name a few examples:

StatoilHydro recently yanked the rug from under a $12 billion project in Canada's Peace River.

Both Nexen Inc and Opti Canada Inc were forced to halt advancement on major projects in Alberta.

Suncor, Canada's oldest oil sands operator, was forced to cut its spending by 33%, thanks to lack of profitablility with the current extremely low prices.

Oil giant Dutch Royal Shell's stopped work on several of their Canadian projects until prices regain strength.

The major partners in the proposed $24 billion Fort Hills oil-sands project in northern Alberta - Petro-Canada, Teck Cominco and UTS Energy - announced they may defer a decision to build an upgrading refinery northeast of Edmonton.

The list goes on.

As I mentioned earlier, within months, precious deposits of oil - even locations that were set to come online within weeks - are now months behind.

Some are trading now for a 90% discount.

But ironically, these outfits just created a powerful, self-fulfilling prophecy... an unstoppable bottleneck guaranteed to launch oil prices - very soon - through the roof.

And it's already started.

Your Second Chance To Ride One Of The Most Profitable Bull Markets In History

Don't let oil's current low price fool you this time.

Thanks to an already guaranteed shortage -- just around the corner -- these low prices won't be around for long.

Here are just a few more of the critical points from their latest report:

Global oil demand is projected to expand 2.2% a year, on average, reaching 95.8 million barrels a day by 2012, up from 86.13 million barrels a day this year. The forecast is based on global economic growth of about 4.5% annually. Oil demand is expected to increase most rapidly in Asia and the Middle East.

OPEC, which supplies more than 40% of the world's daily oil needs, will have little spare capacity left by 2012.

Increases from non-OPEC oil producers and biofuel producers should start flagging after 2009.

Natural gas markets will also be tight because of inadequate supply increases, limiting the ability of consumers to switch between oil and natural gas.

And very soon, when word of the shortage hits, the exact same scenario that the hurricanes caused will already have started unfolding... only this time, the gains will hit much, much faster.

The smart money's already placing their bets.

They're already preparing to collect a fortune!

And if you're prepared, as I'll show you, step by step, in just one moment, you'll soon find that many of the very same companies that surged before will rapidly once again start compounding your wealth.

And here's the kicker:

This time, they won't need nearly as much capital to get started! Most of their infrastructure is already ready to go - and they're trading for just pennies on the dollar.

And if you think that's a juicy opportunity, let me show you how you could...

Collect Twice The Gains Of NYMEX Oil Traders... with One Simple, Yet Little-known Play


We know oil prices are about to skyrocket. We know they're just around the corner. And we know that those slick traders playing NYMEX futures - guys who need hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started - somehow always come out ahead.

But here's what you might not know...

Very recently, we've uncovered a rare investment that could pay you gains just as astonishing as any jackpot oil resource company out there - but without the risk!

Here's how it works.

You see, this special investment, which most investors know absolutely nothing about, doesn't even follow oil producers or risky exploration companies... it strictly follows the physical oil market.

And get this:

Thanks to the unique nature of this investment, you can actually get paid double the gains that oil makes!

In other words, a 10% gain pays you 20%... 20% gain pays you 40%... 100% rise in oil prices pays you 200%

That means, if oil shoots 50% this year, which is our gross-underestimate, you double your money!

If oil shoots up to the $70 range... every $5,000 invested suddenly turns into a $10,000 payday!

With oil trading in the upper $30-range, this unique opportunity doesn't get any easier.

Just imagine how much money you'll be sitting on when oil prices plow through the $140 a barrel mark!

I'm not talking about several years down the line either. We could realistically find ourselves staring right down the throat of $100 before January... $140 by next April... even $200 a barrel by the end of 2010!

Every last detail is spelled out for you in our latest report. It's called, Hotter Gains Than NYMEX Traders Could Ever Make. And I want you to have it for FREE.

All you have to do is test out our top-performing trading advisory, The Pure Energy Trader.

But before I divulge all the details about how to get started collecting a fortune in this Bottleneck Bull-Market, let me introduce myself and my team...

Introducing... The Pure Energy Trader

My name is Brian Hicks.

I'm the president of the investment research company Angel Publishing Investment Research. I've spent my entire investment career, going on two decades now, uncovering the market's best moneymaking trends and showing investors like you how to profit from the most undervalued opportunities in the world.

I've taken investment junkets all over the world... to historic oil boomtowns like Desdemona, Texas, to the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to Kiev, Ukraine. We've been to the heart of the oil sands industry, Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. I've been blown away by a wind park in Palm Springs, California. And I've seen first-hand the natural gas boom in the Barnett Shale.


My investment insights and ideas have landed me frequent spots on financial shows like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, CNN, Fox Business, and, most recently, C-SPAN... where I spoke on the energy markets and the U.S. dollar.

I'm not telling you this to be a showboat. But I want you to understand that it's this dedication and never-ending persistence that has allowed me to develop friendships and contacts with some of the best financial minds and industry insiders around the world.

And recently, it's allowed me to acquire a man who could easily be considered, with well over 1,153 successful trades under his belt, one of the best traders on the planet today.

His name is Ian Cooper.

And to get a better handle on why I cherry-picked Ian over any other research analyst out there, look no further than his track record...

120% on Royal Caribbean 

194.12% on QQQ

269.52% on On2 Technologies

270% on ONT

268% on CYD

206.33% on VTSS

246% on IPIX

233% on TLTCJ

515.38% on MQJSB

225% on ETGP

302.15% on ASTM

And that's just to name a few. Had I shown you all of his winning trades just for the past 2 years, it would be five pages long.

His off-the-charts accuracy for reliably reading the markets, matched with his winner-after-winner track record, have plastered his sought-after advice on the pages of numerous publications. He's filled columns from Investor's Business Daily all the way to Forbes.

He's also frequently appeared on investment shows such as Money Matters with Barry Armstrong and On the Money with Mike Stein.

In other words, Ian is the real deal.

In the past few months, I'm willing to bet that you've gained valuable wisdom just from Ian's dead-on articles in Wealth Daily or Energy and Capital.

He's spotted scores of blockbuster buy and hold opportunities. But it's his knack for finding rapid, explosive trades - just like the one that could pay you double the gains oil makes - that brought him to the Pure Energy Trader team. After all, he's constantly...

Picking The Best Trades... Trade After Trade

Since starting our hottest trading advisory, The Pure Energy Trader we've already initiated and closed 91 trades.

85% of them closed for massive gains! In fact, each trade - winners and losers - is averaging +24%.

In other words, you're more than doubling your money every four trades!

Even more amazing is that his tight-knit group of investors (of which I'll show you how to become a part of) only holds each one of these trades for about 24 days.

Sometimes it's a matter of hours.

That means, on average, you're doubling your money every four months!

I can't think of a single other investment opportunity on the planet that could deliver those gains... especially in today's unpredictable market.

And according to Ian, with energy prices about to launch sky-high, he's lining up more and more knock-em down winners that he's already set to alert you to the moment the time's right.

Now, I could go on all day detailing the fast-moving trades Ian has been making and the ones he can't wait to share with you soon. But here's what I want you to walk away with...

All of our winners have a couple of very important things in common...

They're all energy stocks with enormous potential...

And they're all companies that our team of researchers closely follows on a daily basis.

And with a track record like that, even in today's market, investors are begging for more recommendations. Problem is for some investors, these recommendations, unlike the ones in many of our other services, aren't buy and holds, which may take up to three years to reach full value.

We're after the fast money. And with Ian following and executing the trades, the fast money is turning into the easy money.

And just to be clear...

No one is complaining at all about the track record for any of our buy and hold services. Nothing will ever change the fact that investors can make good, solid returns by maintaining a portfolio filled with top stocks for 2010.

But... the reality is you could make a lot more.

In some cases, over 300% more!

By not having a pure trading service - where we can get in and out quickly with 25 to 50 percent profits in just a few days - we're missing out on some easy money.

Just take a look at this scenario:

How Loosely Following Ian's Trading Research Turned $5,000 Into $58,913.14... In 6 Months

This is why you also need to be trading top stocks to buy instead of strictly investing in "buy and holds." You see, with the right trades...

You don't need to start with a lot of money to make a fortune in the market... You don't need to have all your savings tied up in multiple investments for several years, either... You don't even need to find dozens of trades every year.

In fact, all you needed to make more than 10-times your initial investment was to loosely follow seven of them.

Take the following scenario, for example:

On November 30th, 2007, Ian alerted his investors to an amazing situation in the solar market. A leading company, LDK Solar, announced the ground-breaking of their latest polysilicon plant - news of which, he knew would soon cause the share price to surge.

Because of his timely alert, his traders secured an entry price of $29.55.

And just five days later, on December 5th, he recommended they sell half of their position for a 49% gain. Two days later, the other half sold for a 41% gain - turning an initial stake of $5,000 into $7,250.

Then, just 12 days later, on December 19th, he showed them another explosive opportunity: An options call on China Sunergy, after news of an amazing deal struck with a German manufacturing company. 

Much like with LDK, readers took gains of 204% on the first half of their shares within six trading days. The second half claimed 141% after six more.

Suddenly, their $7,250 compounded into $19,756. It didn't end there, either.

On February 19th, 2008, he struck gold again. He alerted readers to what Ian called a "no brainer" with U.S. Natural Gas.

Like clockwork, two weeks later, his readers were sitting on an easy 80% gain as the first half sold... 140% gains on the second half, just a week later.

Within three weeks, your $19,759 turned into $41,488.13.

And then, on April 22nd, they were alerted to one of the many tiny oil and gas companies flocking to the riches within the Bakken oil formation.

Three weeks later, on May 15th, these hit-and-run traders sold their shares for an incredible 42% gain.

Today, that initial $5,000 investment - using just those seven alerts and reinvesting profits - is now worth $58,913.14! $10,000 would be $117,826.30 - all within six months!

That's the rapid-fire power trading offers you.

And I haven't even accounted for taking gains from the multiple other trades that Ian issued to his readers during that time... gains like 33% from Hoku Scientific in five days... 119% from Cree Inc. in six days... 118% from PetroQuest in 15 days... to name a few

Just imagine how quickly you can compound your wealth with gains that large - gains that fast - again and again.

That's the sort of hit-and-run excitement you should expect by joining Pure Energy Trader. You can make a fortune from several rapid trades.

You see, when you sign onto Pure Energy Trader, you're enrolling into...

An Exclusive Trader's Club Unlike Any Other

Unfortunately, the number of investors who can sign up for our Pure Energy Trader is strictly limited.

In order to make sure every one of our subscribers has the ability to get maximum value out of each recommendation, membership will be strictly limited to 2,000 seats.

... most of which are already spoken for.

The first time we opened this window, nearly half of those seats were gobbled up by our premium, profit-hungry readers in the span of a weekend.

So it's important that you act quickly if you'd like to get in.

You see, we don't want 5,000... 10,000 people buying the best stock to invest. If we allowed an unlimited number to join, we could easily push the best stock investment up several hundred percent. That would be a disaster.

But if getting rich doesn't bother you, and you're ready to follow Ian as he shows you the secrets to landing dead-on hit and run trades in this market, I urge you to join right now.

Get Ready

Another point I want to discuss is how the trades will be delivered to you. The trades will be sent via e-mail. No Faxes. That's because we want everybody to receive the trade at approximately the same time.

And just so that you don't have to recheck your email 10 times a day, we're also offering Pure Energy Trader updated VIA live RSS feeds - so you can get the alerts the split second they're available!

If you're comfortable with what I've said so far, I urge you to consider joining.

Again, I know this style of trading isn't for everybody. But by signing up for the Pure Energy Trader, you're elevating yourself into the top tier of the trading community. If you have second thoughts on the price or the frequency of recommendations, stop reading now... the service isn't for you.

If you're interested, welcome aboard. Let's get to work.

Now Listen Carefully

When you fill out the membership form (assuming there are remaining slots), you'll immediately receive a confirmation and a welcome letter, as well as a link to the Pure Energy Trader site where you'll be able to access every single one of the trades Ian issues 24 hours a day. We'll give you full instructions.

And that's not all!

You'll also learn about a secret investment that actually pays double the gains of any oil futures trader. All those details are in your free report, Hotter Gains Than NYMEX Traders Could Ever Make - just for trying us out. 


Plus, by signing on today, I'll also rush you a free copy of my latest book, titled Profit From the Peak.

In short, Profit from the Peak is a roadmap that shows you how to profit from the rise of oil prices.

In the book, my colleague, Chris Nelder, and I go into full detail on tackling the world's energy problems... and how investors can maintain financial security in the process. I can say with confidence that Chris and I know a little more about today's energy markets than your average "oil expert."

You see, Chris is a well-regarded energy expert who has designed and built dozens of solar energy projects. This is a guy who understands the energy market inside and out... from energy's worst problems to its brightest solutions. And for the last decade, Chris and I have preached that investing is key to solving the world's energy challenges... Investments in a multitude of energy practices and technologies that will wean us away from our dependence on oil.

But we're also quick to point out that this blueprint for success also includes the economic harvesting of remaining and unconventional oil sources.

And again, in addition to full access to our web site, along with your free copy of Profit From the Peak, the moment a new trade is bought or sold you'll immediately be sent an email and, if you elect it, the RSS feed (We'll show you how to quickly and painlessly set up your RSS feed). The reason we're doing this is - we want everybody to be on equal footing. Our trades could arrive any time of the day, from 9am to 8pm.

So it's imperative you follow the instructions. This way you'll get the trade... and you'll have ample time to execute it.

By now, I'm sure you're wondering...

How Much Does Pure Energy Trader Cost?

Truth is, this level of service is highly specialized. And the countless hours it takes Ian to find, study, and recommend just one of the trades he uncovers - as you can imagine - takes a lot of time, expertise, and resources.

He doesn't draw stocks from a hat. He's not paid by other companies to recommend one over the other. His secret is that he's an insomniac, sleeping just three hours a night.

The rest of the time, when other traders and researchers rest, spend time with their family, and take vacations, he's intently focusing on the latest news, studying the markets, and developing high-ranking contacts.

That is, however, precisely what it takes in order to hold a track record as clean as Ian's... a portfolio that scores investors like you the greatest energy trades the market has to offer.

Now, I've seen other "experts" billing themselves out for several thousand dollars a day - and their trading advice can't tread water next to the winners Ian shows you on a weekly basis.

That being said, I wouldn't feel the least big guilty for charging as high as $5,000 a year for a membership to his advisory.

But I'm not going to go anywhere near that.

In fact, the normal membership price is $1,500 a year.

Pure Energy Trader's Bottleneck Bull-Market Special Pricing

If you sign on to the Pure Energy Trader today, you can save a full 33%, and join for just $999 this year.

I know for many of you $999 is a big lump of money to take down, even considering that many of you have made hundreds of thousands of dollars following our advice.

So here's the deal. We're also offering a quarterly bill program. If you choose that method, you'll be charged $275 every three months.

It's as easy as we can make it to get you on board.

Please keep in mind - we're capping Pure Energy Trader at 2,000 investors.

In addition, we want to make sure you're 100% satisfied. So, if for any reason you're unhappy with Pure Energy Trader, you can get a full refund at any time before the end of the first month of your membership.

After that, the refund is prorated.

But you have to act now. We fully expect every last seat to be taken in the next few days!

So if you're committed to capturing the rebounding energy sector's biggest profits, please do so quickly.


Sticking With Two Buffett Banks

[source from: Best Stocks For 2010 - ]

Jack Adamo, editor of Jack Adamo's Insiders Plus, says two big banks in which Warren Buffett has invested should outperform their peers by a wide margin over time.

Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) and US Bancorp (NYSE: USB) are undoubtedly the two most solid of the large US banks.

We bought both Wells and USB based on the long-term support of Warren Buffett, who owns tons of each, and has said repeatedly that the companies are managed by the best chief executive officers in the business. You can be sure that Buffett is very clear about their financial condition and any problems they face.

Given the performance of the two top stocks for 2010, one may be tempted to ask if The Wiz has lost his touch. Just as Buffett has said it has never paid to bet against America, it has never paid to bet against Buffett. His mistakes have been few and far between. Furthermore, the financial sector is his area of highest expertise.

In the late 1990s, many an editor, trying to make a name for himself, questioned Buffett's wisdom and relevance in what they saw as the New Economy. He didn't "get it," they said. He didn't understand technology, which is "where the money is."

Yet somehow, through it all, the staid Dow Jones Utility Average soundly outperformed the Nasdaq Composite index and the Nasdaq 100 over their entire lives, and particularly so in the new millennium.

Moreover, although he doesn't understand high tech, The Wiz understands balance sheets and cash flows. He made some incredible deals in distressed bonds in the tech sector during the tech crash. He garnered high coupon payments and high capital gains when he eventually sold or redeemed them.

So, I would not be too quick to assume again that Buffett has lost touch. Undoubtedly he got in too early on deals like Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) and General Electric (NYSE: GE), but remember, he's getting 10% preferred dividends during a period when the market will be lucky to deliver a positive return at all.

The Oracle of Omaha has a longer time horizon than the average investor. He has said more than once that he wouldn't care if they closed the stock exchange for five years at a time. [So,] we shouldn't be surprised if these investments take longer to pan out than we'd like, but I'd be very surprised if they don't outperform the market substantially over the next few years, even from our original buy prices.

I like USB better than Wells because it looks to me like USB is recognizing its losses in a more timely manner. Big players in the market appear to agree with me: USB is seeing strong buying on these price drops, whereas Wells is not. (Wells and USB closed below $10 Friday―Editor.)

I will be disappointed if there's a dividend cut at either company, but I'm not worried about the safety of our money or the merit of the investment over a three- to five-year period. In this market, those are comforting thoughts.

There's Best Stocks Investment for 2010...

This could be your best chance.  U.S. stocks may never be this cheap again.


What you do in the next 24 hours...the decision I'm asking you to make...could put you on the path to stock market riches.

A little later in this letter, I'll invite you to join me for a unique video investment conference.  Don't worry, it's completely free to attend. But before we get to that, I want to tell you why I'm putting $100,000 of my own money at risk in this market...

And I want you to understand how I'll turn my $100,000 Recovery Portfolio into $250,000 in the next 4 years...

I'll SHOW you the Money -- 150% Net Gains

Like many of us, Ian Wyatt caught the investing bug at an early age.

Unlike most of us, Ian turned his passion into a multimillion-dollar investment publishing company at an early age, helping thousands of individual investors along the way.

Ian launched Business Financial Publishing to bring to individual investors the knowledge and skill he acquired from working in the markets.

Through the years Ian's brought many 2010 top stocks to readers of his newsletters, but now things are different.

The market has changed, investors have lost up to 40% of their savings in under a year, people aren't sure what to make of this market.

Even Ian has lost a share of his own money.

And that's why he's launched Ian Wyatt's Recovery Portfolio. And he's funding it with $100,000 of his own money.

Sign up here to attend the investment conference on March 10.

Click here to sign up for the free online video conference where I share all...The Fed has taken interest rates to practically zero.  There's only one way they can go from here.  And that's up. And when interest rates inevitably rise, you can make 54% OR MORE on your money...

You don't have to buy high-risk options. And I'm not suggesting some complicated hedging strategy. In fact, when you attend my Recovery Portfolio "Investment Outlook 2009" Internet video conference, I'll share the details on this investment, and have you perfectly positioned to make AT LEAST 54% on your money.

Use this link to get on the list.The Treasury Bond Bubble

United States Treasury bonds: it was one of the best investments in 2008. The financial meltdown sent a stampede of panicked investors into the safe-haven of bonds. Fear was so bad at one point that yields actually went negative. That meant investors were willing to lose a little of their money, just to know their money was safe. And when the Fed's record-setting cuts took interest rates to practically zero, bond prices soared to all-time highs. Interest rates at zero? Losing money for safety? That's just crazy, if you ask me. But crazy things happen when there's an asset bubble growing.

Take a look at this chart... 

5Turn on images to see the chart.

Anatomy of the Treasury Bond Bubble As It's HappeningBond Bubble As It's Happening 

This is a 3-year chart of a Treasury bond fund that tracks 7-10 year maturities. From this chart, you can clearly see that bonds started moving in the summer of 2007.  But when Lehman Brothers failed and panic took over in October 2008, bond prices went straight up. But now, there's only one way for bond prices to go - straight down. And you can make 4% or more when they do. To me, this isn't even a question of "if" bond prices fall. Asset bubbles always pop.  The way I look at it, there's no risk at all to that chart. Bond prices are coming down.  It's as simple as that. Will it be next week? Next month? Next year? I don't know for certain. And I don't really care. Because I'm already holding the asset that will bring me a safe and easy 54% gain...

It doesn't matter when it happens, it just will. But it does matter when you get on the list.

Click this link now to make sure there's a spot for you. The EASIEST 54% You'll Ever Make

You see, I'm not guessing here.  And I'm not taking chances.  There's easy money to be made in this market.  And I'm going to make it.In fact, I've put up $100,000 of my own money to SHOW investors exactly how to pluck the low hanging fruit in the current market.I'm Ian Wyatt, founder and strategist for a group of investment advisory services.  15 years ago, I took a few shares of Exxon-Mobil and turned it into a personal fortune and a multi-million dollar publishing business.  My investment insights lead to $7 million in revenues for 2007...

Now, I'm stepping up to the challenge, again.  That's great news for individual investors like you who are serious about making money with their investments. Because now you can profit step by step, right along with a proven investment master...I'm opening up my personal investment portfolio and inviting investors - investors just like you - to join me on a wealth-building mission.  That's how confident I am that I can turn my $100,000 into $250,000 over the next 4 years. And one of my very first investments - one of my core positions - will make at least 54% as bond prices fall.  I'll give you the details on March during Recovery Portfolio "Investment Outlook 2009" Internet video conference.

This Special Video Conference Report is your blueprint for profits in 2009.  You'll learn exactly where to invest for consistent, reliable profits.  Recovery Portfolio "Investment Outlook 2009" is the perfect event for any investor who's ready to start recovering their wealth from this mess of a best stock market..

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Ian Wyatt's $100,000 Recovery Portfolio

Investing changed in October 2008.  Wall Street essentially killed itself with greed and risk.  Financial planners and advisors were like deer in the headlights - they didn't know what to tell their clients.  So they simply repeated Wall Street's failed mantra, "Just buy and hold."

It was a disaster.  And it's left American investors with huge losses to their wealth.  Many now wonder if they'll have enough money to retire.  And retirees worry they may have to go back to work.                        

That's why I started my $100,000 Recovery Portfolio.  Investors need a new model for how to grow their wealth and secure their financial goals.  And on March 10, 2009 at 6:00 P.M.,  Recovery Portfolio "Investment Outlook 2009" you'll see firsthand how my $100,000 Recovery Portfolio is beating the market.

I've put up $100,000 of my own money because I'm convinced that NOW is the time to start the work of wealth-building.  I'm using my own money and proven profitable strategies.  I'm telling my readers what I'm buying before I buy it.  I tell them what to sell before I sell it.  And we'll share every penny of profit...

During the Recovery Portfolio "Investment Outlook 2009" video investment conference, we'll go in depth on the most important -- and potentially profitable -- stock market trends today, like: 

Stock market decline continues -- The Dow Industrials just hit 1997 lows -- what's next? The answer could make or break your portfolio.

Government bailouts -- How will the stimulus package and housing market bailout affect your investments?

Retirement on the horizon -- Portfolios are down 30 � 40%! How to invest if you're within 10 years of retirement.

Commodities boom -- There are tremendous opportunities with commodities -- if  you buy the right ones. 

Gold hit $1,000 an ounce -- Is it going higher? And how can you profit?

Selling Uncle Sam -- the safe and easy way to short U.S. Treasuries

China -- +7% GDP and stock market up 38% since Nov 2008 lows. Is it time to buy? The answer might surprise you.

Follow this link to sign up for "Investment Outlook 2009": a free web video conference with Ian Wyatt and his team at Recovery Portfolio.

I'll share all my investment insights with you. I'm not holding anything back. I know, this may sound unusual.  Most stock market "gurus" talk a good game. They'll tell you all day long where to put your money but they never tell you where their money is going.

And that's fine.  Not all investment gurus have the real-world experience it takes to consistently take profits in the best stock market.

I want to be clear - my Recovery Portfolio subscribers are already on their way to growing our wealth by 150% over the next 4 years.  And since my money is in it, I'm on my way, too.  I'd like you to join us...

So if you're prepared to make REAL gains in the current market...if you're ready for strategies that will protect and grow your wealth during ALL of the stock market's movements...


Top Stocks For 2010 - Time for Something New?

The Fed has just reported that U.S. household wealth dropped $11.1 TRILLION in 2008 - $5.1 trillion of that in the last 3 months alone.

Disaster seems to lurk in every nook and cranny of Wall Street where, according to the report, "Most of the wealth was lost in financial assets like best stocks for 2010."

But now there's a bold new "off-Wall Street" investment plan that could dramatically turn around your portfolio much sooner than you might think.

In the report below, you'll discover how you could make some of the biggest and easiest profits of your lifetime... by investing "off-Wall Street".

Oh how they've screwed us!

Backwards, frontwards, and sidewards, shall we count the ways?

 WALL STREET SCREW JOB #1: Former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain spends $35,115 on a commode (that was just PART of his $1.22 million interior decorating bill)... and then rushes through year-end bonuses for his cronies, totaling $15 billion... all while he knew the company would post record losses in the 4th quarter, forcing new owner Bank of America to seek $20 billion in "government" bailout money (of course you know that really means YOU and I pay for it)!

WALL STREET SCREW JOB #2: Just days after seeking an $85 billion bailout, bigwigs at insurance giant AIG partied hearty at the super-deluxe St. Regis Resort in California. Whoopee!!! Total tab: $440,000... $23,000 for spa services alone! (In their defense, it was a very stressful time.) Yeah, right!

WALL STREET SCREW JOB #3: After posting more than $8 billion in 4th quarter losses, slashing 75,000 jobs, and receiving a $45 billion in taxpayer dollars to stay afloat, Citigroup had the unmitigated NERVE to buy a $50 million Dassault Falcon 7X... But don't worry... After their plan hit the news they decided to stick with their "old" corporate fleet (which retired chairman Sandy Weill used to take his family on a Mexican vacation.)

WALL STREET SCREW JOB #4: Speaking of corporate jets... who could forget the Big 3 CEO's trip to Washington to beg for taxpayer money to bail out the auto industry. Three separate corporate jets - wonder what sort of gas mileage you get on those?

We could go on (and on) and probably even get to...

WALL STREET SCREW JOB #999: How about Bernie Madoff's $50 billion Ponzi scheme, leaving investors, foundations, charities, and fund managers from Manhattan to Palm Beach tearing their hair out. Where did all the money go? Certainly not on clothes...the quilted coat and ball cap look isn't working, Bernie.

But enough with the evidence. Now it's high time for the trial...

Ready? Here we go...

Charges: Burglary of our Portfolios; Grand Theft of our Livelyhoods; Aggravated Assault upon the American Dream.

Verdict: Guilty of screwing us on all counts!

Sentence: Screw them back!

Method: Our best revenge is going to be living well...

That's right... the best revenge we could get out of the mess will be to end up living the good life...

Sort of the way these robbers did for so many years...

Except instead of stealing our way back to prosperity with lies and deception... we're going to earn it back fair and square.

And that's what I want to help you do today...

When you hear about my "Off Wall Street Cash Recovery Plan" you'll discover exactly how you could...

Stop the bleeding from your current portfolio by taking advantage of "hidden" investment opportunities that are significantly outperforming the market right now ...

Recover most or ALL of the capital you've lost in 2008 (our goal is to have you back in the black by September 30, 2009)... and...

Grow your wealth dramatically, even in the continuing down market, over the following two to five years.

Give me just a few minutes and I'll show you the complete details of this "Off Wall Street Cash Recovery Plan"... and how it could rebuild your wealth far faster than you might expect... especially given today's economy.

They Call Me the "Money Man"...How Can I Help You Today?

Hi, Charles Newscastle here.

And with the entire nation trapped deep in a recession, you'd think like many, I too would be depressed... despondent... maybe even defeated.


After all, in the past year, we've gone from bad, to worse, to unthinkable.

And the shocking economic numbers we are seeing these days represent, in very real terms, American's own blood, sweat and tears expended over some the best years of their lives. POOF - gone up in flames!

But instead, I'm smiling. Not because I don't feel bad about the mess we're in. Of course I do.

But I'm fortunate to find myself in an enviable financial position, despite the economic train wreck of the past 12 months.

Now by my nature I don't seek publicity, so you may not be familiar with my name. But I believe my credentials speak for themselves...

I cut my teeth as a Commodity and Currency Futures trader back in the 1980's. 

Since then, I have launched some 41 successful businesses during the last 3 decades (and advised on many more). Clients have included 3M, Pillsbury, Toro, and the US Government.
I've been featured in Wiredmagazine, Bloomberg Personal, and Business 2.0 (among many others) for my ability to spot and capitalize upon emerging business trends.

Associates call me "The Money Man" because, quite simply, I have an almost instinctive knack for bringing people - and dollars - together.

Some checks that have come across my desk recently include a $3,000 commission for a unique advertising sale (granted, a small fee, but the work took me less than 10 minutes)... a $5,000 commission for brokering another deal... a $7,500 royalty fee from a personal investment...  and a $15,000 advisory fee for a media deal.

My "sixth sense" for profit allows me to  live exactly the way I choose. In the summer I "work" from the New England coast, near where the Vanderbilt's and Whitney's once vacationed - now home to wealthy celebrities such as John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and Martha Stewart, just to name a few. When the snow starts flying, I pack up the family and jet off to the beaches of Florida. Not long ago I spoke at a closed-door business meeting in Bermuda (all expenses paid of course).

But here's the most important thing...

I have no mortgage. I am debt free. And I didn't lose one thin dime in the market in 2008.

And that's why the folks at Early to Rise, the Internet's leading success and wealth-building newsletter, contacted me.

My "Insider" Affiliation with a Rogue Group of Profit Scouts

You see, over the years I've quietly developed a powerful network of some of the world's savviest financial and investment advisors. These ladies and gentlemen have an uncanny ability to spot contrarian market trends and find breakthrough investment ideas that others don't look for... or simply can't "see".

My private group of "rogue profit scouts" specialize in looking way beyond traditional Wall Street instruments such as hot stocks to buy and bonds... and instead going wherever the money is hiding...

From leveraging as-yet-undiscovered trends and upcoming breakthrough opportunities in everything from real estate... offshoring... gold and precious metals... to internet business opportunities, emerging market ventures, and much much more... they hold no special allegiance to the "good old boys" of Wall Street.

I have tracked the advice of my associates, and as I mentioned, have done quite well (yes, even in 2008).

And yet despite my low profile, word apparently leaked out. 

"Charles, we've heard about your successes," said MaryEllen Tribby, Early to Rise's publisher when she contacted me last month. "And our readers are telling me they need financial help, and they need it right now," she continued.

"We've got some very talented people here at Early to Rise... and I have a pretty impressive private network myself. But I've been thinking... with our expertise in wealth-building... and your alliance of experts from all over the world... if we put them together, it would just be an incredibly powerful combination."

It sounded like a win/win/win deal to me. MaryEllen explained her plan...

Create Serious Wealth In Both The Short And Long Term

Utilizing my vast global network of "insider" contacts, I would be the eyes and ears for discovering and filtering out only the best opportunities for making above-the-market gains even in today's economy.

I'd work with Early to Rise's own expert colleagues and associates... but also reach out to enlist top candidates from my own private alliance. Together, we would produce an unprecedented and ultra--powerful association of world-class wealth-building experts that simply could not be beat anywhere, anyway, by anyone.

When I found an exciting new wealth opportunity from this alliance, I'd introduce to you to the idea and the people behind it. We'd provide five to ten different "profit opportunities" every month.

The winners in all this?

Quite frankly, I'd benefit from the compensation MaryEllen will offer me in return for helping make you financially successful even during today's economic struggles.

My network of experts would benefit because many offer very valuable and even more exclusive services. And by exposing their successful ideas to new readers, some, upon witnessing their remarkable financial skills might choose to take advantage of their very exclusive services...

It would be a success for MaryEllen's team at Early to Rise because they would get to fulfill their mission: to help you become wealthier...

We discussed the details, and after a few moments the decision was made.

"It's a deal!" said MaryEllen.

And so with our agreement, you can be now privy to the research and expertise from a world-class team of business and investment experts...each of whom continuously monitor, study and uncover unique under-the-radar opportunities that can create serious wealth in both the short and long term.

I immediately began reviewing the top opportunities my scouts had come across most recently... that could help you recover 100% of your recession losses by the end of 2009.

A Private Society of Contrarian Wealth Builders Outperforming Many Of The World's Top Financial Strategists And Money Managers

With my new mission at hand, I spent a long weekend scouring the latest reports from my global network of investment experts.

I was absolutely floored when I started looking at some of their recent achievements. (Keep in mind, this is just a small sampling of the remarkable opportunities I came across).

* "Profit Scout Alpha" (I must keep him anonymous for the moment) has an opportunity that doesn't have anything to do with top stocks for 2010, bonds, commodities, or even typical currencies. This isn't about ANY of the usual stuff you've heard of. It's not about small gains or boring plays, nor is it about 'slow' painstaking wealth either.

With "Mr. Alpha's" strategy, an investment of $1,000...$2,000...or $5,000 has the realistic ability to quickly balloon into a full year's salary in as little as a few weeks time - and then repeat over and over again.

And according to The Wall Street Journal, this market is growing millionaires at a rate 5-times faster than just last year. With this you have all the makings for a true get-rich-quick strategy (not scheme).

* "Profit Scout Beta" has developed a precise system to predict market movements with 95% accuracy even with the world economy in turmoil! His program "lights up" with the future price movements of any company or market he chooses, right down to the penny.

In recent months, investors who followed one of his recommendations pocketed a tidy return of 18.25%...and MISSED A LOSS of 83.75% ...a 102-point difference! On another play, his followers could have banked a 29.94% gain and went home.

An on a third one he recommended a high-probability trade that is UP 200% percent - a triple-digit gain and a triple-digit difference in his reader's favor!

* "Profit Scout Gamma" is currently offering his associates a chance to gain rock steady solid returns of 65% with 99.77% certainty - even in today's market!

At this very moment he has three opportunities set to pay 120%, 102%, and 73% - and yet this investment is incredibly safe and diversified.

Now my 3 "profit scouts" certainly looked to have come up with some very impressive opportunities.

But I still had one very serious question...

Could These Gains REALLY Be True?

In today's economic climate, I wanted to verify beyond any possible doubt that the returns my associates were claiming, were in fact possible. So I forwarded them to Early to Rise's Legal Department for review.

They scrutinized every claim, every sentence, and every word.

"They can not publish this information if it's not true," their expert attorney informed me. "I can assure you these have all been put through the ringer for compliance."

My immediate reaction?

"Well if that's that case, I've got to get these powerful ideas out to everyone hit hard by the recession... and I've got to do it right now".

And starting today, if you'll allow me, that's exactly what I intend to do.

Now You Can Get All Our Most Valuable Wealth-Building Ideas - At A Very Fair Price 

If you wanted all the information and advice my network of experts directly produce themselves, you'd literally have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you'd spend the better part of your life sorting through it all!

But as a member of our new group for savvy people looking to build (or rebuild) serious wealth, you'll get something much better.

You'll be privy to the best cherry-picked wealth-building information and ideas from dozens of top financial experts and gurus... and you'll get them at an extremely deep discount... as a charter member of the elite new society we call "The Liberty Street League".

You'll have the option to review and invest in only the best ideas from a broad array of opportunities "beyond Wall Street". 

I mean, really... How fantastic is that?

The hard truth is that few investors know of these profit opportunities...even fewer know how to best capitalize upon them. Until now, that is.

When you decide to join us, you will be given the exact steps to follow so you could potentially capitalize on the dramatic returns of our exceptional financial research and expertise.

Welcome to "The Liberty Street Letter"

As a member of The Liberty Street League you will be entitled to receive The Liberty Street Letter.

This monthly communique from The Liberty Street League focuses on all aspects of wealth-building insights and advice from our panel of experts.

The Liberty Street Letter is not a traditional newsletter - at least not in the usual sense of the word.  This communique; serves as a broad forum for wealth and success accumulation ideas that really work.

Each month, you get powerful "how to" investing, finance, and business profit-producing ideas you can put to use immediately.

Some may involve unique plays on more traditional financial instruments such as futures or options (but only if they are both highly profitable yet simple to implement). Others may concern under-the-radar real estate plays... collectibles... even off-shore or business opportunities. And keep in mind, I'm just skimming the surface here.

If there's an unusual, unknown, or contrarian way to build wealth, you're going to find out about it - sooner rather than later - in The Liberty Street Letter!

How "The Liberty Street League" Got Its Name

Walk outside the marbled lobby of the New York Stock Exchange, and you'll find yourself right in the heart of Wall Street.

Take a few steps away from the grim reality of "The Street"... past the offices that once housed Merrill Lynch... beyond the New York Sports Club, where finance managers now sit crying in their single malt... and stroll past the historic Trinity Church, where investors are welcome to gather to pray for mercy, and the cemetery next door - a reminder of the ghosts that now haunt this once proud neighborhood.

Now, when you've had enough of Wall Street, walk north a block or two past Citibank and HSBC.  And it is here, on the outer edge of New York's financial district, where you'll finally come to a brighter place. Take a look up at street sign, and this is what you will see...

"Liberty Street"

And that is exactly where I found myself earlier this year, in downtown Manhattan on business, when I glanced up and saw that very street sign myself. "Here I am," I thought, "I've just travelled 'off Wall Street'...and suddenly I find myself on 'Liberty Street'." The symbolism was far too powerful to ignore.

You see, these days most of us would like nothing more than to distance ourselves from Wall Street... and find our path to "Liberty Street"... a place representing the ingrained desire for independence and personal freedom that sits deep in the hearts and souls of us all. 

The enterprising spirit of our forefathers allowed them to envision America to be a place where any man or woman can find success... where one can create the life of their own choosing and their own dreams. But now culminating in this current crisis, our great country seems to have strayed off course.

And so now more than ever, it's the perfect time to go "Off-Wall-Street".

It's the ideal time to rise above, to commit to taking a better route to attaining an abundant life... personal financial freedom... and the pursuit of your own happiness. In short, it's time for Liberty!

I know you're ready, willing, and able to take a look away from Wall Street.

And so, now I want to welcome you to a different place, a place that promises a new, exciting and fresh path to prosperity...

Welcome to The Liberty Street League

It's Time For An Honest, Open and Safe Alternative to Wall Street!

At The Liberty Street League, we are less concerned with "image" and "appearances" and more concerned with profits. Here's what I mean by that...

Wall Street and the mass media have trained much of America to believe that the only "safe" investments are the traditional top stocks to buy for 2010 and bonds. Buy, hold, and retire.

No disrespect intended, but "how's that working out for you?"

I have long believed just the opposite... and without bragging, I believe recent events have shown the truth. Safety, in fact, lies in NOT following the crowd off the cliff.

My mission is to ensure that by acting upon any one of our experts contrarian profit recommendations, you could quickly enlarge your bank balance and put you on the fast-track to recovering your cash and gaining lasting financial independence.

And so I will only pick ideas that work for you without having huge amounts of capital on hand, without having huge amounts of expertise in investing, and without investing unreasonable amounts of your very valuable time.

I'm talking about world-class ideas from our Board of Experts such as how to...

Grab An Income Opportunity That Yields 18.8% Annually...

Lock Down a $100,000 Condo for $750...

Make 200% returns (or more) fast by buying "off-plan"...

Turn Every Dollar You Invest Into $1.20 Instantly...

Make $500 a day from a "hands-off" local business...

Turn $5000 into $100,000 simply by reselling "rights" to certain products and services...

Make Up To $50,000 in the Next 12 Months (part-time!)...

Leverage 5 Residual Income Sources that Can Generate Up to 7-Figures per Year Each...

Profit From an $8.4 Million Digital Cash Crop - No Tech Knowledge Needed...

Grab Your Piece of a $20 Billion Boomer Market...

Get Huge Returns From the One Type of Real Estate Thriving in Today's Market...

And much, MUCH more.

In addition to these specific investment ideas, we're planning to give you a chance to rub shoulders with fellow members and our business experts through teleconferences, seminars and more.

Take advantage of our networking opportunities to easily set up financially rewarding joint venture partnerships with fellow members... use them to highlight your own business... form your own small group of like-minded Liberty Street League members... profit from independent thinkers and "go to" experts who specializes in your group's area of interest.

You'll clearly find the direct benefits you gain by your association with The Liberty Street League immensely valuable.

But you may be wondering what kind of investment we'll be asking from you to become a bona-fide member of the The Liberty Street League.

How Much Is All This Really Worth?

On Tuesday, February 26, 2008, The Guardian reported that the Financial Times is now offering their own membership society.

The price? About $4,000 U.S. dollars.

And who knows whether that includes breakthrough investing ideas from thought leaders each and every month like you'll get in The Liberty Street Letter... email alerts we plan to send you with instant notification about emerging profit opportunities... and the chance to listen in with world class experts via special teleconferences or events...

So, considering everything you get as a member in The Liberty Street League, what would you expect to pay? Maybe twice as much... $8,000 or more? At least $3,000 or $4,000 right?

But the good news is that's not the investment we're going to ask. Not even close in fact.

And despite the fact that we're NOT going to ask thousands for you to join, we're going to give you even MORE wealth-building tools, techniques and advice when you join us.

Because as a member of The Liberty Street League, you are entitled to...

Your $450 in Welcome Bonuses

Every new member receives a wealth building package that serves as a foundation for your future success. 

You'll discover these bonuses are designed to bring you up to speed with even our most-seasoned members and experts, allowing you to fully tap the potential of the ideas we share with you every week.

Bonus # 1:  Profit-Opportunity Teleconferences (Value At Least $396)

Whenever we discover a "hot" opportunity that just can't wait for our next issue, we'll want to get it to you right away via a special teleconference.

You will be given exclusive access to a leading expert is his or her field, and they will reveal the exact steps showing how you could turn their powerful ideas into breakthrough profits.

Again, not general theory or fluff, but real world, here's what works and here's how to profit step-by-step information for enjoying true and lasting success.

If we have four a year - and we expect to have at LEAST that number - the value would easily be $396 or more.

Bonus # 2:  Wealth Secrets of a Millionaire (Value $29)

When I visit Florida in the winter - near Early to Rise headquarters - it's not unusual to come across multimillion-dollar oceanfront mansions.
Sometimes it's fun to speculate "What exactly do these people do?"

Are they the founders of billion-dollar corporations? Did they make their money in the best stock market or by investing in real estate? How did they achieve their fortunes?

In many cases, I can only guess. But I do know how one of them built his wealth. Because one of the oceanfront properties I pass belongs to Early to Rise "founding father" and self-made multi-millionaire, Michael Masterson.
In your second bonus, Michael Masterson will share with you, in his own words, how he did it in his eBook "How I Built My Wealth".

Michael shares the story of the day he made the decision to get rich... and lays out a plan for you to achieve the very same results.  The wealth you seek is well within your reach... and it's completely within your control.

Bonus # 3:  How to Enjoy A Billionaire's Lifestyle On A Normal Person's Budget (Value $29)

Sure, times are tough and everyone's cutting back on their spending. You'd have to be a bit foolish to not start saving a little something extra these days.

But here's good news. Living within your means doesn't have to mean living poorly.

That's why today I'm offering you a complimentary copy of "Living Rich - How To Enjoy A Billionaire's Lifestyle On A Normal Person's Budget".

When you read this book, you'll find out...

How to buy a car as good as a one sixth the price...

Easy ways to make a modest, three-bedroom home in Cleveland - or anywhere else - as comfortable as a king's palace...

How to get a very pleasant feeling each time you pull on your shirt or buckle your belt...

Warren Buffett's trick for creating the perfect (and ultra-productive) office environment...

How to spend time every day doing something that a billionaire might do (and enjoy it just as much)...

The secret to adding "stolen moments" of pleasure to your everyday schedule.

And much much more!

This is the kind of advice that could be worth a fortune. But today, I'd like to offer you a bonus copy of this book.

When you read "Living Rich", you'll see that the best material things in life are affordable. And you'll also see how you can enjoy your time living like a billionaire without having to spend a dime.

And the $450 in bonuses isn't even all you'll get as a member of the League...

Even More Exclusive Membership Perquisites For You

The Liberty Street League grants special perquisites and privileges to you when you become a member. These vary with time and availability but they can (and will) include:

Special delivery email alerts advising you of investment, business, and wealth opportunities that could add significant value to your wealth accumulation plans...

Invitations to success and wealth-building seminars in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida, Baltimore, or in your own hometown.  Learn from others successes live and in person... so that you can shortcut your only learning curve and begin enjoying monetary success more quickly.

One free listing in our "Wealth Builder's Forum," a special section in the Liberty Street Letter where members like you can post investing opportunities, real estate opportunities, home business opportunities, learning opportunities, or whatever can help boost your success and wealth.

(We reserve the right to add to this list as we find new possibilities for enriching your life).

While it's true our main purpose is helping you create true wealth, it is certainly not all we are about.  You see, we put a real premium upon wisdom, supporting your quest to enjoy a fulfilling and abundant life, rich with prosperity.

And so if you do not already receive Early to Rise, the Internet's leading daily success newsletter, we will provide you with a complimentary subscription to ETR as well.

I'm sure you realize by now the comprehensive approach and extraordinary measures we take to ensure your future success. 

You know, I've been privileged to work close to this industry for awhile now, surrounding by some of the world's leading experts in a variety of fields, and I can confidently say the true value of this program runs into the thousands of dollars.

But as founding members of The Liberty Street League, MaryEllen and I have decided to do something almost unheard of...

As an elite invitee to our initial charter opening of the League, we have agreed to give you access for not thousands of dollars. And not for $500, and not for even $100.

Your charter membership in The Liberty Street League is just $49 a year.

Frankly, I have ambivalent feelings about this.  On one hand, I'm thrilled you have the opportunity to join and profit right along with us for such a ridiculously low investment in your future.

And on the other hand, it's a little outrageous offering such an exclusive membership with such a high value for almost nothing, because some people equate low cost with low value.

However, with the economic situation today, we feel it is essential to get real money flowing to real people like you as soon as possible. And giving you the powerful "cash recovery" tools as an elite Charter Member of The Liberty Street League is the best way to do that today.

There is one "catch", however.

I'm Afraid This Is A Limited Time Offer

If you want in, now is the time, as this offer will not last indefinitely.  I have not been given word on how long this will be made available, so I encourage you to act now, before the low entry price could be removed altogether.

When the new price jump takes effect, it could very well go up by hundreds of dollars. And although League Membership would still be a great bargain, it would be a shame to delay now and have to pay extra later.

As with many of products and services, we routinely test new offers and bonuses, and there is no guarantee the current offer or bonuses will be here if you delay.

The value of the League stands on its own.

So here's your chance to catch that "break" you were looking for.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by. 

And, to eliminate the only imaginable reason you might not join us today, you should know...

You Are Completely Protected by Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I cannot imagine anybody being dissatisfied with the high level of expertise and benefits The Liberty Street League brings to its elite members.

But, if for any reason, you are not satisfied, contact us within 90 days and you will receive a full, prompt refund of all dues paid.  No questions asked.

If you decide after 90 days that membership in the League is not right for you, just let us know and we will immediately cancel your membership, with no further dues required.

In either case, you are welcome to keep all your bonuses (up to $450 value) you've received as gifts with our thanks for trying out a membership.

However, please note:  To preserve the exclusivity of our society, and to ensure our current (and future) members are given preferential treatment, if you decide to end your membership...

Sorry, You Will Not Be Allowed To Rejoin

Please understand that the extensive research and analysis our experts provide through this society is offered to our readers with the highest degree of seriousness toward wealth-building and personal success.

We simply cannot allow members to come and go as they please. We could close this Charter Offer at any time... and if you do not join now it is only fair to offer membership to someone who wishes to join and understands the full value of what we offer.

Of course, there will be no hard feelings between us and we wish you well in all your endeavors, but access to our information will be restricted.  I hope you understand.

It is my hope that you will wisely take advantage of this most enriching opportunity...

Why You May Be Eligible to Become A Private Member of This Exclusive Society

We'd love nothing more than to reveal dozens of new ways to help you methodically and strategically build real wealth as soon as possible. 

When you join The Liberty Street League you will become a part of a select society of individuals who are given "insider" access and comprehensive wealth-building plans that could give you real shot at true wealth for the rest of your lifetime.

However, perhaps we made a mistake. Perhaps you are not interested in the wealth creation opportunities we have to offer. If this is the case, please accept my apologies as I regretfully withdraw your eligibility.

But if you do agree with the common principles of The Liberty Street League... if you appreciate who we are and what we can do for your future prosperity, I urge you to act now.

A lifetime of wealth for just $49? It's not often that an investment so small can reap such great dividends for years to come.

I invite you to be a part of this exclusive group of wealth-minded individuals. Garner the tools and ideas to ensure the protection of your assets... the replacement of your losses... and a bright future of security and success through an intelligent approach to financial growth.

Even as you now decide if Liberty Street League membership is right for you, my rogue group of profit-seeking friends continue to uncover investment alternatives to traditional Wall Street - approaches that are making people like you very rich.

Don't be left behind. I urge you to act quickly so you, too, can take advantage of the opportunities and privileges that membership affords you. Prompt response will lock you in at our best rate, but time is limited.